The top 5 footballers who played for one club throughout their career

For a player to stay in one club throughout his entire career, is a sign of loyalty. There are a handful of players who can display such dedication especially in this era where money has corroded a lot of things. With the power of money, minds can be turned, loyalty can be bought, and even desire to stay contented could be impaired by the power of it.

Some players move to other clubs because they’re surplus to requirements in their former clubs, some change employers for bigger bucks, some change jerseys because they aspire to win silverware.

It all boils down to desires and arrangements between the player and the club.

In the time past, some legendary footballers were loyal to one club, they were offered money-spinning contracts from other clubs but they didn’t succumb to the offer instead, they spent their entire career with their boyhood clubs.

These are some of the notable legends of the game who stayed put in one club for the entire duration of their career without changing club.

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ryan giggs
Giggs is the most decorated British footballer. The wing maestro recorded an incredible 34 trophies during his 25 years of playing career at Old Trafford. It includes 13 Premier Leagues, 2 Champions League, 4 FA Cups, 3 League Cups, nine Community Shields in his 963 playing appearance record for the club.

Ryan Giggs rejected a mouthwatering offer to join Italian giants, AC Milan in the late 1990s. He couldn’t have had an ounce of regret for rejecting such an offer for his loyalty to Manchester United was blessed one with loads of laurels.


paolo maldini
Paolo Maldini’s longevity and loyalty for Rossoneri were not coincidental or a fluke. if Paolo had decided to ply his trade elsewhere, there would have been loads of top-flight football clubs that could have queued for his signature but he stampeded that thought for an unbridled loyalty for AC Milan.

Maldini is highly regarded and considered as one of the finest and dubbed greatest defenders of all time. Paolo’s 902 appearances for AC Milan with five champions leagues in that time frame are enough to attest that loyalty paid off.

The Italian legend was contacted by former Manchester United gaffer, Alex Ferguson but Maldini discarded the gesture and stayed put in Milan.

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Paulo, after he retired, was appointed as the club’s technical director. Two of Maldini’s sons are now towing their father’s footsteps just like their grandfather Ceasar Maldini whom Paolo Maldini emulated. The gene of Football runs in the family.


rogerio ceni
Scoring a whoPPing 131 professional goals as a goal goalkeeper isn’t a small feat. Most outfield players would be more satisfied or pleased with such achievement.

Brazil’s sweeper holds the record for the most goals scored by a keeper, Without forgetting the record of appearances he donned in Sao Paulo jersey with a staggering 1,238 times on the pitch, he also holds the record for a player with most appearances for a single club.

Ceni had loads of suitors, one of them was Arsenal, if he had moved to Arsenal earlier on in his career, his career would have looked differently. Despite his longevity, he’d won three Brazilian titles and two Copa Libertadores.


francesco totti

He’s usually called “Captain Gladiator”. The Italian legend and former World Cup winner could have recorded more silverwares than the single Serie A title and two Coppa Italia, had he departed from AS Roma when money bags came knocking for his hand in marriage.

However, his loyalty reigned supreme, he stuck with the club through thick and thin by notching 786 game appearances and 307 goals for Giallorossi.

It’s not a surprise that Francesco Totti holds the record for top goalscorer and highest appearances for Roma, his 25 uninterrupted years at the club should be enough to reach such milestones. He’s the youngest club captain in Serie A.

His unwavering loyalty to Roma was tested in 2004 when Real Madrid knocked with an audacious bid to lure him away to be part of GALATICOS but he rejected the big-money offer for which he described as “my only regret”.


paul scholes

At the end of Euro 2000, Paul Scholes was phoned and asked if he would be interested in moving to Inter Milan but he said no. He stayed at Old Trafford despite all the tempting offers.

That’s who he was, the caliber of player that oozes loyalty. He appeared for Manchester United 718 times in two spells. Having initially called it a wrap in 2011, he changed his mind just half a year later and completed the season with his 11th Premier League title and 25th trophy overall.

France legendary footballer Zinedine Zidane was asked which player he would like to play alongside if he had the privilege, the name that came out of his mouth was Paul Scholes, to him, he’s the best midfielder in the world.

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carles puyol

PUYOL started and ended his successful years in Barcelona color. He’s one of the most decorated defenders in Spain’s history. Carles rose through the ranks at Camp Nou, built a name for himself without having his loyalty divided or bought.

He was a significant cog in Spain’s one World Cup triumph in 2010 and the two UEFA Euros they won in recent years. Puyol was equally phenomenal for Barca with 682 appearances to his name. During his 15-year-spell there, he won everything.