Southampton Football Club Players Wages And Salaries (2024)

This post provides a list of Southampton Football Club player’s wages, and salaries In the 2023/2024 season. Plus you will learn about the top 5 highest earners In the team.

When you watch a Southampton match, you see the goals, the skills, and the passion. But we talk less about the wages of these talented players.

​What if I tell you Southampton spends £769,500 every week on player salaries? Some of these guys command a mouth-watering wage which results in a huge annual salary.

Many times I think about these players’ wages, and I ask myself why I was never a professional football player. But that’s a story for another day.

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Southampton FC Players Salaries (2024)

Mason Holgate£ 70,000£ 3,640,000
Joe Aribo£ 70,000£ 3,640,000
Stuart Armstrong£ 65,000£ 3,380,000
Jan Bednarek£ 60,000£ 3,120,000
Adam Armstrong£ 55,000£ 2,860,000
Alex McCarthy£ 50,000£ 2,600,000
Jack Stephens£ 45,000£ 2,340,000
Ryan Fraser£ 42,000£ 2,184,000
Kamaldeen Sulemana£ 40,000£ 2,080,000
Ché Adams£ 30,000£ 1,560,000
Will Smallbone£ 25,000£ 1,300,000
Carlos Alcaraz£ 25,000£ 1,300,000
Flynn Downes£ 25,000£ 1,300,000
Sékou Mara£ 25,000£ 1,300,000
Gavin Bazunu£ 20,000£ 1,040,000
Kyle Walker-Peters£ 20,000£ 1,040,000
Ross Stewart£ 20,000£ 1,040,000
Samuel Edozie£ 15,000£ 780,000
Ryan Manning£ 15,000£ 780,000
Juan Larios£ 15,000£ 780,000
James Bree£ 10,000£ 520,000
Joe Lumley£ 9,000£ 468,000
Taylor Harwood-Bellis£ 7,500£ 390,000
Shea Charles£ 6,000£ 312,000
Samuel Amo-Ameyaw£ 5,000£ 260,000

Top 5 Highest Paid Southampton Players

1. Mason Holgate

One name that has been gaining attention In Southampton’s defensive lineup is Mason Holgate. He’s a player who has displayed both skill and commitment on the field, and he is the highest-paid player In the club.

Mason Holgate is a crucial figure in the team. At the age of 26, he has already established himself as a reliable force on the pitch.

His decisions, his play, and his leadership qualities are obvious every time he plays. That said, Mason Holgate has a contract with Southampton that runs until May 31, 2024.

That means for this football season, and the next, he’s committed to wearing the Southampton jersey and giving his best for the team.

For the 2023-2024 season, Mason currently earns an annual base salary of £3,640,000 while he pockets £70,000 every week. That’s not including any additional bonuses he might earn based on performance, goals, or other benchmarks.

2. Joe Aribo

Southampton has a gem in Joe Aribo.  If Southampton isn’t your usual team, you might not be familiar with him. But there’s more to Joe than just his footwork on the pitch.

Joe Aribo plays as an Attacking Midfielder for Southampton. He’s the engine room of the team, if you will, making sure everything ticks and the ball moves in the right direction.

However, Aribo has a contract with Southampton that’s set to last until June 30, 2026. That’s three more years after this current season.

Over this period, he will earn an annual salary of £10,920,000. And If we break that down for the 2023-2024 season alone, he’s set to bag £3,640,000.

So, Joe Aribo will earn £70,000 every week. And remember, that’s not even considering any additional bonuses he might receive for outstanding performances, goals, or other contributions to the team.

Being 27 years old, Joe is at a stage in his career where he’s not just bringing his skills to the table but also experience. It’s an age where footballers often find the perfect blend of physical skills and game intelligence.

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3. Stuart Armstrong

Without a doubt, Southampton Football Club boasts some of the best talents in the world of football. Among these skilled players is Stuart Armstrong.

Stuart Armstrong plays in the central midfield position, an area of the field where players work hard to link the defense with the attack, ensuring the ball moves smoothly from one end to the other.

At 31 years of age, Stuart brings a wealth of experience to the team, which is invaluable in those heated moments of the game.

Talking about his contract, Stuart has an agreement with Southampton that will last for one more year. Specifically, this contract is set to expire on June 30, 2024, while he earns a base salary of £3,380,000. That amounts to £65,000 every week.

4. Jan Bednarek

Jan Bednarek is one of the best center-back In the team, He has been committed to Southampton for a good period, and his contract runs until June 30, 2025.

However, every week, Bednarek takes home £60,000, and that’s before we factor in any bonuses he might earn based on his performances or other achievements with the club.

As of now, the total remaining salary on his contract with Southampton is £6,240,000. This sum is the amount the club will pay him over the next two years, as per the terms agreed upon.

At 27 years old, Jan Bednarek is in the prime years of his football career. The commitment both from the player’s side and the club’s side shows mutual trust and belief in each other’s capabilities.

Fans of Southampton can expect to see more of Bednarek’s brilliance on the field as he continues to play a pivotal role for the club in the Championship.

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5. Adam Armstrong

If you ask me, Adam Armstrong has been a fantastic player for his side, though he might not be the highest paid In the team, he has got In the top five.

He earns £55,000 every week; that’s an annual salary of £2,860,000. You will always see him trying to score goals for the team.

However, Adam has an agreement with Southampton which is expected to last until June 30, 2025. So, if you mark that date on your calendar, that’s when this current deal will come to an end.

To give you a bigger picture, Adam’s total contract with the club, spanning over its duration, is worth £5,720,000 in gross salary. That’s the sum he’d get before any deductions.