Top 10 Best Jersey Numbers In Football

Jersey numbers in football often mirror positions or player preferences. For example, the number 10 jersey is iconic for skilled playmakers while the number 7 jersey embodies flair and leadership.

Defensive players usually choose the number 3, 4, 5, or 6 jersey. However, speaking of the best jersey number In the game, It varies based on player style and personal attachment.

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Top 10 Best Jersey Numbers In Football

  • Number 1 Jersey
  • Number 2 Jersey
  • Number 3 Jersey
  • Number 6 Jersey
  • Number 7 Jersey
  • Number 8 Jersey
  • Number 9 Jersey
  • Number 10 Jersey
  • Number 11 Jersey

1. Number 1 Jersey

Edgar Davids

One of the best jersey numbers In football history is the number 1 jersey. The Number 1 jersey is mainly for goalkeepers. You’ll see them in this jersey guarding the net.

Sometimes, though, outfield players might wear it, but that’s rare. For instance, Edgar Davids, a famous Dutch player, wore the Number 1 shirt when he was a player and manager at Barnet. It’s a weird exception. And backup goalies usually go for the Number 13.

2. Number 2 Jersey

Dani Alves

The Number 2 jersey is typically worn by the right-back player. They’re the ones defending the right side of the field. It’s a crucial position for a solid defense.

However, one of the greatest players in history who have worn the Number 2 jersey is Cafu, the Brazilian legend known for his incredible football skills Then there’s Dani Alves, another Brazilian maestro, known for his attacking prowess and solid defense.

Also, Gary Neville, the English man who spent his entire career at Manchester United, made the Number 2 jersey iconic for the club. These players made fantastic Impressions while wearing the Number 2 jersey.

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3. Number 3 Jersey

Paolo Maldini

The Number 3 jersey is a signature for left-back players. However, the number 3 position requires skill, agility, and a whole lot of heart.

And those who wear the Number 3 often embody all of that and more. Throughout football history, some of the best players to wear the Number 3 include legends like Roberto Carlos and Paolo Maldini.

These guys were absolute beasts on the field, dominating their positions and creating wonderful memories in the game.

4. Number 6 JerseyBobby Moore

The Number 6 jersey is a versatile one. It’s commonly seen on central defenders, but it’s also popular among defensive midfielders.

They are players that can make and break team attacks. As for some of the best players to wear the Number 6 shirt, legends like Franco Baresi, Bobby Moore, and Franz Beckenbauer immediately come to mind. These players were masters of their craft, conquering the defensive side of the game with their skill and leadership.

5. Number 7 Jersey

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Number 7 jersey is for the flashy players, often the wingers. They’re the most exciting players In the team with flair and skills, and they also support the main striker.

A perfect example is Cristiano Ronaldo, a legend who wore the Number 7 at Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus. He was so good at what he did that he became interchangeable with the jersey, even branding himself as “CR7”.

6. Number 8 Jersey

best soccer midfielders of all time

The Number 8 position is the central hub of the team. And the number 8 jersey is mostly reserved for midfielders who do a bit of everything.

These players are involved in all aspects of the game, making tackles, setting up plays, and even scoring goals. It’s a versatile role that requires a mix of skill, stamina, and smarts.

Think of players like Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard, they were masters of this position. So, if you see someone wearing the Number 8, expect them to be

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7. Number 9 Jersey

Gerd Muller

The Number 9 jersey usually goes to the star striker of the team. This player is the one you count on to score goals. Take Alfredo Di Stefano for example.

He’s one of the greatest players to ever wear the number 9 jersey In football history. However, It’s not just him.

Other great players like Gerd Muller and Marco van Basten also wear this number. These guys are known for finding the back of the net with ease.

8. Number 10 Jersey

Lionel Messi


Wearing the Number 10 jersey in football is a big one if you ask me. It’s a prestigious number that carries a lot of weight and responsibility.

And usually worn by an attacking midfielder, someone who’s the brains of the team, creating opportunities for goals. You will always see these players setting up plays and orchestrating attacks.

Lionel Messi, arguably the greatest player of our time, is a prime example of a Number 10. He’s known for his creativity, vision, and ability to unlock defenses with his passes and dribbles. When you see that 10 on the back of a player, you know they’re the one to watch, the maestro of the team’s offense.

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9. Number 11 Jersey


The Number 11 jersey is traditionally for strikers, especially in systems with two up front, like the classic 4-4-2 formation.

But nowadays, with most teams favoring a lone striker setup, wingers and attacking midfielders often wear this number. Players who like to tear down the wings or cut inside to create chances often sport the Number 11 jersey.