The idea to play Premier League games abroad is being hatched

The English league is undoubtedly the most captivating and glamorous football league in the world. That’s why they are the pacesetters.

Recently, an idea contemplated ten years ago was dissected again during the Premier League shareholders meeting at the Landmark Hotel in London’s Marylebone last week and the focal point was based on the continuous growth of the competition and possible plans for the expansion beyond the shores of England.

China, The United States of America, India, Brazil, and Indonesia have been recognized as the Premier League’s pulling power and markets in which they could entice the new fans.

Enhanced competition in the summer in the United States was considered as an initial roadmap.


It’s been in the DNA of league organizers to make the league more acceptable far and wide, A genuine attempt to amass greater global appeal and approval is playing competitive games on foreign soil.

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“Roadmap for meaningful matches abroad” was discussed last week, after “taking Premier League matches to the world” was talked about at June’s AGM.

According to an expert, having topflight Premier league matches played outside England would take several years to accomplish but it is fascinating that the idea could be on the radar following the disapproval of the European Super League.


About a decade ago, Richard Scudamore, former Premier League chief executive first suggested the idea of the “39th game”. In 2008, the Premier League promulgated an extra round of EPL matches abroad at five different venues, with clubs set to have a financial return of around £5 million per game.

However, the idea was trampled upon by those who frown at it. UEFA, FIFA, and the FA all opposed the idea and it was scrapped but Scudamore remained supportive and optimistic, saying: “It will happen at some point in the future.”