Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier List

I’m happy to share this great Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier List with the gaming enthusiasts that visit this website for game guides and hacks.

There are some games that you will play and you will always be thrilled at any move. Now, say there’s a new introduction of characters or how to go about it to give big blows to other players. Is that not amazing? Do you become the champion of the game with your mercenaries?

That’s what we are all going to look into in the amazing list of seven deadly sins grand cross.

The game came equipped with a lot of amazing characters such as Hawk, Simon, Taizoo, Meliodias, and many others to mention. Also, it has a fantastic storyline which makes the game more fun. Also, it comes with skill synthesis and customizable characters to deal great damage to enemies.

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The game is all exciting and addicting. I guess you love it too and that’s why you’re here to know the cards to choose to deal great damages.

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier List

In our Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier List, we will categorize them into six tiers which are:

  • Tier SS
  • Tier S
  • Tier A
  • Tier B
  • Tier C
  • Tier D

If you have played similar games, you will know that the Tier SS is the most iconic card of this game. While the Tier S are other astonishing heroes you can build. While Tier A is powerful at least in some aspects of the game war.

Tier B is specialized heroes. So, they can operate in one scenario. And Tier C has less power to support your gameplay. Lastly, Tier D has no value to give you. So, you can do without them.


Escanor Lion’s Sin of Pride

This card is also called the Green Escanor. Escanor Holy Knight is endowed with powerful raw Combat Class. And he is one of the cards you should consider playing always. Whether in Geared or Ungeared PVP, the card is so powerful. He also has the highest HP and Pierce Rate in the game.

Gowther The Goat Sin Of Lust

Gowther’s The Goat Sin of Lust is one of the most astute fighters in the game. Thanks to his second skill, “Invasion Arrow” which helps increase the skills of other cards present. Additionally, you can buy this card at the Platinum Coin Shop.

Lillia Mastermind

Lilia Mastermind is called by its great name Blue Lilia. This card is known for its supportive role in PVP and PVE battles. Just as Gowther increases other heroes pierce skills, Lilia functions the same as well by 50%. To get the best from this card, you should play it along with Blue Demon Melodias, Green Hawk & Elizabeth, and Red Howzer.

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Meliodas Lostvayne

Should we call Melodias Lostvayne the first Festival Hero in 7DSGC? But his power is always increasing than other heroes recently introduced in the game. And also, he has the highest HP, critical damage rate, and Resistance. That’s why he destroys his enemies with ease in PVP.


  • Arthur Camelot’s Sword
  • Arthur Chosen King
  • Ban Purgatory
  • Chandler Pacifier Fiend
  • Derieri Ten Commandments
  • Derieri Sweet Temptation
  • Eastin Sunny Vacation
  • Eleven Stranger Things
  • Elizabeth Holy Warrior
  • Emilia Re: Zero
  • Escanor Invincible Avatar
  • Gowther Halloween
  • Helbram Reincarnation Of Revenge
  • Hendrickson Ashen Desire
  • Jim Stranger Things
  • King Signs Of Maturity
  • King The Grizzly Sin Of Sloth
  • Kyo Kof ’98
  • Lilia Advent Of Destruction
  • Lilia Mastermind
  • Ludociel The Four Archangels
  • Meliodas Assault Mode
  • Meliodas Knight Of Wrath
  • Merlin Collector
  • Merlin Divine Protection
  • Merlin The Boar Sin Of Gluttony
  • Ram Re: Zero
  • Roxy Halloween
  • Rugal Kof ’98
  • Sariel The Four Archangels
  • Tramiel The Four Archangels
  • Valenti Earthshaker
  • Valenti Magic Weapon Mk-ii
  • Zeldris Elite Demon
  • Zeldris Executioner


  • Arthur Destined Heir
  • Arthur Light Of Hope
  • Athena Kof ’98
  • Derieri Elite Demon
  • Diane Creation
  • Diane The Serpent Sin Of Diane
  • Diane The Serpent Sin Of Envy
  • Drole Elite Demon
  • Drole The Ten Commandments
  • Eastin Oceanic Harmonizer
  • Eastin Rule Of Torrents
  • Eastin Ruler Of Stormy Seas
  • Eren Jaeger Cadet Corps
  • Estarossa Elite Demon
  • Fraudrin Ten Commandments
  • Gilthunder Chivalrous
  • Gloxinia Elite Demon
  • Griamore Champion
  • Howzer Tempest
  • Jaeger Cadet Corps Eren
  • King Harlequin
  • Levi Greatest Soldier
  • Mai Kof ’98
  • Melascula Elite Demon
  • Mikasa Ackerman Greatest Soldier
  • Mono Advent Of Destruction
  • Monspeet Elite Demon
  • Shin Dungeon Raider
  • Will Stranger Things
  • Zeldris The Ten Commandments

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  • Arthur King Of Prophecies
  • Ban Ale Collector
  • Ban Outlaw
  • Beatrice Re: Zero
  • Deathpierce The Pleiades Of The Blue Sky
  • Elaine Halloween
  • Elaine Sweet Temptation
  • Elizabeth & Hawk Mascot
  • Elizabeth & Hawk Mobile Tabern
  • Elizabeth & Hawk Reverse
  • Elizabeth A New Adventure
  • Elizabeth Liones
  • Elizabeth Mascot
  • Elizabeth Mobile Tavern
  • Elizabeth New Legend
  • Elizabeth Reverse
  • Eren Jaeger Titan Form
  • Galland Elite Demon
  • Galland Ten Commandments
  • Guila Rapier
  • Gustaf Knight Of Ice
  • Helbram Forest Guardian
  • Jenna Sweet Temptation
  • Jericho Godspeed Knight
  • Jericho Knight Of Frost
  • Jericho New Legend
  • King Forest Guardian
  • Lillia Bringer Of Disaster
  • Liz Memory Fragment
  • Melascula Ten Commandments
  • Meliodas New Legend
  • Meliodas The Dragon Sin Of Wrath
  • Mike Stranger Things
  • Mono Deathbringer
  • Nanashi Swift Sword
  • Oslo & Hawk Knighthood Of Scraps Disposals
  • Roxy Mad Destroyer
  • Shin Halloween
  • Slater Overpower
  • Valenti Sunny Vacation
  • Zaneri Sweet Temptation
  • Zaratras Reincarnation Of Conviction

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  • Alioni Beard Of The Mountain Cat
  • Ban Nunchaku
  • Ban The Fox Sin Of Greed
  • Bellion The Six Knight Of Black
  • Cain Burning Ember
  • Camila Executer Of Darkness
  • Denzel The Pleiades Of The Azure Sky
  • Diane Eternal Promise
  • Diane Heart Of The Land
  • Diane Kungfu Master