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Could the Bundesliga have newfound popularity amongst footballer lovers?

It was reported that over a billion people watched the resumption of the Bundesliga when Borussia Dortmund took on Schalke on May 16. That is an audience unlike anything the German top flight has ever witnessed before and the question now has to be, given that the eyes of the world have been on Germany’s best; has the Bundesliga captured a brand new audience? First things first, even if the Bundesliga was the only football around the globe available to watch on the telly, it was hardly like anything we had ever seen before. Eerie stadiums and echoed shouts greeted football fans from across the globe and in many respects, a lot of fans were left feeling rather numb. The peculiarity of that opening weekend carried on when the Bavarians made their way to the nation's capital to do b...

Bundesliga Live Betting Tips

With the German Bundesliga being among the few soccer leagues still active in the world, punters are starting to take note of what it can offer in terms of betting opportunities. However, pre-match bets aren’t always ideal for the cautious punter, especially at such unpredictable times. That’s why Betway ensures that their punters can bet live on Bundesliga matches as they’re played. Whilst betting on live matches can give you an edge over the bookie, it doesn’t mean that you’ll always win every bet. However, you can use these tips to increase your chances of winning when betting on live Bundesliga matches this weekend. READ: Sheffield United are the surprise package in the Premier League Bundesliga Live Soccer Betting Tips Whether you’re betting on the Premier League or the Bun...