8 National Soccer Teams Sponsored By Nike

Nike sponsors several international soccer teams, providing them with jerseys, footwear, and sometimes equipment. These teams often showcase Nike’s brand during international competitions like the FIFA World Cup.

However, some famous national teams include Brazil, England, France, and the United States. Sponsorship deals like these are common in sports and help both the teams and the sponsoring companies gain visibility and support.

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National Soccer Teams Sponsored By Nike

  • France National Team
  • England National Team
  • South Korea National Team
  • Nigeria National Team
  • Brazil National Team
  • Netherlands National Team
  • Portugal National Team
  • USA National Team

1. France National Team

France National Team

The French Football Federation (FFF) announced that Nike will be its official national team kit supplier from 2018 to 2026, renewing the contract initially signed in 2011.

Under the previous contract (2011-2018), Nike paid €42.6 million annually to the FFF. Now, the new deal is worth €50 million per year, matching the record amount received by the German football federation from Adidas.

This extended partnership covers not only the national teams but also amateur football. Noël Le Graët, the FFF’s President, expressed satisfaction with the extension, highlighting the close relationship between Nike and French football.

Nike President Trevor Edwards echoed this sentiment, stating the company’s pride in the renewed partnership. However, Nike took over from Adidas in 2011, ending Adidas’ 38-year tenure as the French national team’s kit supplier.

The €42.6 million per year deal at that time set a world record, later surpassed by Adidas’ deal with the German football federation.

2. England National Team

England National Team

Nike has been a key sponsor of the England national soccer team for several years. In December 2016, Nike and the Football Association (FA) struck a massive deal worth over £400 million.

This agreement, spanning 12 years starting in 2018, was the largest sponsorship deal in FA history. The partnership between Nike and the FA extends beyond the men’s team; in August 2022, they signed a new deal focusing specifically on women’s football.

Under this extension, Nike became the official ball provider for various women’s football leagues in the UK, including the Barclays Women’s Super League, the Barclays Women’s Championship, and the FA Women’s Continental Tyres League Cup. The partnership underscores Nike’s dedication to supporting soccer at both the elite and grassroots levels.

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3. South Korea National Team

South Korea National Team

Nike has been collaborating with the South Korean national soccer team since 1996 when it became their official kit supplier. This partnership has continued, with Nike set to supply the team’s official kits until 2032.

The agreement, reportedly valued at 240 billion, ensures that Nike’s branding will be prominently featured on the team’s uniforms during international competitions.

This long-term deal highlights the mutual benefits for both Nike and the Korea Football Association (KFA). For Nike, it’s an opportunity to showcase its brand to a global audience, while the KFA benefits from the financial support and high-quality sportswear provided by Nike.

4. Nigeria National Team

Nigeria National Team

The Nigeria National Team, also known as the Super Eagles, has been sporting Nike since 2018. In August 2022, Nike and the Super Eagles signed a four-year contract extension, ensuring Nike remains the official kit supplier for all Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) affiliated teams until 2026.

This deal covers teams of all age groups, reinforcing the partnership between Nike and Nigerian football. The kit supplied by Nike includes jerseys, shorts, socks, and other necessary clothes for matches.

This collaboration assures that the Super Eagles and other Nigerian teams are well-dressed on the field and boosts Nike’s brand’s visibility during international competitions. The support from Nike plays a crucial role in Nigeria’s journey as the team continues to strive for success in football.

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5. Brazil National Team

Brazil National Team

Nike has been the official kit sponsor for the Brazil National Team since 1997. They signed a deal with the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), and it’s been going strong ever since.

At one point, Nike’s contract with the CBF was one of the priciest in international football, worth about $50 million each year.

That’s a lot of money. This partnership means that Nike provides all the jerseys and equipment for the Brazilian players when they compete.

You’ve probably seen those famous yellow jerseys with the Nike swoosh on them during big tournaments like the FIFA World Cup.

Brazil is one of the most successful soccer teams In the world, and having Nike as their sponsor adds to their prestige.

It’s not just about looking good on the field; sponsorship deals like this help the team financially too. Plus, it’s a win-win situation for Nike, they get tons of exposure every time Brazil plays.

6. Netherlands National Team

Netherlands National Team

The Netherlands National Team, also known as Oranje, has had a longstanding partnership with Nike. The Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) and Nike have worked together for over 24 years, benefitting both sides.

This partnership has seen multiple renewals and improvements. Currently, their deal is set to continue until 2030. Nike provides the Dutch team with jerseys, footwear, and other equipment needed for their matches.

This collaboration is essential for both Nike and the KNVB, as it ensures the team is well-equipped and presents Nike’s brand during international competitions like the FIFA World Cup.

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7. Portugal National Team

Portugal National Team

Nike has been the official kit supplier for all 25 teams under the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) since 1997. This includes not only the national soccer team but also teams for beach soccer and futsal.

The partnership between FPF and Nike has been long-standing, with agreements renewed periodically. The last extension was signed in October 2017 to secure their collaboration for another seven years.

However, in June 2023, reports surfaced that the FPF made a significant decision. They chose to end their partnership with Nike, opting instead to sign with the German brand Puma.

This change is set to take effect from January 2025 onwards. This shift in sponsorship is not uncommon in the world of sports.

Such decisions are often made based on various factors, including financial considerations and the terms of the new partnership. For fans, it means a new look for the Portuguese national team’s jerseys shortly.

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8. USA National Team

USA National Team

Nike has been the official supplier of kits for the USA National Team since 1995. In November 2021, Nike and US Soccer agreed on a groundbreaking ten-year contract extension, starting in 2022.

This deal is considered historic because it’s the longest and most lucrative contract ever signed by Nike. The agreement provides that Nike will continue to provide the official kits and equipment for US Soccer until 2032.

This long-term partnership highlights Nike’s commitment to supporting soccer in the United States and recalls the growing popularity and importance of the sport in the country.

The partnership between Nike and US Soccer goes beyond just providing jerseys; it symbolizes a shared dedication to the development and success of soccer at all levels in the United States.

With Nike’s continued support, the USA National Team aims to achieve even greater heights in international competitions.