The results of the title race in France: Lille is a Champion, PSG hegemony interrupted, Monaco lucky to finish in the 3rd

For the second time in nine years, Paris-Saint-Germain were not the champions of France and it was not even Monaco who won Ligue 1 in 2017.

The winner of the tournament was rather a modest Lille, who fought for survival four years ago and were banned from registering newcomers due to financial problems.

In the last round, Lille, who would only be satisfied with a victory, comfortably beat Angers, scoring two goals in the first half. The result was hard to predict, but if you would like to try next time, consider using offers at  Regardless, the richer and more powerful PSG and Monaco claimed the second and third places respectively.

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Final stands

This season, the European championships have presented a lot of surprises. In Spain, for the first time since 2014, it was not Barcelona or Real Madrid that became the champion, but Atlético Madrid. In England, Liverpool had a bad season and stepped down in favor of Manchester City.

In Italy, for the first time since 2012, it was not Juventus who won, moreover, the Turin club couldn’t qualify for the Champions League until the last round. Only Bayern who won the German championship for the ninth time in a row showed stability.

France is considered to be the least entertaining championship in the top 5 European leagues. But it was Ligue 1 that gave us the brightest intrigue at the end of the season. Before the last round, three clubs claimed victory in their championships.

This is despite seven PSG wins over the past eight years, and the successful results of the Parisiens in the Champions League (the final in the last tournament and the semi-final in the current one) somehow did not even imply the thought that the title would go to another club.

Before the last round, Lille was leading the French league table with 80 points. Next came PSG with 79 and Monaco with 77. Since the first indicator in the case of equality of points in France is the difference between goals scored and conceded, let’s talk about it too. It was plus 40 for Lille, plus 56 for PSG, plus 34 for Monaco.

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Objectively, the odds of Monaco, the only club that has taken the title from PSG in the past eight years, were not very good. Monaco needed Lille to lose, to win on their own, but not just to win, but with a difference of five goals (if Lille lost by more than one goal, then less).

This is even though the Monegasques played with the sixth-placed Lance, and in general, the team scored five goals only once for the championship.


Lille played away to Angers, who were fighting to get into the top ten. Christophe Galtier’s team went through the season very steadily, and lost in the championship only three times.

The last time they lost was on March 21. In the last seven matches, the leader of the championship won five times and drew twice. It is also worth noting that Lille had won their last four away matches, including the game in Paris against PSG.

Lille is a three-time French champion and a six-time French Cup winner. The last victories in both tournaments happened for the club in 2011. The last time the team got into the prize-winners was in 2019, when Lille took second place.

The team is coached by 54-year-old Christophe Galtier. This specialist worked for a long time as an assistant for the head coach and began an independent career in 2009 at Saint-Etienne where he worked until 2017, after which he became the head coach of Lille.

In the first season, the coach saved the team from relegation, they finished in 17th place. In the second season, he took second place and brought Lille to the Champions League, in which, however, the French club scored one point and finished last in the group. For the third season, Galtier finished fourth with the team.

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The Conclusion

The intrigue lasted only 10 minutes until Jonathan David scored a goal in the match Angers – Lille. In the 45th minute, Burak Yilmaz scored 2:0 from the penalty spot, so the opponents, who did not score goals in their first halves, could no longer be distracted and solve their local problems.

Curiously, this was the 16th goal of the 35-year-old Turkish striker in the current French championship. The player moved to Lille in 2020.

In the added time in the second half, Lille conceded one goal, but Angers simply did not have the time and energy to help PSG win gold.

PSG missed a penalty in the 19th minute, Neymar fumbled his chance, but at the beginning of the second half, they opened the scoring, thanks to an own goal by Romain Faivre. In the 71st minute, Kylian Mbappe consolidated the advantage for the Parisien club.

Monaco, in the match against Lens, did not score goals, ending the game in a goalless draw. This result almost cost them third place and a ticket to the UEFA Champions League. Meanwhile, Lyon unexpectedly lost at home to Nice and failed to take advantage of their rival’s failure.