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Worst Excuses Used After Losing a Football Match

If you love football, you always want your team to win against all the odds. Well, this doesn’t always happen and while many managers, players, and fans accept defeat as part of the game, others have to find an excuse. And while some excuses make some sense, others are out of this world. From the pitch conditions, atmospheric conditions, the ball to sex, there are some bizarre excuses for losing a football match. We laugh at these excuses, but these could be the reason the team you bet on ends up not winning. So which excuses rank as the worst?  Here’s a recount of some from across the globe. READ: Klopp expects a four-team Premier League title race next season Ghosts Yes, you read that right, ghosts have been blamed for a football match loss. In 1996, Blackpool blamed its awful...

3 Ways to Enjoy Football When You Cannot Play

As we all know, the very best sport in the world has to be football. It is fun, that’s a given, but it also keeps you fit, and it keeps you occupied. The teamwork within the game is second to none, and it can give you ideas that you can carry on into your career and even home life when it comes to working together. Playing football is a wonderful pastime, and it is one of the best ways to enjoy the game because you can really get involved. However, if you cannot play because you have suffered an injury, you are unwell, or you do not have the time right now, how else can you enjoy football? Luckily, there are some great ways to have fun with ‘the beautiful game’ even if you cannot play yourself. Read on to find out how. 1. Support a Team If you cannot play football or you love the g...

La Liga chief Tebas confident that all seasons can end by June 30

La Liga president Javier Tebas is still hopeful that all European seasons can be completed before June 30 despite the coronavirus pandemic that has resulted in the suspension of major football activities worldwide. The COVID-19 pandemic has also seen Euro 2020 and Copa America pushed to 2021. Meanwhile, Tebas is part of a working group put in place by UEFA to profer solutions for the "resumption and/or conclusion of the current season coherently". The La Liga chief has expressed confidence that things can be wrapped up by the end of June. However, he pointed out that at least six weeks of competition would be required.   In an interview with  El Pais, Tebas said: "The fundamental scenario is that mid or late May is the latest starting date to end on June 30,"  "The scenario may...