Top 5 United States Biggest Wins in History

Football is beautiful, and there’s a balance, you can not have a defeat without recording a win and you can not always be 100%.

I have shared with you the United States games where they recorded their biggest losses, and today, I have got a twist to it. In this post, I will only share some of their biggest wins, plus the summary of the game.

Let’s go this way.

Top 5 United States Biggest Wins History

  1. USA 8-0 Barbados CONCACAF World Cup qualifying second round 2008
  2. USA 7-0 Trinidad & Tobago International Friendly 2021
  3. USA 7-0 Cuba CONCACAF Nations League group stage 2019
  4. USA 7-0 Barbados CONCACAF World Cup qualifying semifinals 2000
  5. USA 7-0 El Salvador International friendly 1993

Here we go;

1. USA 8-0 Barbados CONCACAF World Cup qualifying second round 2008

QWC 2010 USA vs. Barbados 8-0 (15.06.2008)

In the saga of American soccer, the United States 8-0 victory over Barbados during the 2008 CONCACAF World Cup qualifying second round seems to be the best.

The 96th year of competitive soccer in the United States began with a bang. The U.S. team’s performance in Carson, California was a class of brilliance.

Clint Dempsey wasted no time to announce the American intentions for the campaign. Within a mere 53 seconds, he converted Carlos Bocanegra’s pass into the opening goal.

And at the 12th minute, Michael Bradley’s strike found the back of the net. Brian Ching then secured the third goal for his team in the early time with a commanding lead.

As the second half began, Dempsey and Ching returned to crush the Barbadian defense once again, adding to the ever-growing goals.

Landon Donovan’s, and Eddie Johnson contributed a goal. Meanwhile, the unhappy Daryl Ferguson directed the ball into his net.

While some had questioned the CONCACAF qualifying format that pitted the region’s top nations against rank outsiders, the American team’s performance left no doubt about their qualities.

The 8-0 triumph over Barbados is the biggest United States win ever.

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2. USA 7-0 Trinidad & Tobago International Friendly 2021

USA 7-0 Trinidad & Tobago 1:00 Highlights | Jan. 31, 2021 | Orlando, Florida - Exploria Stadium

The United States got a 7-0 victory over Trinidad and Tobago in an enthralling friendly held in Orlando. It was a masterclass performance from the Americans.

They were in no mood to show mercy, and the dynamic trio of Paul Arriola, Jesus Ferreira, and Jonathan Lewis produced impressive attacking brilliance, netting two goals each.

Trinidad and Tobago labored to cope with the pressure from their American players, with Jesus Ferreira also registering a goal.

However, the half-time was 3-0, and we even witnessed a more commanding display from the United States in the second half as the goals kept flowing.

According to the stats of the game, the U.S. boasted 72% possession and 19 shots on goal, of which 12 found the mark. In contrast, Trinidad and Tobago could only muster two shots on goal throughout the match.

3. USA 7-0 Cuba CONCACAF Nations League group stage 2019

USA 7-0 CUBA Concacaf Nations League Highlights | Oct. 11, 2019 | Washington, D.C. - Audi Field

The United States Men’s National Team (USMNT) embarked on a campaign in the Concacaf Nations League group stage, showing their prowess in a superb 7-0 goal fest against Cuba in Washington, D.C.

Only just 32 seconds into the game, Weston McKennie struck the opening goal with an incredible run.

This feat earned him the honor of recording the second-fastest goal in USMNT history, second only to Clint Dempsey’s during the 2014 FIFA World Cup against Ghana.

He also notched two more goals in the fifth and 13th minutes, completing the fastest USMNT hat trick ever witnessed from the beginning of a match.

His 13-minute hat trick is a great feat, trailing only one minute behind Brian McBride’s effort against El Salvador during the Gold Cup quarterfinals in 2002.

Additionally, at the tender age of 21, Weston McKennie joined the ranks of only 15 other players in USMNT history to achieve a hat trick.

Acknowledging the importance of teamwork in achieving such records, McKennie owes a debt of appreciation to Jordan Morris, whose assists played a crucial role in the early goals.

Morris provided the perfect setup for McKennie’s first and fifth-minute goals, while McKennie reciprocated, setting up Morris to make it 3-0 in the ninth minute.

Also, Morris went on to provide an assist for Josh Sargent’s goal in the 40th minute, tying the USMNT record for most assists in a single match.

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4. USA 8-0 Barbados CONCACAF World Cup qualifying semifinals 2008

The USMNT went into the match with only one point after two challenging away games, they faced the huge task of securing a crucial victory on home soil.

And the American players delivered brilliant football from the first minutes. But the match took an unexpected turn in favor of the United States as two Barbados players received red cards before the first half concluded.

After being reduced to nine men, the Barbadian side struggled and looked like it was all gone. However, Eddie Pope scored the first goal in the 14th minute. Brian McBride also added to the count in the 28th minute.

Fast forward;

The second half was horrible for Barbados, as the American team tried to add more goals with an amazing play.

However, John O’Brien found the back of the net in the 46th minute. Tab Ramos and Earnie Stewart were also on the score chart in the 72nd and 74th minutes, respectively.

The Americans recorded the highest goal scored for the United States in a World Cup qualifier, surpassing the earlier record of six goals scored against Bermuda in 1968.

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5. USA 7-0 El Salvador International friendly 1993

Buddy, the 1993 clash was a goal-laden international friendly between the United States and El Salvador.

The match was another masterclass in attacking brilliance, with the USMNT recording an outstanding 7-0 rout against their Salvadoran players. Dominic Kinnear made his mark early on, scoring the first goal with a header.

Joe-Max Moore, another fantastic player, showed a glimpse of his goal-scoring skills.

However, the goals flowed for the USMNT, with Hugo Perez demonstrating his creativity, providing a silky assist for his teammates to cool off.

And the partnership between Chris Henderson and Perez proved to be particularly potent, as they produced some of the most beautiful build-up play of the match.

The understanding between these players allowed the USMNT to maintain pressure and make use of every chance that came their way.

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The United States has made a record with some of its impressive victories which have resulted to be the biggest wins in United States history.

Their 8-0 triumph over Barbados in the 2008 CONCACAF World Cup qualifying second round is their biggest win ever.

Followed by 7-0 victories over Trinidad & Tobago in 2021, Cuba in the 2019 CONCACAF Nations League group stage, Barbados in the 2000 CONCACAF World Cup qualifying semifinals, and El Salvador in an exciting 1993 international friendly.