Why Do Soccer Players Tape Their Wrists?

Soccer is also a sport where players embrace some habits for the purpose of safety or just to appear unique and also look in the process. Over the years, we’ve seen soccer players grace the pitch with other accessories asides from their jerseys and boots such as hair bands, plasters on certain parts of their face, face masks, and even wrist tapes.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise when folks who are new to the sport are left wondering if these extra accessories serve any purpose or are just used to enhance their looks.

However, Before I go into details, I want to ask if you are part of those wondering why soccer players tape their wrists. it has become a norm to see soccer players tape their wrists. 

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There are some reasons why they choose to tape their wrists and we will be looking at some of the reasons in this article. Soccer players tape their wrists to prevent injuries and enhance stability. Since soccer is a game where players often drag themselves. It’s necessary to take protective measures to protect against wrist injuries.

Some soccer players tape their wrists also with athletic tape. This type of tape is seen on the ankles of soccer players. 

Even the tape applied on wrists will last for the first 45 minutes of the game at the least, ensuring that the players can fling their hands without having a dislocation.

Reasons Why Soccer Players Wear Tapes On their Wrists.

These are the reasons why soccer players tape their wrists.

1. Soccer Players Tape Their Wrist For Protection

Most soccer players tape their wrists for protection as they will always hustle for the ball on the pitch. It is not new to see a player drag an opponent’s hand. However, this can cause a dislocation if the player’s wrist is not taped.

So, in an event of sudden contact or dragging at the hand, the tape will support the player in being stable and enhance protection also. Also, when a player is falling, he will use his wrist to get balance first.

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It is also ideal to block and protect against defenders. We can see how aggressive defenders can be in the box against forwards. 

So, having wrists tape will protect the player. Also, a goalie can attempt to punch the ball to safety and he might miss and hit a player. If this is the case, it can cause a forceful dislocation of the joint. However, with the tape in place, the impact will be minimal.

Although a wrist tape cannot stop injuries from occurring in a soccer game, It will surely prevent and reduce the impact of attacks on the joint.

2. Soccer Players Tape Their Wrists To Hide Jewelry 

Furthermore, soccer players tape their wrists to hide their expensive jewelry or bracelet. In professional games, wearing the bracelet is not supported and players are required to put them away. 

Since players cannot risk their expensive bracelets, they can choose to cover them with wrist tape. Research has shown that some players have the superstitious belief that a wrist tape helps them to win a match. 

By applying tape to their bracelet, their mind will be at rest. This does not affect their gameplay as the tape won’t be harmful to other players. 

If keeping jewelry in the changing room will result in its loss, players will prefer to go into the game with their jewelry. They will tape it on their wrists. 

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3. Soccer Players Tape Their Wrists To Cover Tattoos

Another reason why soccer players tape their wrists is to cover some offensive tattoos. We all know how radical some players can be. 

Some will have tattoos that are not presentable at the international or national games. During such games, they will tape their wrists to hide the tattoos. 

Also, some clubs may not approve of a player wearing a tattoo into the game. Due to this, a player will resort to taping the tattooed area to cover it.

4. Soccer Players Tape Their Wrists For Cosmetic Reasons

Soccer players tape their wrists for fashion or beautification purposes. The tape may be unconnected to medical or the hiding of jewelry. 

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5. To showcase Initials

Some soccer players tape their wrists with initials on the wrist tape. We have seen many players on the pitch wearing tapes with black permanent marker writings on them. 

Some can write about their spouse’s best wishes, and some write in respect of their passed loved ones, amongst other reasons.

6. Soccer Players Tape Their Wrists For Healing From An Injury

Soccer players tape their wrists to heal from an injury. When they tape their injured wrists during a game, it will reduce the impact on the wrists from opponents. If you have a wrist injury, you can select any athletic tape to tape the injury.

If you have a wrist injury, you should get trainers’ tape to tape your hand. Also, get a consultation from your coach or a medic before taping your hand. If your tape does not offer stability to your wrist, then the taping may have not been done correctly. 

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Soccer players wearing tapes on their wrists have become a norm in recent times and we have taken the time to answer the question of why soccer players wear tapes on their wrists in this article. 

As noted above, it can be to look fashionable, prevent injuries, and hide jewelry, amongst others.