How Many Times Has Ajax Won The UEFA Champions League?

Days ago, I was in my hood with some of the guys talking about UEFA Champions League winners, and we got to mention Ajax Football Club, and of course, they are one of the teams to ever win the most prestigious trophy in European competitions, but how many times have Ajax won the Champions League?

It is a straight answer that will surely be answered in this post, in fact, you will learn about the games, and even the last time they won the cup. Let’s have fun.

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How Many Times Has Ajax Won The UEFA Champions League?

Ajax Football Club has won the European / UEFA Champions League 4: 1970–71, 1971–72, 1972–73, and 1994–95.

1. Ajax Football Club 1970–71 European Cup

The 1970–71 season of the European Cup marked a turning point in the history of Ajax Football Club.

This memorable campaign saw Ajax secure their first European Cup title, signaling the start of an extraordinary three-year period of domination and further establishing the Netherlands as a footballing force.

The final itself witnessed a clash between Ajax and Greek club Panathinaikos, making it the first time a Greek team had reached the final of European club football.

This season introduced major changes to the tournament, reflecting UEFA’s commitment to enhancing the competition. For the first time, the penalty shoot-out was introduced as a decisive factor in drawn matches, replacing the coin toss.

Furthermore, the away goals rule, previously limited to the first two rounds, was extended to apply to all rounds, adding a new dimension of excitement.

The absence of Real Madrid, who was the past winner, opened the door for other clubs to make their names in the competition’s history. Ajax seized this opportunity with determination and skill, embarking on a journey that would forever transform the club’s legacy.

Ajax’s path to glory began with the elimination of defending champions Feyenoord in the first round, at the hands of Romanian club UTA Arad. They marched on, proving their attacking qualities and tactical brilliance throughout the tournament.

In the final against Panathinaikos, Ajax was a class as they made a thrilling contest, with both teams giving their all. Ajax emerged the winner with a 2-0 victory, securing their first European Cup title.

However, this achievement was not only the beginning of Ajax’s European success but also sparked a golden era for Dutch football, with the Netherlands winning the championship for the second consecutive year.

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2. Ajax Football Club 1971–72 European Cup

The 1971–72 season of the European Cup witnessed Ajax Football Club’s continued dominance, as they clinched their second consecutive title emphatically.

This feat set Ajax’s place among the footballing elite. Notably, Ajax’s qualification for the tournament was not as the reigning national league champion but as the holder of the European Cup, highlighting their status as the team to beat.

The 1971–72 European Cup final pitted Ajax against Italian giants Internazionale, promising a battle between two great teams. Ajax entered the final with the confidence of defending champions, their previous triumph still fresh in their minds.

The team was Led by their manager, Rinus Michels, and boasted a squad full of talent, Ajax. The encounter against Internazionale was a display of tactical brilliance and skill. Ajax’s qualities proved too much for their opponents to handle.

The iconic Johan Cruyff, alongside fellow stars Johan Neeskens and Piet Keizer, entertained the crowd with their exceptional ball abilities. It is a masterclass of football, and Ajax secured a 2-0 win over Internazionale. Goals from Cruyff and Arie Haan showed Ajax’s ability to rise to the occasion and deliver when it mattered most.

Ajax’s back-to-back triumphs in the European Cup tell the exceptional quality of their squad, and they’re still a class to date.

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Ajax Football Club 1972–73 European Cup

With determination and a quality squad, Ajax won their third consecutive European Cup title in 1972–73. Their triumph in the final against Juventus at the Red Star Stadium in Belgrade was an important milestone in the club’s illustrious history.

Their dominance over European football was truly great during this era, and not only did Ajax make history, but they also secured the privilege of keeping a full-size replica of the trophy, as per the competition’s rules.

Against Juventus, the final match of the competition, Ajax faced a great team that was eager to claim the title too. However, Ajax’s blend of technical brilliance, tactical acumen, and sheer determination proved to be excellent.

In a moment of brilliance, Johnny Rep’s only goal secured a hard-fought 1-0 victory for Ajax, putting them in history as the first team to secure a hat-trick of European Cup triumphs since the inception of the competition. The 1972–73 season also saw a change in the tournament’s structure.

Due to the reigning European champions also being the champions of their domestic league, and the absence of champions from Albania and Northern Ireland, the number of participating clubs dropped from 33 to 30. Despite the changes, Ajax’s dominance still emerged winner against all odds.

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Ajax Football Club 1994–95 UEFA Champions League

This edition was the 40th of UEFA’s premier European club football tournament saw Ajax’s amazing comeback on the continental stage.

Under Louis van Gaal, Ajax won the 1994–95 UEFA Champions League, defeating defending champions Milan in the final.

Ajax’s triumph in the 1994–95 UEFA Champions League was not just a mere victory; they are always there every season challenging for trophies, and the squad is full of a bunch of talent. In fact, Ajax accomplished this feat without losing a single game throughout the competition, whether in the group stage or the knockout rounds.

This flawless run talked about the team’s qualities. Compared to the previous edition, the 1994–95 Champions League underwent radical changes in its format. The modifications were prompted by the expiration of a contract between UEFA and the EBU for the final’s transmission rights.

This provided an opportunity for a comprehensive review of the tournament’s structure, attracting the interest of new financially well-off private television companies.

The changes included expanding the group stage to four groups of four teams each, as opposed to the previous two groups. The 1994–95 season also witnessed the renaming of the competition, as it was officially known as the UEFA Champions League from the tournament’s inception until its peak.

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This change further makes the competition the pinnacle of European club football.


Ajax has won the European / UEFA Champions League four times. They won their first European Cup in the 1970–71 season, and back-to-back triumphs in 1971–72 and 1972–73.

Plus, their won in the 1994–95 season, as they claimed the UEFA Champions League title without losing a single game.

They have always been a force in the competition, though the 1994–95 season was the last time Ajax won the UEFA Champions League.