The 10 Best Smoke Spots In Dust 2

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Dust 2 have proven to be amongst the top best played first shooter game with in-game map. Getting into a unique competitive queue while playing the game will see that players end up playing on DUST 2.

The simple layout made the game interface very friendly for beginners to get their hands around the tab and keep shooting ’em up. Since the game enjoys arrays of massive shooting, it will be difficult to get across any part of the game without getting your head blown up by other players.

Therefore, knowing the best smoke sites in the game will give you a competitive advantage over those who haven’t learned these secrets about the game. While utilizing the smoke site, you can efficiently cut off the vision of enemies from AWPers across the map.

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The Best Smoke Spots You Need To Know

Not all about knowing the best smoke sites in this game, but also, being able to use smoke bombs at good timing and place will help you disseminate your foes. To help get an upper hand against your rivals, I have compiled most of the best smoke spots you need to know in Dust 2.

Long Corner Smoke

Smoking this section will force the CT to go eclectic to spot double doors on long. With this, even if he escapes the first frag, he can’t escape being caught up by the second smoke coming from the other end when trying to pull back.

While the CTs is busy looking for a new position to take, you can then pass through the long doors and you won’t be detected. You can as well eliminate them from behind after you might have crossed.

Catwalk Smoke

Catwalk smoke is a defensive smoke that brings your defensive capabilities to the test. Here, the catwalk is blocked off without any sight of recovery unless CTs pushes further out.

To apply this strategy at its optimum performance, you need to apply it while on the catwalk and thereafter search for enemies for a long since no enemy will like to pass through a smoked area.

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Short Default Smoke

We have seen some players using this default smoke spot on A Short. While this spot is included it’s because it has proven to block off incoming enemies thereby forcing them to change direction to have a clear view which on the other hand gives your teammates ample room to win the round by attacking them as they’re retreating to other position.

This is better done if you’re at the corner between the white box and the wall, position at the right of the short stairs, aim and throw your Molotov or smoke.


To use this spot, you will need to make a move towards the Palace Alley. At this place, turn right and you will see a wooden box at the corner, just hide behind it and wait for the best opportunity to throw your smoke and blind the income CTs and surround them with your team to win the round.

This spot requires a high level of vigilance and proactiveness’ as enemies can show up within seconds. Don’t get your ass blown up.

Doors Smoke

Smoking the doors in B Site is a foster means to get the upper hand against your enemies as this will help you secure all the area around you.

Since the CTs are wise bots too, they will not like to take the smoked doors, rather they will back off once you smoked the door. Though we can’t rule out thirst plays or pushes in the zone, no matter what this might look like, you will always be at the given end on this aspect.

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Tunnel Smoke

The tunnel smoke spot is another good spot in B Site. You can use this spot to buy time for yourself and your teammates. Get your loadouts ready or equip new gears.

Smoking this spot has yielded more success to gamers as enemies will find it difficult to locate your location even if they charge forward.

Entry Through the Upper Tunnels

You can as well utilize the upper tunnel spot to smoke; this will be very easy for players to smoke and get covered. Here, you need to get to B Entry and plant your smoke bombs.

This place can be very fun because it’s meant for 1v1 playing but taking it as a team against one is the fun aspect.

Xbox Smoke

We have seen lots of players smoking the Xbox. It’s so common for players because it blocks AWPers’ shots from the double doors and helps you cross to catwalk or tunnels without being seen on their map.

Due to how vulnerable here can be also, it’s necessary to observe all your surroundings once you arrive at this spot. Check for enemy pushes and camping. And always make sure to play as a team on a spot like this.

Left Side Smoke Mid

Smoking this spot will see you rotate between mid and A through CT Spawn. The smoke will block almost all the spaces and it will be difficult for the enemies to spot you.

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While rotating on this spot, you can disseminate your enemy’s squad at once, and none can escape.

Even as this spot gives you enough advantage over your enemies, pinpointing the positions of your enemies while rotating will help keep off their sight.

CT Smoke

This spot will cut off the CT spawn and allow you to easily and effortlessly rotate from Mid to B. since here also aids in a quick response from players, many players enjoy smoking in this area; therefore, you should pay attention to B Doors and Windows as enemies can strike from this corner.

You should be very smart while at this spot or you can assign any of your teammates to take charge of B Doors and Windows from a range to eliminate any foe emanating from there.

Final Thoughts

We believe that you have been exposed to some basic and vital smoke spots in Dust 2. So, you can utilize these spots to always gain the advantage over others while reserving some smoke grenades with you.

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Utilize the comment section to drop your view or suggestion and other spots you have found to be vital to a player.