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You’re on a bus, or maybe you’re at a friend’s house, and the big game is on. With live-streaming sites, you won’t miss a single moment. Online soccer streaming sites have changed the game, and I’m here to guide you to the best football streaming sites that can save your day.

In this post, I will share my top 10 football streaming sites in 2024. From soccer streaming sites that cover every league to free EPL streaming websites that focus exclusively on the excitement of the English Premier League games.

Let’s dive right In.

11 Best Streaming Sites For Live Football Games in 2024

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When it comes to live football streaming, particularly in the UK, DAZN is a big contender. It’s widely recognized as one of the best football streaming sites In 2023.

With features of live sporting events that include boxing, MMA, and an extensive range of football leagues, DAZN is a go-to platform for sports lovers.

What sets DAZN apart as one of the best live football streaming sites is its comprehensive selection of games.

It’s a bay for fans looking to indulge in Premier League action, with access to games that even specialized Premier League soccer streaming sites may not offer. In case it’s the heated derbies or the thrilling run-ins of the season, DAZN puts you in the front row.

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Beyond the Premier League, DAZN also offers international games. If there’s a notable match happening, chances are DAZN is streaming it. The platform is user-friendly too. 

Its interface is intuitive which ensures you’re not fumbling through menus when you could be watching the game.

While not one of the free sports streaming sites, DAZN offers a variety of subscription options that deliver value for money, especially given the high caliber of the streaming service.

When you first join, you’ll need to pay $20 for your first month and then $20 every month after that. Alternatively, you can choose the yearly plan, where you pay $150 upfront, which averages out to $12.50 per month.

This way, you save $90. The good thing about the monthly plan is that you’re not tied into a long contract, and you can cancel at any time. As a user of DAZN, I appreciate the reliable streaming quality it offers.

Unlike some free live streaming sites, DAZN provides a smooth, high-definition experience that is as close to the real thing as you can get without being in the stands. Meanwhile, leverage the best online betting sites on the internet

Check out what DAZN has to offer at


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Over the years, ESPN has transitioned from being just a channel on your TV to one of the best football streaming sites on the internet.

Their digital platform has turned into a sports fan’s hub, primarily for those who enjoy the convenience of live football streaming.

ESPN has managed to secure a place among the top soccer streaming sites that UK audiences have access to, due to their coverage of various leagues, including the MLS and some European competitions.

What you get with ESPN is not just football; it’s a full sports package. However, as part of its service, you can expect to find good feature content, including in-depth analyses, replays, highlights, and, live matches.

It’s the kind of immersive experience that free sports streaming sites often promise but can fall short of delivering.

That said, It is not a free live streaming site, and it doesn’t specifically serve as one of the free EPL streaming websites, the subscription fee is often seen as a worthy investment for the keen sports fan. 

You can sign up for ESPN+ for $10.99 per month, or you can choose an annual plan for $109.99 per year, which saves you more than 15%.

There’s also an option to get ESPN+ (with commercials) along with Disney+ (with commercials) and Hulu (with commercials) for $14.99 per month.

As for those longing for the Premier League action, while ESPN may not offer direct streaming of those matches, it often provides wide scope surrounding the games.

This includes expert commentary and analysis, making it one of the best free football streaming sites in terms of content if not live games.

Moreover, ESPN’s user interface is smart and friendly. Moving to find the game or show you want to watch is easy, which makes it one of the best live football streaming sites for user experience.

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If you’re based in the UK and looking for live football streaming that you can enjoy, ESPN provides a strong alternative. However, you’ll need to check local listings and availability, as regional restrictions may apply.

For those interested in examining ESPN’s offerings: See

3. NBC Sports

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NBC Sports has secured its place as a premier site for fans in search of live football streaming, especially for the Premier League games. 

With an extensive selection of games, including some that are aired for free, it’s a center point that rivals even the best free football streaming sites.

The service often features vast pre-match and post-match analysis that makes it a catch for the football intellect.

Then again, if you’re based in the UK and you’re yearning for live football streaming commentary and coverage, NBC Sports might just be the second screen you keep an eye on.

However, access may require a VPN service due to regional broadcasting rights. If you are wary of avoiding the less-than-legal free sports streaming sites, NBC Sports offers a legitimate platform that ensures you catch every detail of the game, from the detailed playmaking to the emotion-filled celebrations.

There’s no need to be techy to find your game. To get your fill of Premier League matches, streaming sites like NBC Sports are priceless.

To break your heart, It’s not a free EPL streaming website, and the cost is reasonable for the quality and reliability of the service.

Then again, NBC has shifted most of its sports shows to Peacock. There’s a free version, but if you want to watch sports without many interruptions, you can get it for $4.99 per month.

If you want fewer ads, you can pay $9.99 per month. Only a few can compete with the quality of coverage and commentary that NBC Sports provides.

For the American audience or those international viewers equipped with a VPN, you can find this premium sports streaming experience at NBC Sports’ official website.

4. beIN Sports

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beIN Sports is well-known for its wide coverage. Even if it’s live football streaming from the UK, continental Europe, South America, or the far reaches of the Australian A-League, beIN has it.

Soccer fans, in particular, might find beIN Sports to be an Eden, offering as it does an impressive array of leagues and tournaments, including but not limited to the English Premier League.

It’s not free, but it provides an official way to follow one of the most exciting competitions in football. And the experience is fantastic. The quality of the stream is often outstanding.

Want to watch beIN SPORTS? You can get it for just $14.99 per month or $129.99 for a whole year. All you need to do is sign up on the beIN SPORTS website or app, and the best part is, that you can try it out for free for one week.

As you guide through their platform, it’s clear they’re dedicated to providing fans with the best live football streaming adventures.

This is obvious in both the video quality and the stability of their streams, which are necessary during those heat moments that football is famous for.

The platform’s layout is elegant which makes it easy to find your desired game. For those based, beIN Sports stands out as a go-to destination. Away for a second! If you don’t know about casino streamers, here is an explanation of what they are

beIN Sports can be accessed through

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5. Sporticos


Here you have a fantastic source of football live streaming for fans from across the world. It offers trusted, legal links to reliable, high-quality live streams of matches from all the top competitions you can think of. 

The site is available in English, Spanish, French, German, and Polish and is very accessible on both desktop and mobile. With Sporticos you can enjoy elite football involving the world’s top players in leagues like the Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1, and Serie A. 

6. CBS Sports

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Why did I consider CBS Sports one of the best live football streaming sites, especially for audiences in the UK? This platform has secured broadcasting rights for a range of sports, including American football, which is a big one for fans. 

Also their soccer coverage. They’ve been upping their game, acquiring rights to stream European soccer, including the UEFA Champions League and Europa League.

This makes it a convincing choice for fans seeking live football streaming that UK commentators often rave about.

Accessing CBS Sports is easy. This isn’t one of your run-of-the-mill free sports streaming sites, but CBS Sports offers a mix of free and premium content, which means you can catch some live events without dipping into your wallet.

However, to unlock the full potential of CBS Sports and dive into the premium live streams, a subscription is necessary. The Premier plan gives you 231 channels, including Showtime, and it costs $94.99 every month.

You get what you pay for, high-quality streams, expert commentary, and an extensive library of on-demand content.

For soccer lovers searching for specific soccer streaming sites, CBS Sports covers that slot nicely, offering dedicated streams for soccer matches.

And when it comes to Premier League soccer streaming sites, while CBS does not directly offer Premier League, its vast coverage of European football is great.

Check them out at and see if they match your sports viewing needs.

7. Fox Sports

best football streaming sites

Fox Sports has long been a household name in sports broadcasting, and it continues to be a central platform for fans looking for live football streaming.

With a legacy of covering some of the most iconic moments in sports, it has grown to become one of the best football streaming sites for fans worldwide.

I so much love Fox Sports because of its complete coverage of major football events. In case you’re searching for soccer streaming sites that cover international tournaments or a place to catch all the drama of the Premier League, Fox Sports is on the ball.

It’s a strong platform where UK fans can stream live football games and international viewers can enjoy various content.

As someone who has guided countless sports streaming options, I can say that Fox Sports offers a user-friendly experience to both die-hard and casual fans.

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While it’s not a free sports streaming site, its subscription model provides access to a variety of live sports content, including some of the best live football streaming sites could offer.

When it comes to the Premier League, fans want reliability and quality.

Fox Sports provides a streaming service where each match is brought to life with HD clarity which makes it one of the preferred Premier League soccer streaming sites for many viewers. 

The value you get for the price in terms of content quality and availability is great. You can enjoy watching live sports on FS1 and more than 75 other channels for just $74.99 a month.

No need to worry about signing any long contracts or finding surprise charges, it’s easy. Plus, when you subscribe, you’ll even get unlimited cloud storage for your favorite shows.

And if you’re new, you can try it out for free with a 5-day trial before you decide to subscribe. It’s a trusted source where live football streaming UK games are presented with the expertise and in-depth analysis that only Fox Sports can provide.

With Fox Sports, you’re getting a legitimate service that respects the beautiful game.

Visit their official website at

8. SonyLIV

sonyliv streaming site

This platform has rapidly become a favorite streaming site for those who are fans of both international football and the cricket pitch.

For fans who want diversity in their sports viewing, from UEFA Champions League matches to Serie A, La Liga, and of course, Premier League soccer, SonyLIV provides a varied menu that’s hard to ignore.

And for those looking for live football streaming UK-wise, SonyLIV is steadily making inroads, offering access to some of the most sought-after games, although with the appropriate subscription.

Yes, you’ll have to part with a few bucks, but the trade-off is high-quality streams without the problem or the risks. The subscription prices are quite budget-friendly. 

You can get started with just Rs. 299 for a one-month plan, or opt for a whole year of entertainment for Rs. 999. SonyLIV’s platform is user-friendly too. It doesn’t take long to get from the homepage to the live-action.

And for those on the go, the mobile experience is just as easy, assuring you don’t miss a kick. As for reliability, SonyLIV often provides smoother streaming than many free sports streaming sites can muster.

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For UK viewers, SonyLIV is a platform worth considering. It might not be classified strictly under the best free football streaming sites, but for a fair subscription, you get more than your money’s worth.

So, where can you catch all this action? Simply head over to

9. FuboTV

FuboTV’s offering is great if you’re after live football streaming. The service prides itself on various sports selections, but it’s the access to football from all corners of the globe that makes it amazing.

If you’re looking to catch the intensity of Premier League matches, FuboTV is among the Premier League soccer streaming sites that offer that.

One of the best things about FuboTV is its quality. Though it is not a free live-streaming site, the pay in its service correlates when it comes to the quality of its streams.

You can pick from four different TV plans that cost between $32.99 and $94.99 per month. These plans are named Latino, Pro, Elite, and Premier. All of them, except for the Latino plan, give you access to over 150 channels.

However, when discussing live football streaming UK fans will notice that FuboTV’s focus is predominantly on the American market.

This isn’t to say that UK viewers are far from it. The platform does feature a range of international sports channels that offer football games from around the world, including various European leagues.

Also, the interface is clear, the schedule is up to date, and the streaming experience is user-friendly.

While FuboTV requires a subscription, they often provide trial periods, which can be good for viewers wanting to sample the platform’s offerings before committing financially.

Check them out:

10. Facebook Watch

free premiership football streaming

It’s true, Facebook has dipped its toes into the live sports streaming pool, and for fans, and if you ask me, it’s a good one.

If you’re looking for live football streaming, UK included, Facebook Watch might just have what you need. This isn’t about random user-uploaded content, I’m talking about officially licensed streams, complete with breakable commentary and legit camera work.

You can sometimes catch live games from leagues across the world right on Facebook, with the community vibe of social media thrown in for free.

The concept is amazing when you think about it: You can react to a game in real-time, and share the excitement with your friend list all without leaving the site.

For those who are all about free live-streaming sites, Facebook Watch is a good option.  It’s among the best free football streaming sites offering this service at no extra cost to you.

However, while it’s not exclusively a sports streaming platform and the selection isn’t as vast as some other dedicated free sports streaming sites, the appeal of Facebook Watch is in its accessibility and the fact that it’s part of a platform many of us use daily.

You’re already there, why not enjoy a game while you’re at it? Slipping upon a live game on Facebook Watch can feel great. 

It’s not the norm to expect full coverage of every match, but when there’s a Premier League game available, it can be one of the best Premier League soccer streaming sites by accident. UK viewers may wonder about the availability of local games.

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In terms of streaming quality, Facebook Watch holds its own against other free EPL streaming websites and platforms, offering a decent viewing experience, given it’s free. On the platform, you can search for a Premier League game like ‘Manchester City vs Liverpool’ or any other game covered by top UK football betting sites

To check out, you can head over to

11. Stream2Watch

watch live football matches

Stream2Watch is also considered one of the best free football streaming sites out there and for obvious reasons. With a wide range of sports, including football, tennis, basketball, and more, it’s a refuge for sports fans.

Even if you’re in the UK or anywhere else in the world, Stream2Watch brings the game to you.  From local league games to the high-octane Premier League, Stream2Watch seems to have it all.

And, for fans who live for the English Premier League, it is one of the best live football streaming sites with an eye on the free EPL streaming websites market.

The platform has more than 350 awesome channels, and they’re all premium channels that usually cost around $70 to $80 each month.

You can watch popular channels like ABC, Bravo, CNN, ESPN, Cartoon Network, CBS, BET, BBC Network, Sky Sports, HBO, History Channel, and MTV, among many others.

Also, its user-friendly interface is easy. If you’re looking to check out Stream2Watch, head over to their website at