Russian fans alleged racially abuse France players during friendly

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Anti-racism campaigners have demanded that FIFA investigates the alleged racist abuses aimed at France’s players, including Pual Pogba by Russian fans during the international friendly game.

According to reports from a pitch-side photographer, monkey chants could be heard from the crowd in St. Petersburg as France romped to 3:1 victory over Russia. The abuse was also allegedly audible on a TV broadcast after Pogba scored the second goal for France.

The head of the anti-discrimination group Fare Network, Piara Pawar opined:

“There should be enough there for FIFA to initiate proceedings.

“If photographers heard it pitch-side, then there must have been stewards and other officials who also heard it.

“If, toward the end of March, these guys don’t know what to do, and they’re not initiating procedures and protocols that exist, then that doesn’t bode very well for the World Cup.

“So close to the World Cup, questions are being asked as to why it wasn’t dealt with as it occurred during play.”

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