Toni Kroos is no longer international class, Matthaus blasts

It appears folks are not happy with Toni Kroos’ retirement from international football. Lothar Matthaus has blasted the player and claimed that the midfielder is no longer international class.

Kroos decided to call it quits with the Germany national team after the 2 nil loss to England at Euro 2020. According to him, he wants to focus on his club career at Real Madrid but Matthaus has opined that his absence from the national team is no great loss.

Matthaus in a chat with German magazine Kicker said: ‘Kroos is no longer international class’,

‘Personally, I have nothing against Toni Kroos, but I don’t agree with the way he plays.’


Matthaus added: ‘When he passes the ball, he loses speed again because there is hardly any gain in space and the pace is taken off.’

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The player was hit with the majority of the blame after Germany’s defeat to England. Last week, former Bayern Munich chief Uli Hoeness expressed his dissatisfaction with the 31-year-old.

‘He no longer has a place in the modern game’. Hoeness told Sport1, as he singled out Kroos for blame due to the Wembley defeat.


‘His way of playing is completely done. He no longer fits with today’s football.’

The midfielder replied sarcastically on Twitter, writing: ‘Uli Hoeness is a man with great knowledge of football (even if it wasn’t enough for RTL), little interest in polemics and completely at peace with himself. Similar to his Greenkeeper (groundman).’

It can be noted that the final part of Toni Kroos’ tweet was referring to Hoeness’ remarks about Matthaus in 2002.

At the time, Hoeness insisted that Matthaus would never return to Bayern Munich as long as he was in charge, or even playing the role of a goalkeeper.


Meanwhile, Kroos has played for Germany for more than a decade, 11 years precisely since making his debut in 2010. He played a significant role in Germany’s triumph in the 2014 FIFA World Cup by finishing as the tournament’s player with the most assists.