10 Premier League Players With The Most Titles

Do you want to know the 10 premier league players with the most titles? If yes, then this post has got you covered. Football remains one of the most exciting sports in the world. There’s a lot about the game, and it’s not all about the passion, but also the emotional aspect of the game.

If you ask me, football is the perfect expression of parts of our life from beauty, passion, emotion, and culture. Meanwhile, the English Premier League formerly known as the Barclays Premier League is the most competitive and the most-watched football league in the world.

It’s a league almost every player and coaches dream of coming to play and exploring their talents. In the 2021 UEFA Coefficients ranking, the English Premier League ranks first for its performance in European competitions.

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Also, the rivalry in the English Premier League every season has enhanced the league to gain more popularity amidst sport. But which player has the most Premier League titles?

In this post, I will list the 10 players who have the most EPL titles accordingly which will include the number of their EPL titles

10 Premier League Players With The Most Titles

  1. Ryan Giggs
  2. Paul Scholes
  3. Gary Nevile
  4. Denis Irwin
  5. Roy Keane
  6. David Beckham
  7. Nicky Butt
  8. Phil Neville
  9. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
  10. Rio Ferdinand

Let’s dive in right now.

1. Ryan Giggs – 13 EPL Titles

ryan giggs

Ryan Joseph Giggs is a former Wales International player and a coach. Giggs is loved by many football fans for their qualities, and he is considered one of the best players of his generation.

And in the history of the English Premier League, Ryan Giggs is the number one player with the highest EPL title (13).

In 1985, Giggs kicked off his football career as a youth player at Manchester City, and in 1987, he sealed a move to its rival Manchester United. He played for the Manchester United youth team for 4 years before finally making his professional debut in 1991.

He had lots of beautiful memories of wearing a Red Jersey while playing for the Red Devils where he spent over 23 years as a player and interim coach.

His left foot is magical and he is regarded as one of the most decorated football players of all time, winning almost all trophies under Alex Ferguson in Manchester United with 13 EPL titles, four FA Cups, three League Cups, two UEFA Champions League, one FIFA Club World Cup, one UEFA Super Cup to mention a few.

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Ryan Giggs is not just the Premier League player with the most EPL title, he has the most assists in the history of the Premier League.

2. Paul Scholes – 11 EPL Titles

paul scholes

Paul Scholes is a former England and Manchester United player who is now a pundit. When you discuss great midfielders to ever play the game, and you didn’t mention Scholes, then you are missing a quality.

He possesses a great quality of a midfielder with his passing ability and vision. He is the passer of the ball and one of the best midfielders of his generation.

Scholes’s football career all started at Manchester United in 191 where he spent a season with the youth team, and in 1993, he made his senior team debut.

His qualities are quite rare in the game, and he is one of the best central midfielders that I have seen, he is spectacular. Pele once said, “If he was playing with me, I would have scored so many more.”

He enjoyed and spent most of his playing career at Manchester United where he made 718 appearances scoring over 150 goals between 1993 to 2013. He is the second Premier League player with the most EPL titles ( 11 ) after Rayyan Giggs who enjoyed their career at Manchester United.

3. Gary Neville – 8 EPL Titles

Gary Neville is another former England and Manchester United player who has now turned into a pundit for sky sports. He is the third former player with the most premier league titles.

In 1991, Neville began his football career with the Manchester United youth team before making his senior team debut in 1992 where he made 400 appearances with 5 goals to his name.

He is widely remembered for his consistent form and dedication to the game. Though Garry Neville is not the most gifted right back in his generation his tactical intelligence and consistent involvement in the game are great, and he is considered one of the best Premier League right back in his generation.

He is an arch in defense during Alex Ferguson’s reign in the English Premier League winning over twenty trophies including eight EPL titles.

He is one of the most decorated English players of all time winning trophies and personal honors with only Manchester United.

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4. Denis Irwin – 7 EPL Titles

denis irwin

Denis Irwin is a former Irish and Leeds, Oldham Athletic, Manchester United, and Wolverhampton player who is now a sports television presenter. He was part of the squad that dominated the English Premier League under Alex Ferguson.

He made a total of 368 appearances scoring 22 times for Manchester United and winning 19 trophies including seven EPL titles. In addition, Denis is one of the most successful Irish footballers in history to ever play the game.

5. Roy Keane – 7 EPL Title

roy keane

Roy Keane is another former Irish professional football player in the list with 7 EPL titles to his name. His friend, Denis, had amazing talents to ever rise from the Irish land.

However, Keane began his football career at Rockmount in 1981 before he sealed a move to Cobh Ramblers where he made twenty-three appearances scoring one goal.

His exceptional talents and style of play earned him a move to Manchester United in 1993 where he made a total of 326 appearances scoring 33 goals. His time at Manchester United is more widely remembered than his previous team.

He well established himself as a complete package box-to-box midfielder with great skills. As a box-to-box midfielder, he is such a powerful, dominant, and consistent engine for his team. With his small stature, he is a confident warrior on the field and his presence is unplayable.

In a nutshell, In his position, he is one of the very best of all time.

6. David Beckham – 6 EPL Titles

david beckham

David Beckham is one of the most recognizable midfielders of all time, and he is one of the players with the most Premier League titles ( 6 ).

In his generation, he is a set-piece specialist with the ability to bend free kicks. However, Beckham’s football career began with the Red Devils in 1992 where he made his senior debut at the age of 17.

He is a right-winger with excellent passing accuracy and free-kick ability. While I was talking about his ability with the ball, a friend took me back to the moment that defined him.

During a match against Argentina in the 1998 World Cup, David got a red card for kicking Diego Simeone when the match was tied. At the end of the match, England lost 4-2 to Argentina on penalties and got knocked out of the tournament.

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Every football fan including the team staff blamed David for the loss, but here’s the statement that defines his career. After the match, the headline in the mirror was like ” 10 heroic lions, one stupid boy “. And the rest is history.

7. Nicky Butt – 6 EPL Titles

Nicky Butt is another former professional English player who is now a co-owner and chief executive officer in Salford City. Butt started his football career at Manchester where he spent twelve years recording 270 appearances and scoring 12 goals.

He was part of Alex Ferguson’s exciting team that dominated the premier league in the early 90s winning 6 EPL titles, 3 FA Cups, 4 FA Community Shields, the UEFA Champions League, and the Intercontinental Cup.

8. Phil Neville – 6 EPL Titles

phil neville

Phil Nevile is a former England football player and a manager who is currently occupying a management position at Inter Miami FC.

He was widely known for his time with Manchester United coming through the youth team in 1990 before making his senior career debut in 1994.

Phil is a versatile player who could operate in deeper positions like full-back or midfielder, though he is not a spectacular player but his consistency and work rate earn him some respect in the team.

He spent 12 years playing for Manchester United from 1994 to 2005, recording 6 EPL titles, 3 FA Cup, 3 Community Shield, and the UEFA Champions League before he sealed a move to Everton Football Club in 2005.

During Alex Ferguson’s reign, he was a stand-out player with consistent performances. In his generation, his mentality, leadership skills, and work rate stood out, earning a mark in the team, and he is considered to be an important part of the club’s beautiful history.

If you ask me, I would say he is one of the underrated players in the Premier League.

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9. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer – 6 EPL Titles

Ole nicknamed the baby-faced assassin is a former Norwegian professional football manager and player. Also, he is a former Manchester United player and a manager.

Ole Gunnar kicked off his football career in his home country, Clausenengen where he made a name for himself by recording 109 league appearances and scoring 115 goals from 1990 to 1995.

In 1996, he sealed a move to Manchester United, and it was a surprise buy for the team. His name is weird, being unable to pronounce it properly.

Solsjaer spent most of his professional career with Manchester United from 1996 to 2007 making 235 appearances and scoring 91 goals including winning 6 Premier League titles, 2 FA Cups, 2 FA Charity, 1 UEFA Champions League, and 1 Intercontinental Cup.

He was a super sub forward during his time with Manchester United until he had a serious knee injury that forced him to hang his football boots in 2007.

10. Rio Ferdinand – 6 EPL Titles

rio ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand is a former England professional football player who is now a pundit for BT Sport.

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He began his football career playing for different youth teams before recording a mark with West Ham United in 1995 to 200 where his performances made him a fan favorite before moving to Manchester United where he is widely remembered for his achievements and potential.

In his generation, he was regarded as one of the best stoppers in the game with his technical ability, skill, and composure in his possession. In all, he is a world-class defender if not one of the best center-backs in the Premier League.

However, he spent the 2002 to 2014 season with Manchester United with over 300 appearances recording 7 goals. During his time with Manchester United, he won 6 EPL titles, 2 Football League Cups, 4 FA Community Shields, 1 UEFA Champions League, 1 FIFA Club World Cup, and lots of individual honors.

With all the trophies and personal honors, he is regarded as one of the most England-decorated players and one of England’s greatest players of all time.

Final Thoughts

There you have them, the 10 Premier League players with the most EPL titles. And it’s not surprising that all the players on the list are former Manchester United players, and they all played under Alex Ferguson.

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Fergie’s greatness as a leader and a coach is instrumental to the team’s illustrious history. Dominating the English Premier League with different players of age, and skill.

His foresight, man management, and ability to absorb pressure made him a man’s team builder. Manchester United under Sir. Alex Ferguson’s management was dominant, aggressive, resilient, and never gave up on any situation.

But now the team has been a faded giant walking in the shadow of their beautiful history. although it appears that new boss Erik Ten Hag is rejuvenating them in recent times.