10 Soccer Teams That Play In Yellow and Blue

Yellow and blue are iconic colors for several football teams In the world, including Sweden’s national team and clubs such as Cádiz in Spain and Fenerbahce In Turkey. The unique combination symbolizes team identity and tradition in football.

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See The List Below

  • Brazil National Team
  • Ukraine National Team
  • Sweden National Team
  • Cádiz Football Club
  • Fenerbahce Football Club
  • Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club
  • Parma Football Club
  • Chievo Verona Football Club
  • Perlis United Football Club
  • Hellas Verona Football Club

1. Brazil National Team

brazil national team with yellow and blue jersey

Back in 1953, Brazil needed a fresh start after a heartbreaking World Cup loss to Uruguay. A newspaper competition was the answer to unveil a new identity, and Aldyr Schlee emerged as the lucky man.

His winning design birthed the renowned “Canarinho” nickname, celebrating the yellow and green with a blue jersey that has since defined Brazil’s football prowess.

With an impressive five World Cup titles, the Brazilian national team boasts an Illustrious history. Beyond the victories, it’s about the creative samba-inspired style that graces the pitch and has captured the essence of Brazil’s football spirit.

Since ’53, those yellow and green shirts with blue have been more than just fabric; they represent a legacy of attacking brilliance and technically gifted players that resonate In the world.

2. Ukraine National Team

Ukraine National Team

Ukraine’s national team is one of the few national teams that sport the yellow, and blue jersey colors. When you see Ukraine on the pitch, you’re witnessing more than just players in jerseys; you’re witnessing a nation’s pride, woven into the fabric.

The yellow and blue theme is a visual representation of the sky above and the fields below. As the team wears these kits, they represent a nation, its landscapes, and its people. The simplicity of the design speaks volumes, reflecting the powerful spirit of Ukrainian football.

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3. Sweden National Team

Sweden National Team

The Sweden National Team football iconic shirt colors which can be recognised instantly tell a story of Swedish football pride.

These color featuring the classic yellow and blue combo defines a footballing nation, offering a fresh take on tradition.

However, these colors have witnessed historic moments on the pitch, representing the spirit and unity of the Swedish team.

Aside from the wins and losses, the yellow and blue shirts give a summary of Sweden’s football journey, making every match a visual celebration of national pride.

4. Cádiz Football ClubCádiz Football Club

Cádiz Football Club is a Spanish powerhouse with a football legacy dating back to 1910. This club has been in the thick of Spanish football, playing in La Liga.

Their jersey color is yellow and blue, earning them the nickname “Los Amarillos” or “The Yellow Submarine.” Through promotions and relegations, Cádiz CF has made its name in Spanish football history.

Recently, they made a grand return to La Liga after a bit of a break, sending fans and the football community into celebratory mode. The yellows are back, and they mean business.

5. Fenerbahce Football Club

Fenerbahce Football Club

Fenerbahçe has been one of the fantastic football clubs in Turkish football since its inception in 1907. This team competes in the Süper Lig, which is the height of Turkish football, and they’re based in Istanbul.

Fenerbahçe is one of the most successful teams In the league, winning the Turkish league champions 19 times, also clinching the Turkish Cup six times and the Turkish Super Cup on 13 occasions.

Their iconic home kits which are a combination of yellow and navy blue, stand out on the pitch, reflecting the club’s rich history and dominance.

When they are not wearing the yellow and navy blue shirt,  they opt for away shirts in white, blue, or another shade of yellow.

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6. Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club

Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club

Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club is one of the biggest teams in South African football based in Mamelodi, Pretoria. Since their kickoff in the 1970s, they’ve been owning the game in the Premier Soccer League, the top tier of South African football.

Sundowns are the record-breakers, clinching the Premier League title 13 times since 1996. They also boast 16 league titles overall which makes them the most successful club of South African football in the PSL era.

Plus winning the 2016 CAF Champions League and the 2017 CAF Super Cup. In 2021, Sundowns became the first African club to conquer both the CAF Champions League and CAF Women’s Champions League. And just to top it off, in 2023, they were crowned champions of the inaugural African Football League.

7. Parma Football Club

Parma Football Club

Initially, the team sported yellow and blue shirts, bowing to the city’s heritage dating back to 1545. However, post-World War I and a name change, they switched to white shirts with a black cross, drawing inspiration from Juventus.

In the ’50s, they experimented with blue and blue-yellow striped shirts, but the classic cross design returned until bankruptcy in 1968.

A phase of yellow and blue-sleeved white shirts followed until 1983. Parma’s ascent to Serie A in 1990 marked a turning point, wearing yellow and blue shirts at home during their successful era from 1998 to 2004.

The jerseys, synonymous with Parma’s triumphs, reflected a golden period in the club’s history. Despite recent changes, the Yellow and Blues maintain their identity.

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8. Chievo Verona Football Club

Chievo Verona Football Club

Surprisingly, the original colors were blue and white. The club’s historical nickname, “Gialloblu,” pays homage to the original yellow and blue palette, even though their current look leans towards blue and yellow.

In Italian football, the Gialloblu tag is more commonly associated with their rivals, Hellas Verona. Amidst the friendly banter, local supporters affectionately refer to Chievo Verona as “Ceo” in Venetian which is a nod to the club’s roots. Football is intertwined with traditions, nicknames, and the colors that unite fans in their love for the beautiful game.

9. Al-Nassr Football Club

Al-Nassr Football Club

Al-Nassr Football Club, hailing from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, boasts a rich football legacy since its establishment in 1955.

With an illustrious history in Saudi football, the club clinched the Saudi Professional League title an impressive 9 times.

Additionally, Al-Nassr has triumphed in the King Cup of Champions six times and secured the Crown Prince Cup thrice.

Playing their home games at the Mrsool Park, a stadium that accommodates 25,000 spectators, Al-Nassr’s vibrant identity is mirrored in their yellow and blue kits.

The home kit radiates in predominant yellow, while the away kit takes on a striking blue hue. Throughout the years, Al-Nassr has collaborated with various kit manufacturers, including Nike, New Balance, Victory, and presently, Duneus, adding diversity to their sporting journey.

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10. Hellas Verona Football Club

Hellas Verona Football Club

Founded in 1903, Hellas Verona has a history in various levels of Italian football, from Serie A and Serie B to lower divisions. One of the club’s best moments was clinching the Serie A title in the 1984-1985 season.

However, their main colors, yellow and blue, earned them the nickname “Gialloblu,” or “Yellow-Blues” in English. Their home kit is a classic yellow and blue vertical stripes, with yellow dominating the larger part.