Over 1.5 Goals



What Are Over 1.5 Goals Predictions?

Football tips on teams to score at least 2 goals in a game are referred to as over 1.5 goals predictions. They shouldn’t be a major challenge, right? But! They are!

It is a very big challenge that has seen even the best-attacking teams come up short in scoring. I guess we all know that the over 1.5 option means that at least 2 goals must be scored in a football game regardless of whether the game in question is competitive or not.

It is arguably one of the easiest due to the supposed outcome of at least 2 goals in the game being played by 22 players on the pitch. However, this is not the case most of the time, and soccer fans get surprised by some shocking scorelines occasionally.

The over 1.5 goals predictions we offer can help you win bets on a regular basis based on the predictions we make on the day. Take advantage of the over 1.5 goals predictions from a very reliable betting tips site that gives you access to accurate over 1.5 tips.



UCLSalzburg vs Real SociedadOver 1.5
UCLInter vs BenficaOver 1.5
UCLLens vs ArsenalOver 1.5
UCLNapoli vs Real MadridOver 1.5
UCLPSV vs SevillaOver 1.5
ArmeniaArarat Armenia vs UrartuOver 1.5
GeorgiaDinamo Tibilisi vs Dila GoriOver 1.5
Bundesliga 3Freiburg vs SandhausenOver 1.5
SwedenHelsingborg vs OrebroOver 1.5
Bundesliga 3Viktoria Koln vs InglostadtOver 1.5

Over 1.5 Goals Predictions

The over 1.5 goals prediction or football tip is one of the most popular football betting predictions and it demands that at least two goals must be scored in the game before the final whistle. However, winning is only in view if they are accurate over 1.5 prediction tips.

The only downside of this wonderful option where at least two goals must be scored in a game in 90 minutes is that you’ll have to accumulate many games, as the odds majorly attached to the option are very small when compared to other betting options.


We’ve seen games where teams that are supposed to produce an attacking masterclass fall short of the hype and sometimes play 0:0 and this is heartbreaking. This is one of the experiences you’ll get as an over 1.5 goals punter and this is a fact.

In this betting option, both teams don’t need to score, all that is required is that a minimum of 2 goals must be scored in a game.

This might seem easy to the eye, but it is not the case. It also requires careful analysis and luck has a major part to play. We’ve seen where potentially exciting games end in goalless draws or with just one goal being scored in the game.

What Is Not Over 1.5?

A scoreline like 2:0, 1:1, and above will see the best over 1.5 goals prediction materializes. However, a scoreline like 0:0 and 1:0 is just 1 goal and is not over 1.5. This means that the option is busted. There are some cases where even the best of supposed attack-oriented games fail to live up to the expectation of over 1.5 and this is normal.

How To Win More Over 1.5 Goals Predictions

It is a no-brainer that there are no guarantees in soccer betting. However, you can put some plans in place to enhance your chances of winning this bet option regularly. Here are some tips that you should follow. There are no guarantees though.

  • Before you select a game, check the previous results of the teams in question and see how well they’ve fared in scoring goals. For instance, a game between Stoke City and Burnley is less likely to yield two goals as both sides are very defensive-minded.
  • Check the head-to-head records of both teams that want to play against each other. Previous results can be a pointer on what to expect from a soccer match.
  • Select sides that are very proactive and attack-minded.
  • Choose fixtures of teams with prolific forwards.
  • Examine the odds. I don’t know but bookmakers are well-versed in the game. It is best to avoid games with over 1.5 odds of above 1.30 and the like.


As mentioned in this article, over 1,.5 goals means that at least 2 goals must be scored in a game before the blast of the referee’s final whistle and it doesn’t matter the side that does the scoring.

Do well to take advantage of the best over 1.5 predictions we offer. This tip is one of the best you can find on any prediction site. Enjoy our reliability in offering accurate over 1.5 tips.