10 Famous Football Clubs That Wear Purple Jerseys

Purple jerseys are worn by several football clubs across the globe. These clubs adopt the color for their home or away jerseys, creating a distinctive visual identity on the football pitch.

However, the choice of purple as a team color varies, and It’s often influenced by historical, cultural, or design considerations.

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Famous Football Clubs That Wear Purple Jerseys

  • Perth Glory (Australia A-League)
  • Austria Vienna FC (Austrian Bundesliga)
  • Toulouse FC (French Ligue 1)
  • Fiorentina (Italian Serie A)
  • Real Valladolid (Spanish La Liga)
  • FC Arges (Romania Liga II)
  • Kyoto Sanga FC (Japanese Super League)
  • Orlando City (MLS)
  • RSC Anderlecht (Belgium League)
  • MFM CF (Nigeria Professional Football League)

1. Perth Glory FC (Australia A-League)

Perth Glory (Australia A-League)

Perth Glory is a popular team in the Australia A-League, displaying a unique purple theme in their home kit, which defines their identity on the field.

As of the 2020–21 season, their home jersey predominantly features purple with stylish orange stripes adorning the collar and arms.

The kit extends to purple shorts with orange trim and matching purple socks. The away kit, in contrast, embraces a white base with striking orange and purple stripes, including on the collar and arms.

Of significance is the famous purple strip positioned behind the BHP sponsorship in the center of the kit In a nod to Glory’s history, the 2009–10 season strip sported vertical stripes reminiscent of the 1996–97 jersey.

A notable variation occurred on October 23, 2011, when Perth Glory wore a mainly blue jersey to celebrate the 125th anniversary of their major sponsor, QBE Insurance, in a match against Wellington Phoenix.

2. Austria Vienna FC (Austrian Bundesliga)

Austria Vienna FC (Austrian Bundesliga)

Austria Vienna FC is a formidable Austrian Bundesliga club that wears a purple jersey as their official home kit. This club is known for its football prowess, and it boasts an impressive record with 24 Austrian Bundesliga titles and 27 cup triumphs, making it the most decorated Austrian team in the top flight.

Although SK Rapid Wien holds the record for the highest number of national championships, Austria Vienna and Rapid share the honor of never being relegated from the Austrian top flight.

Securing 27 victories in the Austrian Cup and six in the Austrian Supercup, Austria Wien is the most successful club in both tournaments.

However, the team’s achievements exceed domestic competitions, having reached the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup final in 1978 and the semi-finals of the European Cup the following season.

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3. Toulouse FC (French Ligue 1)

Toulouse FC (French Ligue 1)

Toulouse Football Club, a French Ligue 1 is one of the famous football clubs that wear purple jerseys. The team was established in 1970 and presently competes in the top tier of French football.

Known as Les Pitchouns, proudly holds the Coupe de France and has won the Ligue 2 title three times. Toulouse FC made their UEFA Champions League debut in 2007.

In the ongoing 2023–24 season, they’re active participants in the UEFA Europa League, following their triumphant Coupe de France campaign the previous year.

4. ACF Fiorentina (Italian Serie A)

ACF Fiorentina

ACF Fiorentina is a popular club that wears the purple jersey In Serie A. With a rich history tied to its iconic purple kits, the team was established in 1926.

They initially sported red and white halved shirts that reflected the city emblem. However, a lucky accident during kit washing in the river led to the adoption of the now-famous purple attire in 1928, earning them the nickname “La Viola” or “The Purple (team).”

The away kit, consistently mostly white, occasionally incorporates purple and red elements. The third kit, introduced in 1995–96, stands out in all-red with purple borders and lilies on the shoulders.

In a unique move for the 2017–18 season, Fiorentina introduced five kits, including an all-purple home kit and four away kits, each representing a historic quartiere of Florence.

5. Real Valladolid (Spanish La Liga)

Real Valladolid (Spanish La Liga)

Real Valladolid is a famous football club that wears a purple jersey in the Spanish La Liga. The club wears the traditional colors of purple and white, featuring unique vertical stripes on their shirts.

This iconic color scheme serves as a visual marker of Valladolid’s identity on the football pitch. The Estadio José Zorrilla witnesses the spirited clashes where fans wear their team’s purple and white colorings to create a vibrant atmosphere.

However, the club’s commitment to tradition is clear in its consistent choice of colors, instilling a sense of continuity and loyalty among supporters.

With its substantial seating capacity, the Estadio José Zorrilla transforms into a sea of purple and white as fans come together to cheer for Real Valladolid.

While the home kit maintains the classic purple and white stripes, the away kit undergoes a change from season to season, introducing a variety of colors.

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6. FC Argeș (Romania Liga II)

FC Argeș (Romania Liga II)

FC Argeș Pitești is a professional football team from Pitești, that competes in Romania’s Liga II. Originating as Dinamo Pitești in 1953, the club achieved top-flight status in the 1961–62 season, later rebranding as Argeș Pitești in 1967.

The height of FC Argeș’s success unfolded in the 1970s when they won the national title twice. Having participated in over 40 seasons in Liga I, FC Argeș is a famous football club that wears the purple jersey In Romania

​Kyoto Sanga FC (Japanese Super League) Kyoto Sanga FC is a popular Japanese football club with a purple jersey in the Super League.

The name “Sanga” draws inspiration from the Sanskrit word “sangha,” which signifies a group or club, aligning the team with Kyoto’s rich Buddhist heritage.

However, the connection extends to the Buddhist priesthood, linking the club to the numerous temples that grace Kyoto.

Previously known as Kyoto Purple Sanga, the team’s unique purple shade pays homage to Kyoto’s imperial history, with purple being an imperial color reflecting the city’s role as Japan’s ancient imperial capital.

In 2007, a decision was made to simplify the team’s name to “Kyoto Sanga.” Kyoto Sanga is the oldest club in the J.League.

7. Orlando City (MLS)

Orlando City (MLS)

Orlando City SC is an American professional soccer club based in Orlando, Florida. Competing in Major League Soccer (MLS), the top tier of the United States soccer league system, the team joined the league in 2015 as its 21st franchise.

This marked a significant return of MLS to Florida, following the discontinuation of the Miami Fusion and Tampa Bay Mutiny after the 2001 season.

Orlando City SC emerged from the shadows of its predecessor, the USL Pro team of the same name, and made a special entrance onto the MLS stage.

The team’s shirt includes purple jerseys, symbolizing its identity on the field. As part of the Eastern Conference in MLS, Orlando City SC has carved a niche in American soccer, contributing to the league’s vibrant and competitive landscape. The club’s inception in 2015 expanded MLS and also revived the professional soccer spirit in Florida.

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8. RSC Anderlecht (Belgium League)

RSC Anderlecht

RSC Anderlecht, a major team in the Belgium League wears the colors purple and white, with their home kit mainly featuring the regal shade of purple complemented by white trim.

However, there have been deviations over the years, such as a black and purple home kit in the 2005–06 season and a grey variant in 2007–08.

Originally, purple dominated the club’s shirts, a tradition that has evolved with time. Anderlecht’s unique colors hold historical significance. ‘

They find inspiration from Belgian immigrants residing in Antigua Guatemala, where purple is both the color of the city and the Belgian monarchy.

As United Arab Emirates’ Al Ain FC adopted purple as their colors after witnessing Anderlecht play in a friendly tournament in 1977, the club’s influence goes beyond borders.

9. MFM CF (Nigeria Football League)

MFM CF (Nigeria Football League)

MFM CF is a famous football club In Nigeria that wears a purple jersey. However, the team has an exciting history that was marked by a unique transition.

In 2013, the club took over Bolowatan F.C.’s slot in the Nigeria National League, a generous handover that was orchestrated by Bolowotan’s founder, Toyin Gafaar.

Gafaar selflessly entrusted the slot to the church (MFM) without seeking any financial compensation. MFM FC secured a monumental victory in the inaugural edition of The Church World Cup.

Conquering the United Church of Colombia with a resounding 7–0 score in Goa, India. The club’s entry into the Nigeria Professional Football League was equally historic.

In their debut game against Nasarawa United, ‘The Olukoya Boys emerged victorious with a 2–1 score. Musa Newman netted the club’s first-ever goal in the 18th minute, and Chukwuka Emmanuel added a second, securing a two-goal lead before Nasarawa United pulled one back.