How do online Slots work?

For an outside observer, Slot games can appear quite simple at face value. A spin is triggered with the press of a button, tap of the screen, or pull of a lever, and the reels eventually stop on a randomly generated combination of symbols.

But there’s a lot going on behind the screen of a slot machine to make the game work as it does. 

Casino Slots online are very different to the original slot machines of the late 1800s and are much more complex in design. Gone are the days of mechanical operations, for the Slots of today rely on computer technology to deliver a fair gameplay experience. 

So, let’s dive into the mechanics and technology behind online Slots to find out just how one of the most popular casino games works.

Delivering random results

The core of how modern-day Slots operate is the random number generator (RNG). These sophisticated computer algorithms generate sequences of numbers that number hundreds every second. This means that it’s impossible to ever guess what numbers the RNG is outputting at any given moment.

Each symbol on a slot game’s reels is assigned a specific number value by the manufacturer, so the numbers that the RNG outputs are used by the computer to determine what combination appears on the reels. The moment that a player initiates a spin the machine takes the latest section of the RNG sequence as the outcome.

With no way to guess what set of numbers will be generated at any given moment, there’s no way to know the results of a spin until it appears on the reels.

Before a slot game’s RNG can go into operation, it undergoes rigorous testing by an independent auditor, making sure that it actually does produce random results and isn’t unfairly weighted. This means that players can rest easy that any Slots offered by a certified casino deliver truly random results and are entirely fair.

Protecting player data

Unlike land-based slot games, online Slots are required to handle sensitive player data and make any potential payouts. As a result, games on reputable online casinos will make use of encrypted payment systems to protect that sensitive data.

With encryption in place, players can rest assured that their details are all kept secure and any payments are securely processed.

Encryption is also used to ensure the integrity of the game itself, making sure that the software running the game is only accessible to the necessary parties. Coupled with the efforts of the RNG, this preserves the fairness of the slot game and means that players can trust the results of a spin.

The technology behind the scenes of online slot games makes sure that players get a fair and secure experience when they play. Today’s Slots are more balanced and regulated than ever, even though players can’t look at the actual workings going on behind the screen.

But now you know a little more about how online Slots work, so you can better appreciate what powers this apparently simple casino game.