About Us

Footiehound is a football website whose aim is to stand out and be the best among the rest, as well as attain significant worldwide recognition. We are one of the rare football blogs in Nigeria that deliver 100% unique content consistently on a daily basis.

This is a brand that focuses more on European football news because of the large followers it has gathered over the years. We lay emphasis on soccer articles containing the latest Premier League news and results as well as unique, entertaining and interesting write-ups on the PL and other football niches that fans crave for.

We also conduct occasional reviews on the Nigeria Professional Football League, to ensure we publicize the entertainment inherent in Nigerian football and also promote the quality of the league.

Footiehound is on a quest to attain the status of one of the best soccer websites in the world, but we’ll have to firstly attain the status of the best, engaging and most interesting football blog across the world, in Nigeria as well as one of the best soccer websites in Africa.

Visit us for your modern brand of football entertainment and access to unique football content that cannot be found anywhere. Check how well your team is doing in its league in comparison to sides in other leagues. Please do well to make any suggestions as they are welcome and will most definitely help us attain the status of one of the most entertaining soccer websites in the world.