Why Are Soccer Fields Striped? 

If you are here, then you want to know why soccer fields are striped. You may be wondering why all standard soccer fields are always striped. Well, this article will expose you to the reasons behind striped soccer fields. 

Folks who have watched the game for decades and adopted it as their favorite sport usually saw stripes on the soccer pitches where their favorite sport was played. 

A significant number of soccer fans always wondered why soccer fields were striped whilst some folks who have taken a liking to the sport in recent times keep wondering. Therefore, in this article, we will be providing answers on why soccer fields are striped.

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Why Are Soccer Fields Striped? 

Below are some of the tangible reasons behind the idea of all striped soccer fields. And if you have never known them before then, here is a chance for you to be educated. 

1. Stripes on Soccer Fields are for Decoration 

Maybe, this may not come as a surprise to you, but so many people still don’t know that the stripes on soccer fields are mainly there for decorative reasons. 

The stripes help in the decoration of the field and enhance the view of the fans in the stadium and on screens. It makes the pitch beautiful and can also be used to show the skills of groundsmen. Soccer clubs embrace the concept to make their pitches look unique.

A pure green grass field won’t be much more interesting to watch the game being played on than a slightly mixed-colored field. We all will agree to that. When watching any soccer game being played on a slightly mixed-colored field as we usually see hits differently and that is the blunt truth. 

2. They can be used by the Audience as a Point of Reference 

Not only are the stripes on soccer fields used for decoration purposes. They can also be used by the audience as a point of reference. Now, sometimes with the stripe, you can easily identify the spots for freekick, penalties, and offsides. 

And apart from that, the stripes on the field educate you as a viewer and give you the chance to pinpoint where actions were being taken on the field without stress.

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This is because all you need to do is to keep track of the lines on the field to understand the moves of the players at every given time. 

3. To Assist Officials In Making The Right Calls

This concept of stripes ensures that the field is divided into visual zones which make it easier for the linesman to flag a player offside with ease. It is a no-brainer that the wrong or right offside call can decide a game in split seconds and must be done correctly. Therefore, all assistance in making the right call is needed.

4. Stripes on Soccer Fields help Players on the Field detect the Offside Area 

Do you know that without the stripes on soccer fields it may be somewhat difficult for the players on the field to easily detect the offside area? Though sometimes it may not be a major problem to the players, that doesn’t mean the stripes on the field are useless as they can help in one way or the other. 

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Not only do the stripes help players detect offside areas. It also helps them to identify freekick, and penalty kick areas as well to avoid confusion and ensure ease of the game. 

I would also like to end the article by answering some frequently asked questions that many fans of the game ask relating to this topic. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do stripes serve any role in soccer? 

Yes, the stripes you see on every soccer field serve some roles and that is why they are there. Though some people are still not aware of the idea behind the stripes on soccer fields, with the help of this article, I am sure a lot has been said.

Is there any given rule about the stripes on soccer fields? 

The simple rule given is that every stripe on soccer fields must be green and that is usually what we see when we watch the game being played either from our respective homes or at the stadiums. 

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How are stripes on soccer fields made? 

There are three major ways stripes on soccer fields can be made and this is either through rolling, brushing, or bending of the grass. 

When performing any of the listed practices it gives the grasses on the field different textures which in turn causes a reflection that later on gives the field slightly different colors. 

And that’s why whenever you watch a soccer game you notice that the field has two different green colors. One looks way too greener than the other one and that is how stripes are being made on every soccer field. 

How wide are stripes on soccer fields? 

According to the rule, stripes on soccer fields must not exceed 5 inches in width and must not be less than 4 inches wide. 

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Now that we have come to the end of the article, we now know the reason behind the stripes on every soccer field and what they serve. It has been established that they are not useless, but are useful to both the players on the field and the audience alike.