What Should Juventus Expect From Pirlo?

Football has always been a sport that unites people. This is more than just a game. It’s passion, dedication, loyalty, occasional heartbreaks, but most of all – love that it is undying.

No sport has managed to amass the same number of fans as football. Juventus is among the football clubs that are extremely popular and have millions of fans around the world.

The club’s influence is so great that it even managed to experience a breakthrough in other industries. One of the most notable is the online casino industry.

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Many fans of this club are also fans of casino games, which is why game providers even started creating games with Juventus-based themes. Sites like casimba.com feature games with Juventus’ logo and players as the main theme. Other football clubs are also featured and the games are extremely fun and worth checking out.

Juventus have faced several ups and downs in the past couple of seasons. Allegri didn’t manage to win them the Champions League, which is why the club’s Board decided to cut ties with him and hire Sarri. Unfortunately, Sarri’s performances were below expectations, which is why he was sacked recently.

The Maestro, Andrea Pirlo, was recently announced as the new manager of the club and as we wait for the new season to start, there are several things that Pirlo must finish to regain Juventus’ reputation as one of the best clubs in Europe.

Creative Gameplay

First of all, one of the biggest flaws that the team faced this year is the lack of creative gameplay. The team had a hard time connecting with the attacking players. That is why Ronaldo, Dybala, and Higuain had a hard time scoring. Furthermore, the lack of creativity led the team to lose possession on numerous occasions which led to them conceding goals.

As you know, Juventus’ defense has been highly praised throughout the years and in a world of attacking style of play and high pressure, they kept the dying art of flawless defending alive. However, all of that changed this year.


Because Pirlo was a true magician with the ball and understood the game perfectly, we can expect a surge in the team’s creativity.

New Midfielders are a Must

Buying new and creative playmakers will be the first task that Pirlo will have to complete. We are yet to see what he has in mind, but we do know that he is interested in selling Matuidi and Khedira. Pjanic already completed his transfer to Barcelona, with Arthur Melo taking his place.

The new midfielders should be able to break the monotony and help the team score many goals, help the defenders and guide the team towards success.

Champions League Success

Finally, Juventus’ biggest curse is the Champions League. They reached the final numerous times through the years, but only managed to lift the trophy once.

This has become the biggest challenge for the team and the Board. Logically, success in the Champions League is also one of the things required from Pirlo, especially after Juve got kicked out from the Round of 16 by Lyon this year.