What Is A Roster Friend In Lost Ark?

For several different reasons, Lost Ark is consistently ranked as one of Steam’s most popular free-to-play games. This isometric massively multiplayer online role-playing game allows users to assume control of several classes and engage in combat against hordes of monsters and other players. 

The game also makes provision for users to invite their friends to fight alongside them. Although the game is designed for gamers to face their challenges on their own, adding pals is an available option. 

Once you start adding friends, you will discover that there are two friend lists and they are known as Friends and Roster Friends. 

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The uses of these two friend categories may not be obvious at the time but you will get a hang of the concept as you proceed in your gameplay in Lost Ark. One thing is advised though; Ensure that your closest friends should be categorized as Roster Friends.

The Difference Between Friends And Roster Friends In Lost Ark

What Is A Friend In Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, a friend is a newly recruited character. Lost Ark gamers can connect with a character in the game by adding another user as a friend. The friend concept only applies to the newly added character.

However, if the player logs in another character, you won’t be able to interact with that friend unless you add their alternate character, and this is can be frustrating at times. 

Finally, it should be known that the Friend category is meant for toons and individual characters.

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What is A Roster Friend In Lost Ark?

When you add someone as a Roster Friend, you add that person’s whole account to your list of Friends, regardless of which character they’re using. 

When To Add Someone As A Roster Friend

If you play with a friend who has more than one character in the game, adding that person as a Roster Friend simplifies the process of staying connected with all of their avatars. 

You won’t have to worry about keeping track of the character being used by a Roster Friend as Lost Ark will notify you whenever any of that friend’s multiple characters are accessed.

Lost Ark has many playing styles and classes, and this results in many of your friends making do with different characters that they use from time to time.

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Do well to check in with the people on your friend list to determine if any of them has more than one character. If they do, the ideal step should be to add them as Roster Friends and avoid any unnecessary hassles with character identification.