What is a Scrimmage in Soccer?

The game of soccer has different words describing different situations, and so often certain actions are performed during play. Here, in this post, we shall be looking closely at the term “Scrimmage” in the game of soccer.

What Is Scrimmage In Soccer? 

A scrimmage is simply a practice session that generally takes place in soccer. What Is The Purpose Of Scrimmage In Soccer? Now since the term “scrimmage”, as we can see, is synonymous with “practice” in soccer, we can say that one of its major purposes is to improve the teams’ practice and understanding of the game when playing.

The purpose of scrimmaging in soccer can’t be overemphasized, and that’s why it is included as training in most cases. It ensures that the players understand the full game scene and what may occur in the course of playing a match. 

In addition, the team gets to understand what really works for them and what doesn’t work either. In short, we can say that scrimmaging in the game ensures that the players are aware of themselves and the rest of the entire team. 


The players get to work together to achieve a common goal, with each player functioning independently but collectively.

It is a necessity in sports and will always be, with its many features of acquittance and awareness. Players also get to know the rules and regulations that govern the game. All these are the purposes of scrimmage in soccer, and so far we can see that it is of huge importance and benefits.

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How Long Does a Soccer Scrimmage Last?

Now an interesting question is “How Long Does A Scrimmage Last In The Game Of Soccer?” The time duration is usually different and sometimes varies compared to other ball games where it is practiced as well. 


Like in basketball, the scrimmage usually lasts for about 120 minutes to 135 minutes, whereas in the game of soccer, it usually lasts for about 90 minutes. 

This is the official and usual time taking in a traditional soccer match, which involves two halves of 45 minutes and, in some cases, an additional 10–15 minutes if both teams have a draw. 

90 minutes of soccer are used for the scrimmage, where the players get to know all they should while playing in the match. After the first 45 minutes elapse, they go for a short break and then resume play in the second half.

What Is A Full-Sided Soccer Scrimmage?

Just like the name implies, this form of scrimmage in soccer ensures that every player gets acquainted with the dos and don’ts of the game during a match or training. 


It helps every one of the players know when they are at the default and ensures that they are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. The players, just like we said earlier, in the beginning, get to know the best strategies to use for the game as they play on.

What Is A Small-Sided Soccer Scrimmage?

This type of scrimmage in soccer is the exact opposite of what a full-sided scrimmage is all about. 

Here, in the small-sided scrimmage, players get to face themselves one-on-one in a friendly match or sometimes two-by-two in some cases. 

And, just like a full-sided soccer scrimmage, a small-sided scrimmage helps a team’s players achieve success through overtime practice.


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Soccer Scrimmage Drills

In a full soccer scrimmage, so many things are taught to the players, including how to handle tough situations in the play if any eventually arise.

It could be a team versus a team, two by two, or even one on one. Whichever way it is done, it is used to achieve a common goal. Some soccer scrimmage drills involve:

  • Dribbling Soccer drills
  • Passing Soccer drills
  • Tackling Soccer drills

All these scrimmage soccer drills ensure that the players carry out their responsibilities accurately and responsibly.


Dribbling Soccer Drills

We all know that dribbling in soccer is an act, and this act deals with the maneuvering/moving of the ball skillfully away from the players of the opposing team. 

The main aim of dribbling in a soccer competition is to be in full control of the ball and to defend the ball against the members of the opposing team. 

Dribbling Soccer Scrimmage is simply a practice whereby players of a team are taught how to carry out successful dribbling practices as well as when to display them in a match. 

It ensures that players fully understand what it means to dribble and how they can carry out the process accurately without causing foul play.


Passing Soccer Drills

The Soccer Scrimmage Passing drills ensure that players understand when and how to make good passes from one member to the other.

Tackling Soccer Drills

The Tackling Scrimmage Soccer drills enable players to be aware of the concept of tackling and how to make good tackling moves.

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Conclusion: What is a Scrimmage in Soccer?

Soccer is an interesting sport, and it gets more interesting when you observe closely some of the things that exist in its space.


Scrimmage is one of the majors in the game of soccer. It stands to be one of the most required practices in every game to be played. So far, we have seen its usefulness and how important it is in soccer.

Practice in training is essential in how effective a team can be on the pitch. Most of the productive training ground moves we’ve seen teams pull off in competitive games ios down to scrimmaging drills.