5 Best Young Players From South America FIFA 23

This is the ultimate list of the best young players from South America FIFA 23. Before we delve into the list, and for you they might be new to fifa23:

FIFA 23 is a football video game published by Electronic Arts (EA), marking the 30th installment in the FIFA series developed by EA Sports.

It was globally released on 30 September 2022 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

The renowned Kylian Mbappé graces the cover of the standard and legacy editions, while the ultimate edition features both Mbappé and Sam Kerr.

With its recognition in the Guinness World Records as the best-selling sports video game franchise worldwide, FIFA 23 concludes the long-standing 29-year partnership between EA and FIFA.

So, now that you know what it is, allow me to share with you the 10 best South American young players in FIFA 23.

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5 Best Young Players From South America FIFA 23

  1. Lautaro Martínez
  2. Cristian Romero
  3. Lisandro Martínez
  4. Enzo Fernández
  5. Exequiel Palacios

However, you will learn about their:

  • Age
  • Potential
  • Rating
  • Position
  • Weak foot
  • Heights

And lots more.

So, let us jump into it.

1. Lautaro Martínez

Lautaro Martínez

The dynamic Argentine forward is the best South American young talent in FIFA 23 with an impressive rating of 85. At just 24 years old, Martínez has shown immense potential with a rating projection of 88.

With qualities to marvel at, Lautaro Martínez boasts 4 Skill moves and a 4-star Weak Foot rating.

The right-footed attacker displays remarkable versatility and is known for his high work rate, combining tireless efforts with goal-scoring prowess.

He is standing at 174cm (5’8″) and weighing 72 kg (159lbs), Martínez uses his agility and balance to outmaneuver opponents on the pitch.

FIFA 23 brings the real Lautaro Martínez experience to life with his real face accurately captured in the game. When examining Martínez’s attributes, it becomes clear that he is not only a good striker but a well-rounded player.

His attacking capabilities shine through with an 84 rating as a right-winger, left-winger, and center-forward. He also impresses as a second striker with an overall rating of 83.

Martínez’s technical prowess is full of an array of traits and specialties. His skills as a technical dribbler, coupled with his ability to play outside foot shots and display flair, make him a formidable threat in the attacking third.

In terms of statistics, Martínez displays exceptional finishing (87), heading accuracy (84), and volleys (90). His ball control (86) and dribbling (84) allow him to navigate tight spaces while maintaining possession.

Moreover, his agility (86) and acceleration (86) help bursts of speed.

And off the ball, Martínez demonstrates outstanding attacking positioning (87) and commendable vision (78), which allow him to exploit spaces and create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates.

His composure (86) under pressure contributes to his effectiveness in crucial moments.

While Martínez’s defensive attributes are not his primary focus, his aggression (90) proves his determination to press opponents and win back possession when necessary.

In FIFA 23, Lautaro Martínez’s value stands at €74.5 million with a weekly wage of €100,000, reflecting his status as a highly sought-after player in the virtual transfer market.

As one of the best young players from South America in FIFA 23, Lautaro Martínez promises an electrifying gaming experience, combining technical finesse, goal-scoring prowess, and dynamic playmaking abilities.

2. Cristian Romero

Cristian Romero

Cristian Romero is a young, brilliant Argentine center-back who is one of the top young talents in FIFA 23 with a commendable rating of 83.

Despite being 24 years old, Romero has shown lots of potential with a projected rating of 88 in FIFA 23. As a center-back, he does well in organizing the defense and making crucial tackles.

While standing at an imposing height of 185cm (6’0″) and weighing 79 kg (174 lbs), Romero has got the physical presence and strength necessary to dominate aerial duels and hold his ground against formidable attackers.

He may not have a real face in the game, but his virtual representation remains accurate and captures his playing style. In terms of gameplay, Romero’s defensive work rate is set high, tracking back and snuffing out opposition attacks.

His well-rounded defensive abilities are shown, in his impressive tackling (86), standing tackle (86), and slide tackle (85) ratings.

Romero’s defensive awareness (86) helps him to read the game and position himself effectively. Also, his mental attributes contribute to his defensive capabilities.

His aggression (92) and interceptions (83) prove his win-back possession and disrupt opponents’ passing lanes. With an impressive reaction rating (83), he can quickly respond to developing situations on the pitch.

While his primary focus is defense, Romero also contributes to the team’s build-up play.

His long passing ability (64) allows him to initiate attacks from deep positions, while his composure (82) ensures he remains calm under pressure.

In FIFA 23, Cristian Romero is valued at €49.5 million, with a weekly wage of €93,000, reflecting his rise in the virtual transfer market.

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3. Lisandro Martínez

Lisandro Martínez

Lisandro Martínez is another Argentine defender sensation, shining as one of the best young players from South America in FIFA 23.

With an impressive rating of 83, Martínez potential speaks volumes with a projected rating of 88. Well, he is just 24 years old, and he plays for Manchester United in the English Premier League.

Martínez’s defensive, and technical abilities make him a hard guy on the pitch. And as his role is concerned, he brings stability to the backline with his composure and tactical awareness.

Martínez possesses the agility and strength required to outmuscle opponents and win crucial aerial battles, ranking at 178cm (5 ’10”) and weighing 77 kg (170 lbs).

His left-footed playstyle adds versatility to his game, enabling accurate long passes (83) and initiating attacks from the back.

With a rating of 78 for his midfield position, he displays his ability to contribute to the team’s build-up play with his passing range and vision.

And defensively, Martínez shines with impressive tackling abilities.

His standing tackle (85), slide tackle (84), and defensive awareness (85) highlight his proficiency in dispossessing opponents and intercepting passes.

Martínez’s high defensive work rate complements his tactical discipline, as he diligently tracks back and contributes to the team’s defensive solidity.

Aside from his defensive attributes, he also possesses good technical skills. With a rating of 76 for dribbling, he can move through tight spaces.

However, Lisandro Martínez is valued at €49.5 million, with a weekly wage of €115,000 in FIFA 23.

As Lisandro Martínez graces the virtual pitches of FIFA 23, his versatility makes him a valuable player for any team seeking a creative spark from the back.

4. Enzo Fernández

Enzo Fernández

Enzo Fernández is an amazing midfielder that reminds me so much of Fab.

He has proven to be the best player in his position in real life, and also one of the best young players from South America in FIFA 23.

Impressively, he rated 81 with a potential projected rating of 88. As he keeps impressing in the English Premier League with Chelsea football club, he is also rocking it in FIFA 23.

As a central midfielder, he orchestrates play with his great passes. He also possesses the balance, and strength necessary to dominate the midfield battles and control the tempo of the game.

With a height of 178cm (5’10”) and weighing 76kg (168 lbs), he is a blockbuster. He doesn’t have a real face in FIFA 23, but his virtual representation is right.

Fernández combines his technical skills with a drive to contribute to the team’s attacking play. His four-star weak foot rating and versatility add to his quality in front of goal.

Defensively, he presses opponents to confuse their play, and his positional awareness (76) and tackling abilities make him an effective force in breaking up opposition attacks.

Additionally, his high aggression (82) shows his determination to regain possession as fast as he can. Fernández’s passing abilities are one thing you need to keep him for both in real life and FIFA 23.

With excellent short passing (85) and long passing (85) attributes, he can distribute the ball with accuracy, dictating the flow of the game from midfield.

His vision (86) enables him to spot openings and carry out incisive passes.

While his primary focus is on midfield play, Fernández also displays impressive dribbling skills with a rating of 78 for dribbling.

In FIFA 23, Enzo Fernández is valued at €52 million, with a weekly wage of €86,000, reflecting his immense potential and growing stature as a highly sought-after player in the virtual transfer market.

Just be prepared to witness Fernández’s greatness in years to come.

5. Exequiel Palacios

Exequiel Palacios

Have you noticed this guy playing? He is a fantastic Argentine midfielder, who emerges as one of the best young players from South America in FIFA 23.

His qualities are impressive both although he does not have a real face in-game, his abilities are so loud. He is a right-footed midfielder with a high attacking work rate, and creativity to drive any team.

Your team should get him asap.  And he is just 23 years old with that massive potential.

In FIFA 23, he has gotten 3 skill moves and a 4-star weak foot rating, and as a versatile playmaker capable of making an impact from different positions on the field.

Are you interested in his height because he stood at 178cm (5’10”) and weighed 71kg (157 lbs), truly, his technical prowess to dictate the tempo of the game is much why I love him.

His passing skills boast an impressive short pass rating of 83 and a long pass rating of 82.

His vision rate is (79) which helps him to do through balls, while his ball control (81) ensures he maintains possession in tight spaces.

Plus his long shots (76) and shot power (81) make him a threat from a distance.

With an aggression rating of 81, he applies pressure on opponents to win back possession, and his interceptions (84) and tackling abilities (78 for stand tackle and 82 for slide tackle) help him to stop opposing attacks effectively.

His attitude and positioning (72) contribute to his effectiveness in the final third, while his composure (80) allows him to make rational decisions even under pressure.

Although his sprint speed (54) may not be his strongest attribute, Palacios makes up with his agility (78) and balance (79), allowing him to evade challenges.

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These talented players have displayed their skills and potential on the virtual pitch, offering an exciting gaming experience.

Lautaro Martínez with an impressive rating of 85, Cristian Romero, the brilliant center-back with a commendable rating of 83, and Lisandro Martínez, the versatile defender who brings stability to the backline.

Also, Enzo Fernández, the midfield maestro who orchestrates play with precision, and Exequiel Palacios, the creative force in the midfield.

Each player possesses unique qualities that make them a plus for any team seeking success in the virtual world of FIFA 23.

So, gather your team, strategize, and embark on a thrilling journey of football honors with these amazing young talents from South America.