Seating plan at Old Trafford (Full Guide)

It is no longer news that Old Trafford is the home of Premier League giants and one of the most prestigious English football clubs Manchester United. 

The venue has been renowned as a fortress for the Red Devils in the past, although their dominance in English football and on the European scene has waned considerably after the retirement of legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

In this article, we will be vying away from on-the-filed football matters and will instead be looking at the seating plan at POld Trafford, one of the biggest football stadiums in the world.

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There is this unique seating plan at Old Trafford and this seating plan is regarded as the best so far compared to other football stadiums in the United Kingdom. 

At Old Trafford, fans do get a good view of the pitch irrespective of where they sit because the stadium is built was built to give fans a welcome home.

Old Trafford is said to be the second-largest stadium in England. It has always been a welcoming home for fans as it occupies many of them and also makes the record for the highest audience on matchdays.

Well, if you have never been to Old Trafford before, you need to know about its seating plan. You also need aid to locate a comfortable seat whenever it is match day in the Premier League or other competitions like the UEFA Champions League. Europa League, FA Cup, or the EFL Cup.

Meanwhile, if you are a good observer, you will notice there is a “Sir Alex Ferguson Stand” and “Sir Bobby Charlton Stand” engraved at the top of the Stadium.

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These stands are two out of four stands in Old Trafford, and in this article, you will be getting to know about the four stands in Old Trafford or better still the seating plan at Old Trafford.

List Of Old Trafford Stands

stretford end old trafford
The Stretford End – Old Trafford

East Stand(East)

The East Stand at Old Trafford is the one located behind the administrative center that shelters the media outlets for Manchester United, which includes the magazines, and other administrative departments.

The East stand can hold up to 12,000 fans and still give them a perfect view of the pitch.

Sir Alex Ferguson Stand (North)

The “Sir Alex Ferguson” stand was innovated into what it is today because Manchester United needed to show maximum respect and honor to Sir Alex Ferguson who brought glory days to Old Trafford.

The Scottish manager’s stand has 3 tiers and can hold up to 26,000 spectators. This honor is thoroughly deserved as the Scottish manager put the Red Devils in the limelight of club football for decades.

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Sir Bobby Charlton Stand (South)

The Sir Bobby Charlton stand is named after Manchester United icon Sir Bobby Charlton who gave Old Trafford the nickname Theatre of Dreams.

Manchester United decided to use the South stand to honor Sir Bobby Charlton who helped the club in different ways during his time. The South Stand has the most executive suites in Old Trafford and you can always get a seat there if you want to.

Stretford End (West)

The west stand which is best regarded as Stretford End is the most popular stand in Old Trafford. If you also observe while watching a football match at Old Trafford, you will notice that this is where die-hard Manchester United fans sit to voice out their emotions.

Even football commentators covering Man United’s games at Old Trafford occasionally mention the stands during games. It has been established that no place in Old Trafford has been able to accommodate fans compared to the Stretford End which gives way to twenty thousand (20,000) fans.

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Where Is Old Trafford Located?

Old Trafford is located on Sir Matt Busby Way, Old Trafford, Trafford in Greater Manchester in England. You can easily get to the stadium by taking the side of the Wharf Metro link on Trafford Wharf Road.


Old Trafford having one of the best seating plans among all stadiums in the United Kingdom shows how great Manchester United is and this is the case based on the achievements of the club.

We have some advice for Man United fans though. If you are a Manchester United fan and have never visited Old Trafford before, you should choose to sit at the Stretford End stand, it is the best for fans.