Serie A players’ association reject ‘unmanageable’ pay cut proposal

The Italian soccer players’ association on Monday rejected a proposal from Serie A clubs to reduce salaries by a third if the season does not resume, describing the proposal as unmanageable.

The Italian league announced that the guideline austerity measure was agreed on by 19 of the 20 clubs, with Juventus exempted as they had already finalized a deal with their players to relieve the financial pressure on the club as the coronavirus pandemic persists.

The reduction would equal four months of salary although it would be reduced to just two months if the season is completed. The league added: “it remains understood that the clubs will define the agreements directly with their members.”

However, the players’ association has responded with a statement, describing the league’s behavior as “incomprehensible at a time like this.”

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The association went on to add that the desire to make players pay for the economic damages from the pandemic “by painting them in a bad light should make people reflect on the credibility of those who should be leading the soccer system in this time of difficulty.”

The association also noted that the “presidents deciding to suspend wages are the same ones who sent their squads out to play until March 9, and made the players train until mid-March.”

Serie A has been in suspension after the government ordered a nationwide lockdown nearly a month ago. There are still twelve rounds of games remaining including the four games that were postponed from the weekend of February 22. The Italian Cup was also interrupted after the first leg.

The players’ association disclosed that it was encouraged by a government decree to create a 600 euro stimulus check for amateur athletes in March. It added that it was creating a solidarity fund to provide support for footballers plying their trade in the lower divisions.

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