How To Win More In Football Betting In 2024

Football is a major sport and is one the best games through which folks can earn a living via betting. The game has been a major source of entertainment for decades, little wonder why it has attracted major interest from fans around the world.

However, the question of how to bet and win in soccer, as well as on the best tips to win football bets continues to be a recurring one as folks can’t have it all. Some football fans and admirers of the round leather game place bets on events during the game, as well as the outcome. 

Some of these options include the final score, the number of goals scored, if both teams will score, and the number of corner kicks to be awarded in the game, amongst others.

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Regardless, these options still present a challenge for folks who offer tips on how to win big in football bets as well as the bettors themselves.

This is because most punters are interested in how to bet without losing, but is this a possible feat? I’ll be realistic and say NO! It is not! You must be prepared to not win always when it comes to football betting. 

You must be prepared to lose occasionally too, either big losses or small losses, albeit dependent on what you staked. This is one of the reasons why some folks can’t stand the trade. There’s no perfection when it comes to football betting.

There’s no perfection in football. There is no guaranteed bet or result either. Fans of the round leather game have been treated to shocking results from time to time across major leagues like the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, French Ligue 1, Bundesliga, and Eredivisie, the Portuguese League amongst others.


Therefore, for your sake, it’s wise to note that nothing is cast in stone in your quest to access the best soccer bet-winning formula. 

We’ve come out to help with this article and offer some useful tips on the easiest football bets to win, as well as tips on how to bet and win in soccer, and I daresay consistently.

However, you must be prepared to suffer a loss or two occasionally. The major tips are mentioned and explained below:

How To Win Bets Regularly in 2024

1. Keep A Record Of Your Bets

This is one exercise that football punters must take note of and adhere to. It’s a very vital process for folks who want to smash bookmakers and smile to the bank regularly. One might be tempted to ask what type of records should be kept. Well, we’ll provide you with some pointers.

You should keep a record of the bets you win and lose, the overall profit and loss from each stake, your preferred bookmaker, as well as the amount of money you place on bets.

Just as setting goals is a priority in life, punters are advised to set football betting targets on what they want to achieve with their betting adventures. 


It will also keep you focused on achieving what you’ve set out to do in the long run if you are dedicated and consistent. These actions can be carried out on a weekly or monthly basis, albeit dependent on the frequency of your stakes. 

You should do well to compare your profits and losses to see if you’re progressing in your adventure or gradually plunging into a pit of bankruptcy. If you’re green, you’re good to go, but if red, you may have to reconsider and take some time off to analyze your betting options and betting frequency.

The time out from betting will surely help you identify the reasons for the frequent losses, and alongside quality research, will also see you come up with better betting strategies that will help you climb out of the hole of bankruptcy.

Another question is how do you take note of your football betting adventures and data? An Excel spreadsheet could come in handy due to its tabular form which will enhance clarity. 

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This could be considered strenuous but then, diligence is key to any successful venture in life. Getting the best soccer bet-winning formula should be considered a business. Therefore, you must be willing to take the necessary valid steps to ensure that the venture is a successful one.

Lastly, ensure that your bookmaker account through which these bets are placed online is secure. This applies to folks who carry out their stakes online, unlike in some areas, where folks prefer visiting physical bookmaker shops to place bets and have the tickets in hand. 

It’s a no-brainer that record-keeping would be almost impossible for the latter. We’ve seen cases where folks placed bets but lost their tickets after the games showed green. This can be easily worked out amongst folks who place bets online with the help of a reliable bookmaker with efficient customer service personnel.


2. Use Flashscore For Pre-match Analysis And Statistics

Flashscore is an online sports result checker that folks have become very accustomed to. They mostly utilize it for checking football results, live scores, and league table standings. 

However, if this is all you do with this website as a punter, then you’ve been at a gargantuan loss all this while. This is because Flashscore offers lots more and helps you smash the bookies regularly if you make good use of it. It must be noted that the web version is ideal.

League Standings Feature

Flashscore comprises all the major football leagues in the world as well as other leagues that punters place bets on. The league standings feature is very dynamic and will provide you with the form guide of teams you want to bet on. 

You’d get to see how well they’ve performed at home and vice versa. You’ll get to see if they’ve been on a good run or bad run and this can also be sorted by a combination of consecutive home and away results, or separate home and away results.

When this is done in comparison with other sites, you’ll find Flashscore a very user-friendly app and website.

Head-to-Head Feature

Flashscore also gives you access to comprehensive head-to-head stats of teams that you want to bet on. It has been established that nothing is cast in stone in football, but head-to-head records can also influence the result of a game.

Let’s say you placed a win-or-lose bet option on a game between Chelsea and Arsenal. It will do you a lot of good to know who is the favorite between the sides when they play against each other in the particular competition you’ve bet on, as well as on an overall scale. 

You’d get to see their H2H stats from their first fixture, That’s how comprehensive the feature is on Flashscore and will help you know who to choose to win or lose the game. 

The good thing is that the feature is available for the leagues that are available on Flashscore and there are lots of them from Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Asia.

Other Notable Features 


You can access the top scorers’ list for the various leagues and this is suitable for folks who bet on players to score. You could also check the number of goals a team scores per game, such as over 1.5 goals stats, over 2.5 goals stats, over 3.5 goals stats, and above.

You could also check the under options for the aforementioned number of goals. I’d recommend Flashscore for pre-match analysis for punters in a heartbeat.

Other information you can access on Flashscore includes the players that will be available before a game, as well as those that’ll miss the game due to injuries, and suspensions, amongst others. 

These details will help you pick the right winnable betting option ahead of any game. The usefulness of this app cannot be overemphasized. Delve in!

However, this is non-exhaustive, Get your hands on the app or visit the website and make needed discoveries. As mentioned earlier, the web version is ideal

3. Be Impartial With Your Bets

Team affiliation at the international or club level must be thrown out the window if you want to win more in football betting. Do you still have your team affiliations on this adventure? Now pick it up! Throw it out of your window! Put your emotions aside.

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Don’t bet with your heart, do it with your head instead. I’ve placed bets against the club I support several times, and sadly, I end up visiting the bank with smiles after the final whistle goes off.

If your team is in a very bad run of form and they come up against underdogs at home or away from home. Here are the scenarios. Your team at home against a minnow will most likely be given tiny odds. Consider the Premier League, precisely a game between Chelsea and newcomers Sheffield United.

This game will see Chelsea given an odds of 1.30 or thereabout while the newcomers who are major underdogs will be given 10+ odds. Meanwhile, a draw could be placed at 5+ odds. 

Well, when both teams faced each other at Stamford Bridge this season, they played out a shocking 1-all draw.

Now imagine that you placed some big money on a draw considering Chelsea’s poor form and propensity to drop points at the time. Remember Newcastle against Chelsea at St James’ Park? Or Manchester City against Wolves at the Etihad amongst others? 

As fans of the big boys, placing bets against your team rather than in favor of your team due to club affiliation would have paid off immensely in these scenarios.

However, the reverse, which would be you following your heart despite the tricky form guide would see you lose joy and money.

You must ensure that club affiliations and emotions don’t overwhelm you when placing bets. They’ll ruin you in the short run and long run. That’s just how it is.

4. Be Conversant With The Sport And Use Quality Tipster Websites

You cannot succeed when you don’t understand how the stuff you bet on works. This is a fact that cannot be denied in any facet of life and football betting is no exception. As we mentioned earlier, this is where an app or website like Flashscore or any other similar app will come in handy.

You should know a little about the teams you bet on or against, especially in the major leagues. You must make time to watch their games and size them up for better or worse. 


This will help you to know their best players, their strengths, weaknesses, playing style, how defensive or offensive they are, as well as the players who are known for being dirty and garnering cards. 

The latter is suitable for folks who place bets on players who will be carded or not in a particular football match. This could be time-consuming but will be worth it if you win regularly. 

The truth is this; In the long run, to succeed in football betting, you must know a lot about the game as well as the competitions. There are many websites where football knowledge and tips can be acquired. We’ll mention a few here namely:

  • Whoscored
  • Goal
  • ESPN Soccernet
  • Squawka
  • Caughtoffside
  • Givemesport
  • Bleacher Report

These are just a few of them. These football websites abound on the internet. Talking about football prediction sites too, there are lots of them out there but we’ll mention a few such as:

There are others, and a normal keyword phrase search on reputable search engines like Google will give you access to more of them.

5. Know The High Risk And Low-Risk Options

Bookmakers offer lots of markets that punters can take advantage of. There are many of them. However, here at Footiehound, we emphasize Both teams to score bets, over 1.5 goals bets, over 2.5 goals bets, and win or lose bets.

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Other markets include exact final scoreline, players to be carded, goalscorers, number of corner kicks, under goals bets, first to score, 10 minutes draw, first to score, half-time win, half time draw. 

There are lots of these markets and punters must make it a priority to know the options or markets that will favor them and stick with them. A reputable best-paying online casino that has stood the test of time can offer you the best options to take advantage of,  with regards to high risks and low risks, it’s all relative.

Single bets will see you stake big cash while accumulator bets will see you stake little money and win big. Those who engage more in single bets could win more often than accumulator enthusiasts if luck is on their side. 

There is this belief that the lesser the number of games, the higher your chances of winning. This theory turns out to be right most of the time. Regardless, it’s still not cast in stone.

More Info On How To Bet On Soccer And Win

It must be noted that these five tips are key tips for a reliable soccer bet-winning formula. In your quest to know how to bet and win in soccer, they’ll come in handy. Meanwhile, another factor that can play a part is your bookmaker. 

It’s advisable to patronize those bookies who are not stingy with the allocation of odds to betting options. It’s also advisable to explore other bookmaking waters as you must not stick with one bookmaker.


These bookmakers come with markets that are exclusive to their brands and it will be wise to identify those with seemingly winnable options and patronize them from time to time. 

Do well to research these bookmakers and identify with those that offer mouth-watering odds and exclusive winnable options. This will boost your chances of winning and should not be overlooked by any wise punter.


Meanwhile, take note of our aforementioned five tips. Here is a summary of what has been explained thus far.

  • It is advisable to keep records of your bets: This will help you know your winning percentage in comparison to your losing percentage so you can know if you should go all out or be economical with your stakes.
  • Leverage the Flashscore website for thorough analysis before choosing teams to bet on: This will also help you to know the best markets for specific teams based on their stats. Some teams hardly score while others score for fun. The ‘over goals’ stats feature will come in handy.
  • You must know the game thoroughly or leverage the services of a reliable prediction service: Learn more about the game of football before you make football betting a venture. Ignorance won’t yield any benefits in the short and long run if you fail to make time to study the game and also watch some of the teams in action.

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  • Know the high-risk and low-risk markets to bet on: You must try your best to know the best betting markets that favor your stakes. If it’s both teams to score, the final result, exact scoreline, and the number of goals in a game amongst others. Identify them, know the ones that favor you, and stick with them religiously.
  • Be impartial with your bets: In other words, bet with your head and not your heart. There is no place for club affiliation sentiment when it comes to football betting. If you want to win big and smash the bookies regularly, you must do away with this mentality for your good.

Footiehound football prediction site is still at your service and will be readily available with reliable tips daily. Therefore, do well to take note of the free tips that will be posted on this site daily.

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