All Liga MX Teams You Should Know

About Liga MX

Also known as “Primers Division” (First Division) prior to the 2012-2013 league season, Liga MX is the highest football level of Mexican football.

It basically consists of 18 Mexican teams that play against each other. The team that ends up at the bottom at the end of a campaign is relegated from the league every league season and then replaced with the Ascenso MX winners, the league winners of the country’s lower league soccer.

Talking about every season in the Mexican league, it should be known that each year is basically split into two short tournaments known as the Apertura (Opening) and the Clausura (Closing), with the Apertura coming first every league season.

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List Of Liga MX Teams

  1. Atlas Fútbol Club
  2. Atlético San Luis
  3. Club Necaxa
  4. Club América
  5. Cruz Azul
  6. Chivas Guadalajara
  7. Fútbol Club Juárez
  8. León
  9. Monterrey
  10. Mazatlán Futbol Club
  11. Pachuca
  12. Puebla
  13. 18. Pumas UNAM
  14. Querétaro
  15. Santos Laguna
  16. Tijuana
  17. Toluca
  18. Tigres UANL

Popularity Of Liga MX Teams

Aside from being just popular in Mexico, the Liga MX teams or the Mexican league teams are very popular in countries on the North American continent. This includes countries like the United States of America, Canada, and other North American countries.

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Aside from being just popular in North America, Liga MX teams are pretty popular in some parts of Europe, Asia, and even Africa. Albeit their following rate is not as high in these areas as compared to North America, and Mexico.

Trophies In The Liga MX

Aside from having the two important opening and closing competitions (the Apertura and Clausura) or cups to play for, the Liga MX teams have other competitions that they compete in.

The winners of the Apertura (Opening) and Clausura (Closing) come together to take part in a competition known as the “Super Cup”  and a bragging rights in the Campeón de Campeones. Of course, this is usually a one-legged match with no aggregate.

And then, the winner of the Super Cup or the Campeón de Campeones will have to take part in another competition to win the Campeones Cup Trophy. The match will be played between the MLS Cup winners and the Campeón de Campeones winners.

Competitiveness Of Liga MX Teams

Liga MX teams don’t just have several trophies to play for but are actually very competitive. In fact, it is actually one of the most competitive soccer leagues in America.

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There are actually no underdogs for the league title as just any team can cause an upset. This speaks volumes of the little gap in talent possessed by players in the available teams that compete unlike in popular leagues in Europe where there is a huge difference in the quality of players amongst teams.

This has been a key reason why no Liga MX team has been able to win at least four or more consecutive league titles.

Derbies In Liga MX

  • The Liga MX is also home to a lot of derbies with the Chivas Guadalajara vs Club América El Súper Clásico derby, arguably the fiercest derby in the league. And the reason for the rivalry is that the two are the most successful sides amongst other Liga MX teams.
  • The Clásico Capitalino between Club América vs Club Universidad Nacional, 
  • The Clasico Nacional, Clasico Regio, and the Clasico Tapatio are a few other derbies that exist amongst Liga MX teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Does Liga MX Mean?

Liga MX is a group or league of Mexican football clubs playing in Mexico’s highest football league.

How Many Liga MX Teams Are There?

There are 18 Liga MX teams and at the end of the season, the lowest in the league standing always gets relegated to the Ascenso MX. While the Ascenso MX winner at the end of a season gets promoted to Liga MX for the following season.