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You are highly welcome to one of the best and established football betting tips and free football prediction site that predicts football matches correctly and aspires to make our readers and visitors rich.

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Manchester City are one of the best teams to bet on.

Therefore, if you are on the lookout for today football prediction and best football tips for today, kindy scroll down and have access to the best football predictions and tips you can find anywhere on the internet for the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 as well as other Leagues in Europe and football competitions around the world.


Tip – Enhance your chances by making smart selections. 



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EurosCroatia vs Slovakia11.51
EurosNorthern Ireland vs NetherlandsOver 2.51.79
AFCONIvory Coast vs Niger11.30
Germany Regionallaga WestMonchengladbach II vs Homberg11.42
Northern IrelandInstitute vs Linfield21.33
Northern IrelandLoughgall vs Knockbreda11.34
ScotlandEdinburgh vs Albion Rovers11.48


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Football has become a source of entertainment for a significant number of individuals in Nigeria, Africa, Europe, and the world at large. The sport garners thousands of supporters on a daily basis and it can only get better as the game continues to advance.

While some have delved into just the entertaining part of the game, others have decided to not just cheer the players who make ends meet weekly by taking advantage of quality free football tips that are available on the internet.

They’ve gone on to indulge in placing bets by taking advantage of quality football betting tips and reliable sports bookies who offer their users decent odds for football games, alongside quick registration, and speed of light payouts after every win and this a major plus. It’s not a bad idea for the sport that entertains me to feed me.

This is based on certain soccer predictions, criteria, and options. The winnings are realizable with quality free football tips. Do yourself some good by taking advantage of our today football prediction that is posted daily on this page.

premier league
The Premier League is one competition that has attracted a lot of punters

Footiehound has come to stay as one of the major football betting tips provider and football prediction sites in the world

We ensure that our readers have the best of soccer articles, football betting tips, free football tips, and expert football predictions that will make them smile over ‘on the pitch’ results on a regular.

Our status as an aspiring best football prediction site in the world will result in an awareness that we are one of the quality free football prediction sites that predicts football matches correctly and gives you access to the best football tips for today regularly.


We strive to ensure that our readers get access to sure win football predictions and free football tips that will make them smile to the bank after being entertained by events on the pitch.

With us, as the players enjoy their weekly wages, you also enjoy the monetary benefits of using the quality betting tips and soccer predictions we deliver to you regularly. We are good at this and have established ourselves as the best football prediction site in the world.

A huge number of individuals have started exploring the football betting world. However, while others are earning from the game, some are not very skilled in predicting games as it requires some careful analysis and most importantly, luck.


Barcelona could pass for arguably the best team to bet on when they are in their elements. Wouldn’t trust in the UCL Knockout stages though.

This is one of the major reasons why we as an accurate football prediction site have entered the fray to ensure that those who are hungry to win get access to the best free football predictions and football betting tips that we make available to them.

We are on a mission to ensure that our visitors get the best in football predictions and best football tips for today to enable them to smile to the bank regularly.

Therefore, we strive to ensure that we provide the best in over 1.5 football predictions, over 2.5 goals football predictions, as well as other betting tips, soccer predictions, and today’s football predictions.

In a small matter of time, we’ll be emerging as one of the best football prediction sites in Nigeria. Regardless, we are also aspiring to be the best football prediction site in the world.

Well, admittedly, it won’t be an easy feat to achieve but we’ll be giving you access to the best football prediction site free and provider of the best football tips for today on a regular.


There are many strategies that football betting enthusiasts can use to ensure that they win big on a regular basis. However, bet accumulation is the order of the day as many choose to stake with very small cash amounts with the intention of winning big.

In our aspiration to emerge as the best football prediction site in the world, we have discovered that staking big on a few sure matches, ‘sure here being relative as we’ve seen quite some big shocks in football that have ruined bank accounts’ is the best strategy.

This has proved to be the way to go in soccer betting as numerous folks have won more through this strategy, although luck still has its own part to play.


Every punter hopes to smile to the bank with this after all games they’ve betted on are rounded up. Well, it’s not always the case.

Nevertheless, we do a lot of background work and conduct numerous researches on football teams, football leagues, tournaments, and football statistics before we post our today football predictions. These steps enable us to come up with reliable and accurate free football tips.

This is to ensure that our readers get the best football tips for today to select and win from. These are the benefits that a quality football prediction site and the best football prediction site free.

Reliable bookmakers have numerous options that individuals can take advantage of. In our quest to emerge as the optimal accurate football prediction website as well as one of the sites that predict football matches correctly, we have adopted measures to enable us to take advantage of these options regularly.

We intend to be the best of the lot with regards to football prediction sites and providers of recommended football betting tips. We are gradually becoming the best football prediction site free.

Some of these betting tips options are listed below:


HOME WIN OPTION – 1X – Bet on the team playing at home to win

AWAY WIN OPTION – 2X – Bet on the team playing away from home to win
DOUBLE CHANCE – AWAY WIN / DRAW – Away team to win or draw
DOUBLE CHANCE – HOME WIN / DRAW – Home team to win or draw
DOUBLE CHANCE – DRAW NO BET (DNB) – Bet could be placed on home or away team to win. The money is refunded if the team draws the match
GG or BTTS or BTtS BET – (Goal/Goal or Both Teams to Score) – Both sides have to score in the game. This has been proved to be the most comfortable bet for those who suffer anxiety as the only worry is for both teams to score unlike when you place a bet for a team to win, and the other team ends up equalizing the game in the dying seconds.
FIRST HALF WIN / SECOND HALF WIN – 1HT WIN or 2HT WIN – This bet is placed on any of the teams to emerge victorious in either the second half or first half of the game
HOME TEAM TO SCORE / AWAY TEAM TO SCORE – This is placed on the home or away team to score a goal in the game. For example, placing a bet on Stoke City to score a goal at Stamford Bridge in the course of the 90 minutes can be classified as AWAY-TEAM TO SCORE.
OVER 1.5FT, OVER 2.5FT, OVER 3.5FT – Over 1.5 means that at least 2 goals must be scored in the game in the course of the 90 minutes, minus extra time, Over 2.5 means 3 goals, Over 3.5 means at least 4 goals, and it goes on and on depending on the quality of opposition facing each other
UNDER 1.5FT, UNDER 2.5FT, UNDER 3.5FT – No more than 1 goal should be scored in the game in the Under 1.5 option, no more than 2 goals in the under 2.5 option, no more than 3 goals in the 3.5 options, in the course of the 90 minutes.
10 MINUTE OPTION BETTING – You could place a bet on the game being a draw for the first 10 minutes, meaning that no team should score until after 10 minutes in the game. There are also options for either of the home teams or away teams to score in the first 10 minutes

Many other betting options exist, like first to score, the number of corners, betting on a particular player to score, highest scoring half, no goals to be scored in the game, amongst others.

There are many top soccer prediction sites available online that claim to predict football matches correctly. However, this is one website that could pass for the best football prediction site free and provider of recommended football betting tips.

All punters just hope for a win they can celebrate at the end of the day. Footiehound can enhance your chances.

Meanwhile, it is known that only a few of the soccer prediction sites have decided to make their betting tips and bet predictions available to users for free. Many require a premium membership.

This means that you must pay before you can access the best of odds that may guarantee you a win.

Footiehound is different! Our football prediction site is one that places the readers first as we offer all of our betting tips and bet predictions for free. Ours is one of the sure win football predictions sites that predict football matches correctly.

We are gradually emerging as the best free football prediction site in the world as well as the best football prediction site free. It’s not an easy feat and we are trying very hard to be consistent with our high winning percentage so that our visitors can keep returning to us as the best site that predicts football matches correctly and the best football prediction site.

We offer you expert best soccer predictions for today and quality football betting tips that will ensure that you smile to the bank on a weekly basis. Join the best football prediction site in the world and see this come to fruition.

We do the thinking for you while you settle down and do the winning with our best football tips for today. We ensure that our readers have access to football betting tips and predictions as well as free soccer predictions for today.

In our aspiration to become the best football prediction site in the world, we also take the weekends seriously. This is because that is when a lot of money can be made by those who take advantage of tech and stake online with sports bookies.

Through the help of our bet prediction site, best football tips for today, and free football tips, you can smile when you enter and leave the premises of betting centers. We strive to ensure that you don’t frown when leaving betting centers.

We deliver quality football predictions and recommended football betting tips on the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga Santander, Primeira Liga, as well as other leagues in Europe.

We also give you top-notch football predictions on international competitions. Join us now, and WIN BIG from the expert free and best football prediction site in the world.

Do well to utilize the content on Footiehound. Do it carefully and stake wisely. Take advantage of our daily football predictions.