Spanish FA proposes 5 substitutions per game

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) have made an official announcement, proposing the possibility of allowing five substitutions during games if football is resumed in the country.

This suggestion has been previously made by FIFA and would be introduced to help teams in the management of player fitness after being away from the game for a long period.

According to the statement released by the RFEF, the changes could be made at three points in a match so that the impact of subbing 10 players would be lessened on the clock.

The new procedure is subject to approval by the International Football Association Board (IFAB), the international body which oversees the laws of the round leather game.

The RFEF president Luis Rubiales discussed the idea with La Liga chief Javier Tebas who rendered his support. It continued:

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“Rubiales detailed that more than a month ago the RFEF raised with FIFA the possibility that more changes than usual could be made in the games, given the situation of the players, once the games resumed.

“FIFA recently approved the possibility of making these changes and transferred it to the IFAB, the international body in charge of approving the amendments to the regulations, which in this case is pending the green light for this measure in the case of the First Division.

“In the case of the other national categories, the RFEF is the one that has the competence to approve it.

“The RFEF has decided to propose to the Delegate Commission tomorrow the possibility of making five changes in all national categories, which would also apply to the playoffs designed in the competition resolution proposal. These changes would be limited to three moments, in such a way that time losses will be avoided.”

Meanwhile, La Liga clubs have been making a return to their training bases to undergo tests, and are hoping that some form of training can commence very soon.

Barcelona, on Thursday, announced that all their first-team squad had been tested and were all free from coronavirus.