Which Teams Have Won The Premier League?

Premier League Titles By Club

The English Premier League has stood the test of time as one of the best and most followed football leagues in the world and this comes as no surprise.

When you consider the popularity of the league, the value of the clubs that participate every season, and the caliber of players they can attract from the transfer market, you’d know that this is a no-brainer.

The Premier League is the elite level of club football in England where the best teams in the land compete against each other every season to land the Premier League title at the end of the season.

Winning the Premier League title is the goal of the big boys, or I daresay the big six in the Premier League. 

Some have been able to land the prestigious trophy on the last day of the season while some have landed it with some games to spare. This varies from season to season.

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For instance, it appears that the 2021/22 Premier League title race may go to the wire as Liverpool continue to chase Manchester City with 3 games to go. 

Well, in this article, we are looking to answer some questions based on the clubs that have won the Premier League since its inception. 

That is to say that this article will throw more light on which teams have won the Premier League, as well as Premier League titles by club.

Some teams have been able to defend their Premier League title and win it consecutively on some occasions while we’ve also seen many cases where new winners emerged in the season that followed.

Who Won The First Premier League Title

It can be recalled that the Premier League was founded on May 27. In 1992, and Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United were the first winners of the Premier League title. Before the 1992/93 season, it was known as the Football League First Division.

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How Many Clubs Have Won The Premier League Title Since 2000?

This is one question that a significant number of Premier League fans have been asking over the years and we’ll give you the right answer. 

Seven Premier League clubs have won the title since the year 2000. 

The Red Devils (Manchester United) have won the most titles since then with 13 to their name, followed by Chelsea with 5, Manchester City with 5, and Arsenal with 3, whilst Blackburn Rovers, Leicester City, and Liverpool have 1 PL title to their name since the year 2000. 

Meanwhile, one of Manchester City or Liverpool could go one better with 6 or 2 PL titles respectively if one of them emerged victoriously in the ongoing 2021/22 season. Arsenal also remain the only side to be unbeaten in the Premier League and it was a feat that was achieved in the 2003/04 season by the Invincibles.

Manchester United have won the PL title for three seasons consecutively on two occasions namely: 1998–99, 1999-2000, 2000–01 seasons, and 2006–07, 2007-08, and 2008–09 seasons.

Premier League Winners By Year

The list below comprises all Premier League Winners by Year and is the Premier League titles list.

Premier League Titles History

Since the inception of the Premier League in 1992

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  • 2022/23 Manchester City
  • 2021-22 Manchester City
  • 2020-21 Manchester City
  • 2019–20 Liverpool
  • 2018–19 Manchester City
  • 2017–18 Manchester City
  • 2016–17 Chelsea
  • 2015–16 Leicester City
  • 2014–15 Chelsea
  • 2013–14 Manchester City
  • 2012–13 Manchester United
  • 2011–12 Manchester City
  • 2010–11 Manchester United
  • 2009–10 Chelsea
  • 2008–09 Manchester United
  • 2007–08 Manchester United
  • 2006–07 Manchester United
  • 2005–06 Chelsea
  • 2004–05 Chelsea
  • 2003–04 Arsenal
  • 2002–03 Manchester United
  • 2001–02 Arsenal
  • 2000–01 Manchester United
  • 1999–2000 Manchester United
  • 1998–99 Manchester United
  • 1997–98 Arsenal
  • 1996–97 Manchester United
  • 1995–96 Manchester United
  • 1994–95 Blackburn Rovers
  • 1993–94 Manchester United
  • 1992–93 Manchester United

Football League First Division

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Before the inception of the Premier League

  • 1892–93 Sunderland
  • 1893–94 Aston Villa
  • 1894–95 Sunderland
  • 1895–96 Aston Villa
  • 1896–97 Aston Villa
  • 1897–98 Sheffield United
  • 1898–99 Aston Villa
  • 1899–1900 Aston Villa
  • 1900–01 Liverpool
  • 1901–02 Sunderland
  • 1902–03 The Wednesday
  • 1903–04 The Wednesday
  • 1904–05 Newcastle United
  • 1905–06 Liverpool
  • 1906–07 Newcastle United
  • 1907–08 Manchester United
  • 1908–09 Newcastle United
  • 1909–10 Aston Villa
  • 1910–11 Manchester United
  • 1911–12 Blackburn Rovers
  • 1912–13 Sunderland
  • 1913–14 Blackburn Rovers
  • 1914–15 Everton
  • 1919–20 West Brom
  • 1920–21 Burnley
  • 1921–22 Liverpool
  • 1922–23 Liverpool
  • 1923–24 Huddersfield Town
  • 1924–25 Huddersfield Town
  • 1925–26 Huddersfield Town
  • 1926–27 Newcastle United
  • 1927–28 Everton
  • 1928–29 The Wednesday
  • 1929–30 Sheffield Wednesday
  • 1930–31 Arsenal
  • 1931–32 Everton
  • 1932–33 Arsenal
  • 1933–34 Arsenal
  • 1934–35 Arsenal
  • 1935–36 Sunderland
  • 1936–37 Manchester City
  • 1937–38 Arsenal
  • 1938–39 Everton
  • 1946–47 Liverpool
  • 1947–48 Arsenal
  • 1948–49 Portsmouth
  • 1949–50 Portsmouth
  • 1950–51 Tottenham Hotspur
  • 1951–52 Manchester United
  • 1952–53 Arsenal
  • 1953–54 Wolverhampton Wanderers
  • 1954–55 Chelsea
  • 1955–56 Manchester United
  • 1956–57 Manchester United
  • 1957–58 Wolverhampton Wanderers
  • 1958–59 Wolverhampton Wanderers
  • 1959–60 Burnley
  • 1960–61 Tottenham Hotspur
  • 1961–62 Ipswich Town
  • 1962–63 Everton
  • 1963–64 Liverpool
  • 1964–65 Manchester United
  • 1965–66 Liverpool
  • 1966–67 Manchester United
  • 1967–68 Manchester City
  • 1968–69 Leeds United
  • 1969–70 Everton
  • 1970–71 Arsenal
  • 1971–72 Derby County
  • 1972–73 Liverpool
  • 1973–74 Leeds United
  • 1974–75 Derby County
  • 1975–76 Liverpool
  • 1976–77 Liverpool
  • 1977–78 Nottingham Forest
  • 1978–79 Liverpool
  • 1979–80 Liverpool
  • 1980–81 Aston Villa
  • 1981–82 Liverpool
  • 1982–83 Liverpool
  • 1983–84 Liverpool
  • 1984–85 Everton
  • 1985–86 Liverpool
  • 1986–87 Everton
  • 1987–88 Liverpool
  • 1988–89 Arsenal
  • 1989–90 Liverpool
  • 1990–91 Arsenal
  • 1991–92 Leeds United

Football League

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Before it became the Football League First Division

  • 1891–92 Sunderland
  • 1890–91 Everton
  • 1889–90 Preston North End
  • 1888–89 Preston North End

Premier League Most Successful Clubs

As we mentioned earlier, some Premier League clubs carved niches for themselves with a record number of Premier League titles to their name as they proved to be the teams to beat over the decades. 

Find a list of the most successful clubs in the Premier League below.

1. Manchester United

Seeing how they have been performing since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, one might be tempted to take them for granted. 

However, the Red Devils are the most successful club in the Premier League with a whopping 20 Premier League titles to their name, although most of their successes came after the inception of the Premier League.

United also hold the record for most Community Shield wins with 21 to their name. The Red Devils have failed in the 2021/22 season and have to return to their glory days sooner rather than later.

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2. Liverpool

The Reds have won just 1 Premier League title in the Premier League era but are the second most successful team in elite club football in England with 19 titles to their name.

They will be hoping that Manchester City slip up in the remaining matchdays of the 2021/22 Premier League season so that they can make it a whopping 20 titles to their name. ”

It can be recalled that they had to wait for 30 years to break the Premier League title jinx and had their breakthrough in the 2019/20 season under the management of German tactician Jurgen Klopp.

3. Arsenal FC

The Gunners haven’t exactly been regarded as title contenders in the last decade. 

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Regardless, they have 11 domestic titles to their name and are also on the verge of returning to the UEFA Champions League under Mikel Arteta this term. 

Maybe, they may just be on their to attaining their long-lost relevance in the highest cadre of English club football.

4. Everton FC

Funny right? I mean, the Toffees are battling to avoid relegation and retain their place in the ongoing 2021/22 Premier League season. Regardless, they have won 9 league titles and landed their first league title in the 1890/91 season.

5. Aston Villa & Manchester City

Aston Villa have 7 league titles to their name, the same number as Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City who have dominated the division in the last decade.

6. Sunderland, and Chelsea

The Black Cats, and the Blues have 6 league titles each to their name. 

However, Sunderland are currently in League One, the third tier of English club football. They are in the League One Playoff Final and will be playing against Wycombe Wanderers for a place in the Championship next season.

Chelsea, on the other hand, are still in the Premier League and attained most of their league successes in the last decade and a little while before that, after being taken over by billionaires. 

Final Words

This article has done justice to the topic of ‘Premier League titles by club’. We have outlined the list of clubs that won the Premier League the most times as well as the number of times they’ve won it since its inception. Do well to leverage the information provided here.