Trippier hits back at Klopp for criticizing Atletico’s style of play

Kieran Trippier has hit back at Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp for criticizing Atletico Madrid’s style of play, claiming that winning matters most. According to Klopp, the La Liga outfit could play proper football with the talented players at their disposal instead of sitting back so much after their UCL round-of-16 triumph over the Reds.

Diego Simeone’s men won 3:2 at Anfield with just 29% possession but Trippier came to the defense of their tactics, pointing out that it proved effective over the two legs and on the night.

“People have this perception that we’re a defensive side, but I think they’re getting too carried away with the way we played against Liverpool,” said the Atletico and Three Lions defender.

“If you go there and go toe-to-toe with Liverpool, you’re going to get beat 6-0. I don’t know what people expect.


“You see pundits complaining because we did defend, but did they expect us to go there and play attacking football, especially with Liverpool playing the way that they’re playing at the moment?

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“You need to go there with a plan and we did that.

“We did have to defend, but the most important thing is that we got the win.”


According to Trippier, not every side can play free-flowing possession-based football and added that Atletico’s approach neutralized Liverpool’s pressure as they knew they would tire.

“We knew they would blow up because of the amount of pressure they’d applied and the amount of energy they’d put into the game,” said the right-back.

“We knew they’d slow down. It took us over 100 minutes, but we won 3-2.

“People can complain as much as they want, but we thought it was necessary for that type of game.


“As I’ve got older it has stopped bothering me.

“Liverpool didn’t put their chances away and we beat them in both legs. It worked.”

Meanwhile. Atletico Madrid have been dubbed the Spanish Burnley because of the way they eliminated the Reds from the UCL competition although Trippier couldn’t be happier to be compared to his old club.

“Even when I was there, people complained about the way they played, but they get results and that’s what football is about,” said Trippier


“When you’re in the Premier League, you can’t expect Burnley to match Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea.

“Burnley have a specific way of playing and it works because they get results and it keeps them in the Premier League.”

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