Punika Adventurers Tome Guide – Lost Ark


The Adventure Tome is an item that Lost Ark players can purchase from Neria inside her restaurant which is located at Prideholme. The book details every part of the regions of Punika Adventure and has a Tome for each region.

With my guide, you will be able to get information regarding the Adventure Tome, Wandering Merchant appearance times, and the Lost Ark Hidden Stories. I have included the maps of each zone and other informative things. Meanwhile, the Available Tomes in the book are as follows:

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  • Adventurer’s Tome: Rethramis
  • Adventurer’s Tome: Yudia
  • Adventurer’s Tome: West Luterra
  • Adventurer’s Tome: East Luterra
  • Adventurer’s Tome: Tortoyk
  • Adventurer’s Tome: Anikka
  • Adventurer’s Tome: Arthetine
  • Adventurer’s Tome: North Vern
  • Adventurer’s Tome: Shushire
  • Adventurer’s Tome: Rohendel
  • Adventurer’s Tome: Yorn
  • Adventurer’s Tome: Feiton
  • Adventurer’s Tome: Punika

Punika Adventure Tome Rewards

  • 10% ➜ Phoenix Plume x20
  • 20% ➜ Stat Increase Potion
  • 30% ➜ Oreha Viewing Stone

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  • 40% ➜ Masterpiece # 43
  • 50% ➜ Song of Harmony
  • 60% ➜ Secret Map
  • 70% ➜ Invitation From The Lailai’s Merchant’s Association
  • 80% ➜ Greater Skill Point Potion
  • 90% ➜ Structure: Albion Statue
  • 100% ➜ Ignea Token: Punika

Rayni, Wandering Merchant – Spawn Times and Locations

The Wandering Merchant has been known to spawn only in 4 zones. When she appears, she could be seen in all channels of one random zone and will last for about 25 minutes before disappearing. She usually spawns between 12:30, 2:30, 5:30, 6:30, 8:30, and 9:30 for both AM and PM.

While you may not always be available to catch her when she spawns, to get her, you will need to have some people guarding her spawn location at each time. Also, you can get information about her spawn in the chat as other players who saw her will indicate in the chat.

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The below-listed items are what you can purchase from her. However, it should be known that only one item here is always with her when she spawns.

  • Rapport Items
  • Piñata Crafting Set
  • Hollowfruit
  • Rainbow Tikatika Flower
  • Oreha Viewing Stone
  • Cards
  • Seto Card
  • Stella
  • Cicerra
  • Albion

Punika Adventurers Tome Hidden Stories in Lost Ark

Punika is an island in the southwest of Arkesia. Completing the stories of Punika Adventure Tome will have the gamer earn 1 courage point through the book, 5 points of generosity, 3 points of charisma, and four points of wisdom. So, let’s get to the locations in the Punika Adventure Tome.

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Welcome to the Lailai Festival

Here is the starting point of Punika’s adventure. You will need to go to the Nia Village on Punika.

Clue #1
Location: Center of the festival plaza, Nia Village

Clue #2
Location: Brown Polaroid camera towards the bottom edge of Nia Village

Clue #3
Location: Top section of the festival plaza, near a small hut, Nia Village

Clue #4
Location: Center of the Evergreen Plaza area in Nia Village.

Clue #5
Location: Matriarch’s Office area, Nia Village

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Fantastic Duo

Clue #1
Location: Tideshelf Path, Open Seas

Clue #2
Location: Tideshelf Path

Clue #3
Location: Nia Village

Clue #4
Location: Starsand Beach

On the Origins of Punika

Clue #1
Location: Tideshelf Path

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About Punika

Punika is a very exquisite island country that is found at the in-game in the southern tip of Arkesia. On this island, the scorching sun fattens fruits and the clear calm sea, and the preparation for the meritorious festival is in full swing to honor the Holy Beats who fought for them and gave them victory during the Chain War in the game.