Torreira wants Boca Juniors move, asks Red Devils star to join him

Arsenal FC midfielder Lucas Torreira who is presently on loan to Atletico Madrid has revealed that he wants to join Boca Juniors next season. The 25-year-old Uruguay international made this known in a chat with ESPN.

Torreira explained his decision to want to play for the South American giants during the interview. He also added that he didn’t want to join alone and wants his compatriot to join him on a new adventure if the move to Buenos Aires materializes.

Reports suggest that Boca Juniors have been flirting with the idea of signing Manchester United forward Edinson Cavani in the last couple of months.

Although the 33-year-old striker is discussing the possibility of extending his stay at Old Trafford, Torreira wants him to join him in moving to South America.

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“I talk a lot with Edi, he’s a great guy. He has communicated a lot with me, and we talk about everything a little; although we do not talk about football, I hope I can come and share a team with him. He and I are similar in the sense that we want to be close to family. We have a nice relationship; I appreciate him,” Torreira said.

“I do not know what his situation is with Manchester United, he has expressed his desire to be close to his family, but I do not know much more. Hopefully, there will be the possibility of sharing a team and even more being in Boca, which would be something very nice.”

It remains to be seen if Boca Juniors can purchase Torreira as his current transfer value is at £20-million. However, the Argentine outfit can work out a loan deal for the midfielder and a move will allow the Uruguayan to be closer to his family after his mother’s death from COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Man United fans won’t take it lightly with Torreira for urging one of their best players of the 2020/21 season to call it quits with the club.