Why Is Santiago Bernabeu Covered? (EXPLAINED)

One can say that Real Madrid is the most elite football club in Spain and one of the very best in Europe, if not the very best. Therefore, it comes as no surprise when questions regarding the status of their stadium, the Santiago Bernabeu, become rife.

One question that many football fans are asking is; Why is the Santiago Bernabeu covered? Well, in this post, we will be providing you with the right answers to this question, and why it is so. Read on.

It is no more news that the Bernabeu can accommodate more than 81,000 people at once. The stadium has also played host to various notable football events such as the 1982 World Cup final. the 2010 UCL final, amongst others.

However, careful observation of the stadium will reveal that some portions of the seats are covered. Why is this the case; This is because the Bernabeu is currently undergoing a significant reconstruction project that will make it fit the club’s elite status and also make it one of the very best stadiums in the round leather game.

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When Did The Bernabeu Redesign Begin?

The project began in 2019 and is set to be completed by the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024. The cost of the project is approximately a whopping 575 million euros and is being spearheaded by JP Morgan alongside the Spanish giants.

Why Is The Stadium Covered?

Madrid is the city where the Stadium is located and is known for alternating weather conditions. The cover acts as a shield for fans during the scorching days of summer and during the rainy months.

This not only makes the experience of watching a football match more enjoyable for fans, but it also safeguards them against any potential health hazards that may be involved with viewing the game in extreme weather.

The covering also helps to maintain the stadium’s facilities and sound systems. It confines the noise by the supporters, which results in the sound being amplified and creates a tense environment for both the players and the viewers. 

This is ideal for a team like Real Madrid in key games where the support of fans will be needed to intimidate opponents, especially in UEFA Champions League games where home fixtures are very significant.

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As expected, the Bernabeu also serves other functions apart from football and the covering also plays a major role. This is the case with other stadiums like Wembley and the likes that host other events that are not football related. 

The Bernabeu also plays hosts to shows, and concerts, amongst others and this covering also plays a protective role for folks in the stadium during these events.

What To Expect From The Bernabeu’s Redesign

santiago bernabeu new look

As expected, there will be some catchy additions and modifications to the edifice to give it ultramodern features to make it stand out from other popular stadiums all over the world. Find some of them below:

  • There will be a retractable roof will cover the whole stadium and make it possible for activities to take place regardless of the weather.
  • The pitch will also be retractable and can be rolled out of the stadium and stored beneath the spectator seating. This will make the stadium suitable for hosting other events without damaging the turf.
  • The video scoreboard will have a 360-degree field of view and will produce high-quality images as well as sound.
  • Fans and tourists will enjoy the benefits of new private boxes, hospitality areas, restaurants, shops, and museums.
  • A new exterior will make the Bernabeu very attractive and fascinating. In addition, the façade will be illuminated by LED lighting, which will produce a variety of effects and hues.

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  • The parking capacity will be increased thanks to a brand-new underground car park, resulting in less traffic congestion near the stadium. In other words, the hassling for spaces at the Bernabeu venue will be over.
  • A brand-new energy-saving technology that will cut down on the stadium’s overall carbon footprint while also lowering its water and power consumption.

In Conclusion

This article has thrown more light on some of the modifications that will be made in the redesign of Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu Stadium as well as answering the question of why the Bernabeu is covered.

Therefore, do well to look out for some of these features when next you find yourself cheering for or against the Los Blancos in a domestic or European fixture at the Bernabeu.