10 Famous Football Teams That Wear Black And White Stripes

Some football teams can be immediately recognized by their iconic colors. And, one such color is the black and white stripes.

These teams stand out on the pitch. However, one of the soccer teams known for wearing black and white stripes is Juventus Football Club.

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Football Teams With Black And White Stripes

  • Juventus FC
  • Newcastle United FC
  • St Mirren FC
  • Gillingham FC
  • Grimsby Town FC
  • Collingwood FC
  • Ascoli Calcio 1898 FC
  • Notts County FC
  • Bath City FC
  • Clube Atlético Mineiro

1. Juventus FC

Juventus FC

Juventus Football Club, founded in 1897, is renowned for its unique black and white striped shirts. This is a tradition dating back to 1903. Originally, the team wore pink shirts with a black tie, but due to color fading, they sought replacements.

An English player, John Savage, facilitated the acquisition of new shirts from his friend in Nottingham, a Notts County supporter, introducing the iconic black and white stripes to Turin. Since then, Juventus has proudly worn these colors, symbolizing strength and dominance on the field.

2. Newcastle United FC

Newcastle United FC

Newcastle United Football Club is one of the football teams identified for its classic black and white striped shirts. Initially, the club’s colors mirrored those of Newcastle East End, featuring plain red shirts.

However, in 1894, they adopted the black and white stripes from their reserve team’s kit. These colors were chosen to distinguish the newly merged club from its predecessors.

Over the years, Newcastle’s away colors have varied, ranging from white and black to yellow and blue. Since 1995, the away kit has seen frequent changes which has shown a diverse range of designs. Despite these variations, the iconic black and white stripes remain identical to Newcastle United.

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3. St Mirren FC

St Mirren FC

St Mirren Football Club, based in Paisley, Scotland wears black and white stripes as their traditional home colors. However, In their inaugural season, the team wore scarlet and blue jerseys.

The reason behind the choice of black and white remains a subject of debate, with theories suggesting a bow to the Black and White Cart rivers or the habits of local abbey monks.

Since 1884, St Mirren has worn these iconic stripes, becoming the world’s first club to do so, preceding Notts County by six years.

While their home kits have seen little deviation, with occasional shifts in stripe thickness, away tops have ranged from red to all-black, with rare deviations like orange or light blue.

4. Gillingham FC

Gillingham FC

Gillingham Football Club Initially wore black and white stripes, later moving to red shirts with blue, which symbolized the borough’s coat of arms.

Post-World War I, the stripes made a comeback before developing into the familiar blue shirts and white shorts combo in 1931.

However, take-ups have occurred over the years, including blue and black stripes in the late 1990s and a controversial switch to mostly white shirts in 2003, replaced due to fan outcry.

The club’s centenary brought a unique red kit with blue accents. After fans’ voted, blue and white or blue with black stripes became the preferred choice.

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5. Grimsby Town FC

Grimsby Town FC

Grimsby Town FC has a colorful history of kit designs. They were known for wearing royal blue and white stripes, which evolved through different color combinations until settling on their iconic black and white vertical stripes in 1910.

These stripes have remained a consistent feature, except for a few exceptions like the 1935-1936 season, when they wore a plain white shirt with the Great Grimsby coat of arms.

Another departure was the 2006-2007 season when they wore black and white halves. Despite occasional changes, the club’s colors have largely been red, black, and white since 1910. Notable exceptions include a special green energy promotion shirt worn in 2023.

6. Collingwood FC

Collingwood FC

Collingwood Football Club has a history of wearing black and white vertical stripes on their guernseys. The iconic strip features three black vertical stripes on a white background, which symbolizes the club’s identity.

In recent years, the guernsey has evolved to mostly black with white stripes on the front and lower back, followed by white numbers.

For away matches against teams with dark guernseys, Collingwood wears a white strip with black stripes and numbers.

Despite a traditional white guernsey with black stripes, the club transitioned to the black guernsey with white stripes in 2001.

7. Ascoli Calcio 1898 FC

Ascoli Calcio 1898 FC

Founded on April 20, 1898, Ascoli Calcio is one of the football teams that wear black and white stripes In Italian football.

The team’s home shirt displays their primary colors: black and white stripes. These colors represent the club’s identity and history.

Ascoli Calcio’s jersey reflects their tradition and solidarity as they take to the field, aiming to secure victories and make their fans proud.

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8. Notts County FC

Notts County FC Team

Notts County Football Club used to wear an amber and black hooped jersey. Over time, they experimented with mixed color combinations, including amber, chocolate, and blue halves.

However, in 1890, the club settled on its enduring identity: black and white striped shirts. Since then, these iconic colors have been identical to Notts County.

Through victories and challenges, the team has worn the black and white stripes. This classic kit has stood the test of time.

9. Bath City FC

Bath City FC

Bath City Football Club, based in Bath, Somerset, England, is a semi-professional team competing in the National League South. It was established in 1889 as Bath AFC, the club later became known as Bath City in 1905.

Despite several near misses, including discussions for Football League entry in the 1930s, Bath City has never joined the league, although they’ve enjoyed successes such as winning the Southern League Western Section in 1930 and 1933.

The club’s nickname, the “Romans,” pays homage to Bath’s ancient Roman history. Bath City’s traditional jersey includes black and white stripes which is a change from their original blue shorts and white shirts in the early 20th century.

10. ​Clube Atlético Mineiro

​Clube Atlético Mineiro

Clube Atlético Mineiro has a unique black-and-white vertically striped home kit, along with black shorts and either white or black socks. The width of the stripes and the color of the shirt numbers have changed over the seasons.

Their traditional away kit consists of an all-white jersey, while they’ve sometimes introduced variations like an all-black third kit or a black-and-gold vertically striped kit to commemorate special occasions.

Since 1981, the club has collaborated with various sportswear companies for their kits, including Rainha, Adidas, Penalty, Umbro, and Puma, with Topper being the current manufacturer since 2017.

Atlético’s shirts have featured sponsor logos over the years, starting with Credireal Bank in 1982 and moving through several companies, including Coca-Cola, TAM Airlines, Fiat, and MRV Engenharia, among others.