A Full Guide On Bet9ja Old Mobile Coupon Check

The Bet9ja Old Mobile Coupon is a feature that is only available on the old mobile site version, and this feature enables users to examine the authenticity of their Bet9ja coupons and to check the status of their Bet9ja coupon codes by booking a checker.

For users who are so used to Bet9ja on the previous Old Mobile feature, they can insert Bet coupon codes in a checker.

With a functional Bet9ja account, you can make up your mind to activate the old mobile site’s Coupon check feature, and it is very easy to do so. Just by clicking on the login tab to enter the dashboard. After that, you should press on the Coupon Check link (you will see this link on the navigation bar that shows up).

Later, you will be left with the option of inputting the coupon code into the Coupon Checkbox that appears; click on the Check button, which serves as a source of validation for the code.

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You will then be offered some bonuses or discounts that come with it. The Coupon checker is mostly used if you are still in possession of an old gadget that you are using to place bets or check your Bet9ja bets.

Because of the general perception and review that the old coupon checker page load time is faster and consumes fewer data, users now prefer to make use of the old Bet9ja mobile website, and by simply clicking on the link to the homepage, users can comfortably move to the previous Bet9ja website.

How Can I Log In Or Access Bet9ja Old Mobile

  1. Type or enter the following URL:  https://old-mobile.bet9ja.com/home.aspx to start or to seek extra details on signing up.
  2. Note that you are expected to sign in if you don’t already have a functional account.
  3. If you want to get yourself registered, provide the right personal details, including an accessible email address, your name, and your birthdate.
  4. To get up to a 100% bonus, you need to type in the  Bet9ja promotion code. This will lead you to the next page after you have checked on  “Continue.”

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How Can I Check Bet-slip On Old Bet9ja Mobile?

  1. To start, you need to first launch the browser application on your mobile device (it can be Safari, Opera, or even Chrome browser, and any other browser.), Check on to visit the old-mobile.bet9ja.com in the browser’s address bar.
  2. Your search will lead you to the page showing the variety of old Bet9ja mobile site features, whose appearance might vary slightly but is almost the same as the present version in terms of its mode of function.
  3. Locate the Bet slip area upon logging in to your dashboard. At this step, you can actually view the bet that you placed, you will also see their current status/states including the possible payout details for each.

How to Check Bet9ja Coupon  Results from My Mobile Phone or the Mobile Site:

  1. Visit the mobile bet9ja platform with the help of your mobile browser.
  2. Go to the navigation menu (you can see this at the bottom left-hand corner of your browser)
  3. Search for the option that says “Check Your Bet”. You can see this from the menu then click on it.
  4. Carefully input your bet-slip Bet ID (the ID is that bet9ja coupon code that you received after you have placed the bet).
  5. Click on the bottom that says “Check Your Bet”, this button is usually green in color.
  6. You will be offered a status update concerning the progress of your bet and instantly check if it is still under pending status, win status, or lose status.

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Bet9ja Coupon Check Results Using a Desktop or Your PC?

  1. Go to the web-based bet9ja platform by visiting the platform on your desktop.
  2. Log into your personal bet9ja account with your credentials ( you will type in your username & password).
  3. Search out for the Coupon Check side that is located on the right-hand side of the homepage.
  4. Get to the coupon check by typing the coupon code of your bet in the box that is provided.
  5. Check on the green button that is sited at the side to affirm your choice.
  6. Wait for a few seconds so that the system can refresh its bet9ja coupon code check page.
  7. Your bet9ja coupon bet-slip status result will be sent to you.

What are the Advantages of the Bet9ja Old App?

Among the reasons behind Bet9ja’s decision to revamp its old mobile version was just to keep up with the ever-changing advances in technology and to meet up with the requirements for the website’s design as well as the visual layout.

The new mobile site came to be and was meant to give a much better version and to offer more quality optimized designs when compared to the older version. Several advantages have been linked to why the old Bet9ja mobile app is still very much in use and it is still the favorite among many customers. Some of such advantages include;

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  1. It can be downloaded free of charge, with no subscription or payments
  2. It comes with a user-friendly interface which grants you the ease of navigation
  3. It allows customers to bet on the go
  4. The  Bet9ja Old Mobile Coupon App is very compatible with many smartphones and you can use it on older/out-of-date mobile devices
  5. It offers quick access to all the features that are on the main website
  6. With the old Bet9ja App, payment is fast and easy

What are the Disadvantages of the Bet9ja Old App?

  1. You need to first download it before use
  2.  It may take up some memory space in your phone
  3. It may also need that you keep it updated regularly


Coupon check on the Bet9ja platform grants customers the practical methods that are needed to validate the bets they placed and of course, they could monitor the progress of their advancement in the game.

This makes sure that consumers are provided with all of the handy information about the status of their bets, as well as the amount that they actually staked into the deal, all selections that they choose, the available odds, as well as the reward in view.

Today, you did not just read about Bet9ja Old Mobile coupon check codes, I believe you really want to give it a try.  So if you are looking to get the old Mobile app downloaded on your mobile device today, here is all you need to do;

Just go to the bet9ja website, once it loads, check on the “apps” symbol that you will see in the rapid links block ( at the end of the page when you are scrolling down). Lastly, you will be taken to another website and it is there that you can click to download the Old Bet9ja Mobile App.