Wembley Stadium Capacity: Tour Guide, Events

This is one stadium that has attained popularity amongst fans of English football all over the world and continues to, as major football matches and other sports take place in this stadium. Wembley Stadium is situated in South Way, London HA9 0WS.

The first Wembley Stadium was built to house the British Empire Exhibition that will take place between 1924–25, the project was completed by 1923 before the year of the exhibition. 

It was used as the major venue of the London 1948 Olympic Games and was used till 2000 After the year 2000, most of its structures and facilities were defunct, and they started the construction of the new stadium in 2002. 

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The English firm Foster + Partners and the American stadium specialists HOK Sports Venue Event (now called Populous) handled the architectural design of the stadium. 

When they excavated the pitch (playing field), they uncovered the foundations of Watkin’s Tower, a structure that was erected in the 1890s and would have been the tallest building in the world if it had been completed.

It took Britain 5 solid years to complete the new stadium which was opened in 2007 with state-of-the-art facilities. Today, the stadium hosts major football matches like the English Men’s National Team and the FA Cup Final.

It is most times called the home of football in Britain. It serves as the headquarters for the English football governing body (FA). Since it was opened to date, Wembley Stadium is one of the preferred stadiums to host the United Kingdom and Europe international football matches and other high games. 

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The stadium has hosted the finals of the UEFA Champions League, the European Football Championship, and the Finalissima. Wembley Stadium is almost spherical with a circumference of 3,280 feet (1 km). the most spectacular architectural feature of the stadium is its giant arch that buttresses the roof. 

The retractable roof, though, does not cover the entire stadium but can cover all the seats in the stadium. The stadium has a whopping 90,000 seats and is the biggest sports venue in the United Kingdom.

The stadium has been used to host the prestigious FA Cup final every year since it was opened. It also doubled down as the football home of England’s National football team. 

In the London 2012 Olympic Games, Wembley was used to host the matches, inclusive of the final (gold medal) match. American (gridiron) football is also played at the stadium in the National Football League International Series.

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Wembley Stadium Seating Plan: The Stands

The Wembley stands are shared in East and West, and the seating plan is divided into levels 1, 2, and 3. 

  • Level 1 (101-144)
  • Level 2 (201-252)
  • Level 3 (501-552)

Wembley Stadium Parking, Tour Guide, and Address

During the construction stage, enough parking space was created for car owners and it’s a must that you park your car as stated by the norms. Due to how huge the stadium is, car owners are restricted from parking on the streets to pave the way for passers-by and free flow of movement and other vehicles.

Also, before going to Wembley Stadium with your vehicle, it’s necessary to book a parking space ahead through the Wembley Official website.

Features of the Wembley Stadium

The new Wembley Stadium was built with state-of-the-art facilities and stands out as the best stadium in the United Kingdom. It has enormous conference halls, VIP seats, a spacious car park, and over 2600 toilets in it.


It’s currently the first-class sporting venue in the United Kingdom. Though purely built for football games, its structures allow it to be adjusted for other sporting events.

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It was used to host the finals of the London Summer Olympics in 2021. Also, Wembley Stadium is the headquarters of the English Football Association (FA) and is the structure used by the administrative headquarters of the football governing body of the country.


England has for centuries remained the home of football, and it has hosted and promoted football activities from time immemorial.

Wembley Stadium hosts the football finals of the FA Cup, League Cup (EFL Cup), EFL Trophy, Women’s FA Cup, FA Community Shield, and the English Men’s National Team (Three Lions) home games. Since it has 90,000 seats available, hosting these events is no big deal.


Most prominent boxing bouts are held in the stadium and the tickets are sold out. Some of the prominent boxers to have been permitted to play in the stadium are Anthony Joshua, Wladimir Klitschko, Tyson Fury, and Dillian Whyte.

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Music Concerts and Tours

As said above, the stadium can be configured to suit different events even concerts. Since it was opened, concerts are steadily been held at the stadium.


The tenants at the Wembley Stadium are the English Football Men’s National Team (Three Lions). The stadium is their football home for matches like qualifiers, European Football Championship, FIFA World Cup, and UEFA Nations League. The Three Lions do host international friendlies at the stadium.

English FA

The English Football Association (FA) headquarters is at Wembley Stadium. It can be recalled that the FA is the main body in charge of football in England.