Top 5 Premier League Clubs With The Most Instagram Followers

This is the list of the top 5 Premier League clubs with the most followers on Instagram in 2024. Social media platforms have become powerful tools for clubs to engage with fans all over the world.

Among these platforms, Instagram is one of the popular hubs for football fans to connect with their favorite Premier League clubs.

With millions of followers, these clubs have amassed impressive online communities, sharing interesting moments.

However, in this post, I will share with you the top 5 Premier League clubs with the most followers on Instagram in 2023, and you will learn about their:

  • Number of followers
  • Engagements
  • Growth rate

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Top 5 Premier League Clubs With The Most Followers On Instagram In 2024

  1. Manchester United
  2. Manchester City
  3. Liverpool
  4. Chelsea
  5. Arsenal

Let’s engage.

1. Manchester United ( 62.3M Instagram Followers )

manchester united

Manchester United is one of the most successful clubs in English football, and it has not only conquered the pitch but also emerged as a digital powerhouse on Instagram.

With an audience size of 62.3 million followers, Manchester United’s Instagram account gains football fans attention from all around the world.

According to Instagram Analytics, in the past four weeks alone, Manchester United has gained an impressive 176.3 thousand new followers, proof of the club’s popularity and ability to attract a global fanbase.

When it comes to engagement, Manchester United boasts an enviable engagement rate of 0.24%.

Each Instagram post by the club receives an average of 148.4 thousand likes and 491 comments, reflecting the club’s ability to spark conversations.

Manchester United’s Instagram content primarily revolves around sports with a ball, displaying the moments on the field and behind the scenes.

However, it’s interesting to note the diverse interests of their audience.

According to Instagram’s Audience Interests data, Manchester United followers show a keen interest in finance and economics, cinema, actors/actresses, as well as trainers and coaches.

This wide range of interests speaks to the club’s ability to resonate with fans beyond the boundaries of football.

In terms of account activity, Manchester United maintains an impressive average of 148.4 thousand likes and 491 comments per post.

This high level of engagement is a piece of evidence of the passionate and interactive fan community surrounding the club.

Also, looking at Manchester United’s follower growth, the club has experienced a positive upward trend, gaining 176,341 followers in the past four weeks, indicating a growth rate of 0.28%.

2. Manchester City ( 46.5M Instagram Followers )

man city

While Premier League clubs dominate Instagram, Manchester City has established its presence with a staggering audience size of 46.5 million followers.

The club’s Instagram account has become a hub for football fans, offering interesting content.

Over the past four weeks, Manchester City has experienced an impressive surge in followers, gaining a remarkable 1.1 million new fans.

This substantial growth speaks volumes about the club’s ability to attract an ever-expanding global audience. Despite the vast number of followers, Manchester City maintains a commendable engagement rate of 0.14%.

And each Instagram posted by the club generates an average of 64.8 thousand likes and 283 comments. When examining Manchester City’s follower growth, the numbers continue to impress.

The club has gained an astounding 1,099,368 followers in the past four weeks, that’s a growth rate of 2.42%. This increase underlines the club’s ability to sustain and expand its influence on the digital platform.

Account activity metrics reveal that each Manchester City Instagram post garners an average of 64.8 thousand likes and 283 comments, indicating a consistent level of engagement with their content.

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3. Liverpool Football Club ( 42.6M Instagram Followers )


Liverpool Football Club, known for its massive Instagram following, commands an impressive audience size of 42.6 million followers.

The club continues to experience steady growth, gaining an additional 49.5 thousand followers from its fan base.

With an engagement rate of 0.29%, each of Liverpool FC’s posts attracts an average of 122.5 thousand likes and 386 comments.

In terms of follower growth, Liverpool FC’s Instagram presence continues to surge. With a growth rate of 0.12%, the club has witnessed an increase in followers.

4. Chelsea Football Club ( 40.3M Instagram Followers )


As I keep exploring the Premier League clubs with the most followers on Instagram, Chelsea’s statistics and passionate fanbase come to the forefront.

As of 2023, Chelsea boasts a whopping 118.9 million followers on social media, making their digital presence a force to be reckoned with.

When it comes to Instagram, Chelsea’s official account looks strong with 40.3 million followers, an impressive number that continues to grow.

The club regularly keeps its fanbase engaged with an average of 18,476 posts.

Chelsea’s Instagram engagement rate is 0.45%, and the post published receives an average of 224.8 thousand likes and 1.7 thousand comments.

The club’s traditional fanbase stretches across the Greater London area, surrounding both working-class districts like Hammersmith and Battersea, as well as affluent neighborhoods such as Chelsea and Kensington.

Additionally, Chelsea has established official supporter clubs not only throughout the United Kingdom but also across the world.

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5. Arsenal Football Club ( 26.5M Instagram Followers )


Arsenal Football Club is another club with huge followers on Instagram.

Arsenal is one of the most successful teams in English football, winning the FA Cup a record 14 times with their fan base often referred to as the Gunners,

As of June 2023, Arsenal FC boasts a combined social media following of over 97 million, with an impressive 40 million accounts actively following the club on Facebook.

On Instagram, Arsenal’s official account has got 26.5 million.

The club’s engaging content and consistent interaction with followers contribute to its strong presence on the platform.

With an engagement rate of 0.38%, Arsenal’s Instagram posts strike a chord with their fanbase. And each post gains an average of 99.9 thousand likes and 478 comments.

When it comes to matching attendance, Arsenal’s home games are an atmosphere you need to see.

Virtually all home matches sell out, and the club consistently ranks among the top in terms of average league attendance.

In the 2007-08 season, Arsenal boasted the second-highest average league attendance for an English club, with 60,070 fans filling the stadium, accounting for 99.5% of the available capacity.

And as of 2015, Arsenal holds the record of having the third-highest all-time average attendance among European football clubs.

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Talking about Premier League clubs and their social media presence, these top five clubs have the most followers on Instagram in 2024 as they have proven their awesome digital influence.

Manchester United leads the pack with an astounding 62.3 million followers, maintaining an incredible engagement rate of 0.24%.

Manchester City closely follows with 46.5 million followers and an impressive growth rate of 2.42%.

Liverpool FC commands an audience of 42.6 million followers, with a steady growth rate of 0.12%.

Chelsea’s digital presence also has an impressive 118.9 million followers across all social media.

Arsenal’s immense following of 26.5 million, coupled with an impressive engagement rate of 0.38%.

These clubs have effectively leveraged the platform to connect with their fans across the world sharing the beauty of the game.