All Major Sporting Events To Bet Real Money On 2023 | [FULL LIST]

The Greatest World Sports Events To Bet On in 2023

Sports betting is a growing phenomenon supported by the thousands of sports competitions occurring yearly. In turn, the sports betting market is rising steadily as more countries legalize placing bets on sports. Legalization has piqued interest, and the scale of betting events will only continue to grow because of third-party interest in events through sponsorships. 

This article will cover the TOP 10 most significant sports events worth betting on.

#1 FIFA World Cup

Although the FIFA World Cup is held only once every four years, it is the biggest sporting competition in football or soccer, whatever you call it. The scale of the World Cup is massive, drawing in die-hard fans from all over the world to the prestigious location chosen in a ceremony held by FIFA. The widespread reach and appeal of the event from countries in Asia to Europe create room for massive profits.

The last World Cup was held in 2022 in Qatar. Although it was shrouded in controversy, the world cup was a massive success as a competition and a betting event. Americans were projected to bet a whopping $1.8 billion on the World Cup, setting the stage for it to be a billion-dollar-plus betting event for punters worldwide.

#2 Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is held every year. Worth mentioning it is famous for not only the sports but also the halftime show. The 2023 Super Bowl was held last week, with the Kansas City Chiefs winning the tournament and Rihanna headlining the halftime show. 

The sheer scale of the sporting event can be estimated by the 100 million people who tune in to watch every year. The NFL is the most famous American sport to bet on. Data collected in October 2022 found that 81% of mobile gamblers placed bets on NFL Super Bowl games. 

The event’s appeal not only lies in the game, but also in who headlines the halftime show, the winner of the coin toss, and other elements that draw in casual bettors. 

#3 Kentucky Derby 

You can’t make up a top-ten list of sports betting events and leave out horse racing. Horse racing is one of the oldest events to bet on, perhaps as old as betting itself. The Kentucky Derby is the biggest race event in the US. The sports event can only accommodate 150,000 people, but bettors tune in to the show on TV from all over the country. 

You can place a range of bets, from standard wagers and single-race exotics to more complicated ones like the Superfecta Bet or the Quinella bet. Given the size of the bets, you can either win big or lose massively. In 2022, a whopping $179 million was bet on the Triple Crown Race. 

#4 NBA Finals 

Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Stephen Curry. We bet you’ve heard these names. They are world-famous, not only for their fantastic basketball skills but also for the discipline they bring to the game. 

The likes of these players have made the NBA an exciting game for fans, so it’s a given that the championship series doubles as a massive sports betting event for punters.

While there isn’t a solid figure on how much is a bet on NBA games because of off-shore wagering, a small insight is provided by Nevada’s legal sportsbooks, which average more than $500 million in bets per month. 

#5 March Madness

Following up from professional basketball, another exciting tournament is March Madness, held annually. The precursor to the NBA for many aspiring basketball players, March Madness draws in millions of fans and bettors. Centered around college basketball, the tournament lasts for about a month. 

According to Statista, in 2022, nearly $3.1 billion was bet on the games, and in 2019, bets amounted to a whopping $8.5 billion. This amount does not cover money wagered illegally or with a friend in a casual setting. 

#6 Cricket World Cup 

The Cricket World Cup is held every year and is one of the most-viewed events across the world. A beloved sport across Asia, the UK, and Australia, the one-day cricket tournament is an exciting event with unexpected wins and unforeseen upsets. Last year, the event was broadcasted to an audience of 1.6 billion. 

It has been estimated that matches between India, England, Australia, and Pakistan can bring anywhere between £40 to £50 million in bets. 

#7 Rugby World Cup 

The Rugby World Cup is the highlight of the sport of rugby. Like the FIFA World Cup, it is played once every four years. The game isn’t top-rated in America but is widely followed by countries worldwide. 

The Rugby World Cup was last held in 2019 in Japan, drawing in over 850 million worldwide viewers. While there aren’t any official statistics available to show profits earned from betting on the event, the volume of the audience can be used as a benchmark to assume that people legally and illegally bet vast amounts of money on the game’s outcome. 

#8 Ryder Cup 

The Ryder Cup is a viral sporting event because of its exciting matchups. Around 15% of mobile gamblers bet on golf. In 2021, a bettor won $1 million on an $8 parlay bet he placed. 

The Ryder Cup is a biennial golf contest between men’s teams from Europe and the United States. The venue for the game changes every two years between the USA and Europe. The 44th Ryder Cup will be held this year in Rome in September. 

#9 Boxing 

While boxing has become less popular, critical players like Floyd Mayweather, Oleksandr Usyk, and Manny Pacquiao draw fans out of the woodwork when they fight. 

It has been estimated that massive events between today’s greats can quickly draw in over $100 million worth of wagers. In some cases, people might also place single wagers of $1 million for the reigning champion or their favorite boxer. 

#10 World Series

The game of baseball is still a beloved sport amongst hardcore fans. In contrast, basketball and soccer have made it to the international stage, but baseball trails behind. However, the World Series still has a stronghold amongst its audience. 

The World Series is known as the fall classic and is played yearly. While the audience for the game might be dwindling, gamblers can still win big in the sports betting event. In 2022, Mattress Mack won $75 million after the Astros won the competition. Furthermore, the event gets more and more lucrative the longer it goes on. 


We’ve given you the best of the best sporting events to bet on. Using this information and keeping track of the latest trends in online sports betting can set you up for success should you venture into this world.