The Chivas Guadalajara vs Club América México derby: Rivalry, history, who is better?

This is an article on the history of the Mexico El Súper Clásico soccer derby: Chivas Guadalajara vs Club América – who is better in all-time history including Head to Head (h2h) between the two teams.

About Chivas Guadalajara

Chivas Guadalajara are a Méxican professional soccer club based in Guadalajara, Jalisco and Compete in the Liga MX. They are the second most successful football club in Mexico and have won 12 Liga MX titles, 7 Campeón de Campeones, 4 Copa MX, and 2 CONCACAF Champions Leagues. They believe in the concept of Mexican-born players only.

About Club América

Club América are a professional Mexican soccer club based in Mexico City and competes in the Liga MX. They are the most successful club in Mexico with 13 Liga MX titles, one more than Chivas Guadalajara, 7 CONCACAF Champions Leagues, 6 Copa MX titles, and 6 Campeón de Campeones.

Recent Meetings and Results

Club América vs Chivas Guadalajara 2021 score

Guadalajara 0-3 América – Clausura

Guadalajara 1-0 América

América 1-2 Guadalajara

Some facts

Talking about rivalry, in the Liga MX, Club América are the main rivals of Chivas Guadalajara and vice versa although Club América have another derby game against Cruz Azul. Do well to nore that the Mexico El Súper Clásico is the standard and fiercest rivalry between the two sides Club América and Chivas Guadalajara.

Club América home stadium: Estadio Azteca

Chivas Guadalajara home stadium: Estadio Chivas

Who is better between Chivas Guadalajara vs Club América in history

These aforementioned football clubs are the biggest in Mexico in almost all departments. They have the highest spending power, individual achievements and also boast the highest number of titles won in the land.

Club América vs Chivas Guadalajara Head to Head – H2H

When it comes to head-to-head records between these two fierce rivals, Club America are leading as they have 87 wins to Chivas’ 77 while a whopping 76 games between both sides have ended in a draw. Both sides had to share the spoils and this is a genuine testament to how fierce their rivalry is.

Chivas Guadalajara have a tradition that has ensured that they won most of their trophies with Mexican home-bred players while Club América do well to attract decent players from around the world.

Their football club rivalry is the biggest in Mexico and arguably one of the biggest in the world. They are the most successful clubs in the history of club football in Mexico. Club América have won the Liga MX 13 times while Chivas Guadalajara are second on the log with twelve titles to their name.

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How does the fan base of Chivas Guadalajara vs Club América compare?

These two sides have carved niches for themselves as the clubs with the most supporters in Mexico. Regardless, they’ve also attracted a decent number of supporters outside Mexico and more so in the United States where the Liga MX has a decent following. 

Both sides have the highest number of fans compared to other American sides like Corinthians, River Plate, Boca Juniors, amongst others.

One would ask why these Mexican clubs have a huge following in the United States. Studies have revealed that their biggest Liga MX fixtures result in a spike in followership on matchdays. The increase in the number of Spanish-speaking individuals in the United States is another notable factor.

Comparing the revenue of Club América vs Chivas Guadalajara 

With regards to financial resources, Chivas Guadalajara are richer than Club América. A report released in 2020 showed that Chivas boasted a total of $311.5 million better than Club América in worth.

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On the other hand, Club América boasts a value of $200 million. According to the report, the former are the richest Mexican soccer team. Regardless, Club América always break the bank to acquire top talent in comparison to Chivas’ strict homebred talent policy. They only field Mexican-born players.

Largest victories

América 7–2 Guadalajara (20 February 1944)

Guadalajara 7–0 América (22 August 1956

Where do Club América vs Chivas Guadalajara meet?

The Liga MX

The Liga MX is the platform where the rivalry between the two sides began. It is the national club soccer first division competition in Mexico. Meanwhile, both sides have won the league more than others.

Copa MX

It can be referred to as the national cup competition in Mexico and has seen its format change over the years.

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Campeón de Campeones

it is the Mexican Super Cup and is known as the Champion of Champions in English. This is where the winners of the Apertura tournament and the Liga MX Clausura face off. It should be known that the meetings between these two sides in the early days of soccer in Mexico were characterized by fights and riots. One of such occurrences was in 1983.

How popular is the derby?

The derby is arguably one of the most popular soccer derbies in the world behind the El Classico and Super Clásico. An El Súper Clásico clash between the two sides attracts the highest attendance in Mexico and also attracts a decent following outside Mexico.

This derby is fiercely contested between the two sides in front of a mammoth crowd and has stood the test of time for decades. It is hardly one-sided and the difference between the winning and losing stats in this clash gives credence to the fact.