Top 15 Players With The Most Free Kick Goals 

It is a no-brainer that free kicks are part of the game of soccer and are one of the advantages that teams can use to get one over their opponents if they have players that can put them away most of the time.

Over the decades, soccer fans have come across skilled freekick takers who took the world by storm and were very accurate and precise with their freekick attempts. Opposition fans and players would see their hearts skip numerous beats when these players stood behind the ball to take a free kick.

Also, when it comes to scoring free-kick goals, some players can’t be left out of the list, so we have considered putting together a list of the top 15 players with the most free-kick goals. 

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You should check them out to see if your favorite football player falls on the list. Below is an amazing list of the top players with the most free-kick goals scored in a career with their number of goals attached to them.  They are ranked from lowest to highest on this list.

Soccer Players With The Most Free-Kick Goals

players with highest number of free-kicks
List Of Players With The Most Free Kick Goals

1. Andrea Pirlo – 46 Free Kick Goals 

The Italian football midfielder was inducted into the Italian Hall of Fame in 2019. He is currently working as a coach but is popular for being a former player of Serie A giants AC Milan and Juventus.

Pirlo was a unique professional player with very good playing traits and dribbling skills. He is also admired for his amazing passes and free-kick goals. 

Altogether, Andrea scored a total number of 46 free-kicks throughout his football career as a player making him one of the Italian players with the most free-kick goals in the history of the game. 

2. Michel Platini – 50 Free Kick Goals 

Michel Platini makes the list of top players with the most free-kick goals scoring over 52 free-kicks in his entire career. He deserves an accolade for his record as he also stands out to be one of the best players of all time. 

3. Alessandro Del Piero – 52 Free Kick Goals 

Alessandro Del Piero was an Italian former professional footballer who played as a forward for the Italy national team and other elite Serie A clubs although he spent most of his career with Juventus.

He is widely regarded as the best Italian footballer of all time winning the Serie A Italian Footballer of the Year award in 1998 and 2008 respectively. During his football career, he was nominated for the Ballon d’Or and FIFA World Player of the Year awards. 

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4. Cristiano Ronaldo – 58 Free Kick Goals 

The list will be incomplete without including the Portuguese superstar player Cristiano Ronaldo who holds an amazing record of 58 free-kick goals in his career thus far.  

He is close behind the Argentine football legend Lionel Messi considering the total number of free-kick goals each player has scored respectively.  

Ronaldo remains one of the few players with the most career goals scoring over 800 senior career goals. He has also won 5 Ballon d’Or awards, 4 European Golden Shoes, and 32 trophies altogether in his football career. 

5. Lionel Messi – 59 Free Kick Goals 

Lionel Messi is arguably the best player in the round leather game as well as the greatest of all time. When it comes to which player does well in scoring free-kick goals in recent times, there is no way the name Messi will not be included. 

Lionel Messi is an Argentine senior professional player who currently plays for the Paris-Saint Germain football club after leaving his former club Barcelona where he had won over 35 trophies altogether for his club.  

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Messi has scored 59 free-kick goals thus far in his career, making it easy to mention him as one of the players with the most free-kick goals and not only that.  

He also holds the award for best goals scored in La Liga (474), most hat trick goals scored in La Liga (36), and most assists in La Liga (192).

6. Ronald Koeman – 60 Free Kick Goals 

Ronald Koeman successfully scored 60 free-kick goals during his football career. The Dutch professional player is famous for his goal-scoring prowess, accuracy in scoring penalties and free kicks, tactful defense, and long-range shooting.  

He played as a defender for the Netherlands national team and also for Groningen, Ajax, PSV, and Barcelona football clubs. Ronald is also famous for his outstanding performances which made him stand out as one of the best Dutch players in history. 

He bagged the Dutch Football of the Year award in 1987, and the UEFA Champion League Top Scorer award in 1993 and 1994 respectively. His goalscoring ability is unrivaled, considering he was primarily a defender.

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7. Rogerio Ceni – 61 Free Kick Goals 

Seeing a goalkeeper score multiple free-kick goals is somewhat amazing and rare at the same time as not all goalkeepers are capable of doing so. 

But the case is different with Rogerio Ceni, a Brazilian goalkeeper who holds the record for most free-kick goals scored by a goalkeeper in history. Rogerio Ceni scored over 61 free-kick goals all by himself before retiring as a player to work as a Brazilian football coach.  

He remains the only goalkeeper to have scored over 61 free-kick goals and this is super amazing as no other football goalkeeper has been able to replicate it.  

8. Diego Maradona – 62 Free Kick Goals 

Diego Maradona the Argentine football legend who is popular for scoring amazing free-kick goals that left fans wondering if truly he was a human. 

Maradona will forever be one of the players to have scored multiple free kicks above 50 in a career which is why he appears on this list.  

The Argentine player was popular for his goal strategy “Hand of God” and that has never been replicated by any other player after him, making him one of the football legends to have walked past the face of the earth. 

9. Zico – 62 Free Kick Goals 

Arthur Antunes Coimbra, best known as Zico, was a one-time Brazilian player who currently works as a coach. Zico is one of the few Brazilian players who is considered the greatest of all time even to date. 

With superb ball control movement, eagle eyes, and agility during his days, he was able to score over 62 free kicks, stamping his name boldly on the list of top players with the most free-kick goals.  

He is the only player who can match up with Brazilian football legend Pele as he is most times regarded as the “White Pele” by so many people. 

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10. David Beckham – 65 Free Kick Goals 

David Robert Joseph Beckham popularly known as David Beckham for short is one of the players with the most free-kick goals scored in a career.  

Having scored 65 free-kick goals, Beckham is considered one of the most talented football players with great tactful and free-kick skills. 

He is good at scoring goals from just any angle of the pitch. David Beckham remains the first English player to have won League titles in 4 countries including; Spain, England, the United States, and France. 

11. Ronaldinho – 66 Free Kick Goals 

Brazilian godfather of football Ronaldinho holds a record of 66 free kick goals in his senior career making him one of the most decorated and talented players of all time. 

Ronaldinho has two FIFA World Player of the Year Awards and a Ballon d ‘Or award accrued to his name. 

The intelligent Brazilian player is famous for so many things including his technical skills, creativity, dribbling skills, ball accuracy, and most especially his no-look pass which he usually used frequently when faced with his opponent. 

Ronaldinho successfully holds the UEFA Club Forward of the Year Awards 2004-2005, World Soccer Magazine Player of the Year Awards 2004-2005, and the FIFA Club World Cup Top Scorer 2013 Award. 

12. Victor Legrotaglie – 66 Free Kick Goals 

Victor Legrotaglie, a former midfielder professional player popularly admired for his goal-scoring skills by so many during his time. 

He was able to score a legendary 66 free-kick goals in his football career making him one of the players with the most free-kick goals scored. 

13. Pele – 70 Free Kick Goals 

Pele, who is widely regarded as the greatest footballer of all time was a one-time Brazilian football player who made his way through the books of history by becoming the youngest player to score a goal in a World Cup Finale.  

He is also the youngest football player to have won a World Cup following his excellent performance in the 1970 World Cup competition. 

Pele holds the record for the second player with the most free-kick goals, closely behind Marcelinho and Juninho, having scored over 70 free-kick goals in his career. 

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14. Marcelinho Carioca – 73 Free Kick Goals 

With 73 free-kick goals or maybe more in his career, Marcelinho Carioca is considered one of the best free-kick specialists of all time

Marcelinho Carioca is a Brazilian attacking midfielder who is best known as “Angel Foot” because of his defensive skill and accuracy in scoring free-kick goals. He appears to be one of the Brazilians with the most free-kick goals scored in a football career.  

Marcelinho played for Corinthians, where he won several awards as a player and is renowned as the greatest player to have played for the team to date. 

The talented Brazilian attacking midfielder has scored over 206 goals in 420 matches from 1994-2001 and in total 505 goals in his entire football career. 

15. Juninho – 77 Free Kick Goals 

Juninho stands to be on our top list of players with the most free-kick goals in a football career.  

Juninho is a former Brazilian professional footballer who holds the highly estimable record for the highest number of goals scored through free kicks in a career and he is also regarded by so many to be the greatest free-kick taker of all time. 

Juninho successfully scored over 77 free kick goals during his football career which paved the way for him in the Football Hall of Fame even to date as he is considered one of the most talented and unique Brazilian football players. 

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In this article, we compiled a list of the top 15 players with the most free-kick goals in soccer. Brazilian football star Juninho is the highest on the list with a record of over 77 free-kick goals while Andrea Pirlo is the last with 46 free-kick goals in his career. Do well to share.