Six of the best football manager games you should play

These are the best football manager games that you should play

Almost every football enthusiast wants to manage their squad and get the best out of them. This is evident in how football fans question the tactics of football managers when they analyze their game plan when watching from the stands or via the screen.

However, this dream is not feasible for all lovers of the game as in reality they do not meet the requirements to establish themselves as elite football managers. 

Regardless, although this may not be possible to do in reality, the development of football manager games has made it possible even if it’s just for fun. Find below a list of the best football manager games for Android you can take advantage of in 2021 and as we enter into 2022.

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1. Season Pro Football Manager – Football Management

This game is developed by Awesome Prototype, the creators of Football Manager, and this speaks volumes of how packed and exciting it would be. The game already has over 500K downloads on the Google Play Store and has been boosted with major updates in 2021. It’s one of those football manager games that offer users realisTic 3D graphics and centers majorly on the game economy.

Download Here

2. Top Football Manager 2021

This football manager game is generally referred to as TFM by fans and can easily pass for one of the best football manager games out there. It comes with immersive 3D graphics and helps users to focus on finding, training, and getting to use the best players for their clubs. Furthermore, the game comes with a multiplayer mode that allows folks to play against each other around the world.


3. PES Club Manager

This game is developed by Konami and comes with a download size of 83MB after purchase. It is a management simulation game and comes from the staples of the makers of Pro Evolution Soccer.

It comes with beautiful graphics that are sure to keep so-called football managers hooked and you can choose the 3D perspective it offers or switch to 2D to help you carefully analyze match events tactically. The game gives users access to more than 5000 licensed football players.


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4. Pro 11 – Football Management Game

This game is developed by Trophy Games and comes with a major emphasis on online gameplay. it is free and also has in-app purchases. With regards to what a football management game should offer, it meets all the demands and is also a powerful multiplayer platform.

Download Pro 11 – Football Management Game

5. Top Eleven 2021: Be a Soccer Manager

This game is developed by Nordeus and is one of the best football manager games with the most downloads. It has over 250 million registrations as of the time of writing. In this game, you have the opportunity to go head to head against other players in real-life scenarios and this is all shades of fun. You can customize your 3D stadium in this game.


6. Soccer Manager 2021 – Football Management Game

This is the ideal game for folk who want their team management skills to be thoroughly tested. It allows you to choose from 800 clubs across 33 countries in the world. Managers in the game have the chance to make plans on all individual aspects of their clubs, training sessions, transfers, squad selection, amongst others.


This is by no means an exhaustive list of the best football manager games that football fans can take advantage of. As 2021 draws to a close, we look forward to what 2022 has in store for us as this list would be updated regularly and new exciting games will be added. Please do well to stick with us.