Tottenham find no evidence of racial abuse against Rudiger

Tottenham Hotspur and the Metropolitan Police have not succeeded in finding any evidence of supposed racial abuse from fans to Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger in last month’s Premier League encounter at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Rudiger was involved in the incident that saw Son Heung-min dismissed with a red card. He further stated that he was subjected to monkey gestures from the home section of the crowd. After this, the play was halted at the Stadium and an announcement was made on the public address system:

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“Racist behaviour from spectators is interfering with the game.” However, the club released a statement on Monday which said that they have now “exhausted all avenues of investigation”.


“The police have notified us today that, having reviewed and investigated, they have closed the crime report as they can find no evidence to support the allegation of racial abuse,” Spurs added.

“We fully support Antonio Rudiger with the action that he took – however there is no evidence to corroborate or contradict the allegation and as such neither ourselves nor the police are in a position to take any further action.

“If any new information comes to light, this will be fully investigated.”

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