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Brescia coach – Balotelli didn’t train the way I like my players to

Mario Balotelli was sent home early during training on Thursday and could be left out of the matchday squad when Brescia face AS Roma away from home in the Serie A. The situation was addressed by Brescia coach Fabio Grosso in the pre-match press conference ahead of the game. He said: TODAY'S LATEST FOOTBALL PREDICTIONS SITES WHERE YOU CAN DO LIVE FOOTBALL STREAMING "When I see someone that doesn't train the way I like to see my players train, I prefer to put him aside. I don't want to blow this out of proportion but neither I want to play it down. I can get so far with him, then he needs to help himself". Grosso will now need to make a decision on whether to bring Balotelli to Roma after having a discussion with the rest of the squad. "I prefer to speak with the rest of t...