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Close to 200 clubs could go bankrupt due to COVID-19 crisis

There are fears that close to 200 football clubs could go into bankruptcy due to the coronavirus pandemic, a leading club director has stated. Significantly reduced activities in the multi-billion pound transfer market as well as possible payment defaults with regards to player deals that were made before the shutdown could contribute to this. These concerns were raised in a debate that was hosted by a FIFA-back research center. These were the concerns of Locomotiva Zagreb director Dennis Gudasic. He said: “I think the biggest threat to club football in the coming six months is going to be the survival of smaller clubs,” He went on to warn of a “drastic situation whereby we have maybe 100, or 200 clubs go bankrupt in September or October” if challenges facing smaller clubs were...

FIFA approves extension of players’ contracts amid coronavirus crisis

FIFA has given approval for player contracts to be extended until the season can be completed amid the coronavirus pandemic which is set to result in the movement of summer transfer window dates. The EFL has indefinitely suspended the season, and this means that the season will go beyond the contract end dates of various players. Therefore, FIFA has come up with proposals to address practical issues that may arise due to the COVID-19 crisis. FIFA met on Tuesday and endorsed a set of principles that were agreed on by the task force overseeing the issue, with contracts and the transfer window being key topics. READ: Spurs displeased with Mourinho’s public training session with three players FIFA said: “It is proposed that contracts be extended until such time that the season does...