How Many Games In A Premier League Season?

The Premier League is one of the most watched football matches across the world and in the literal sense, it’s a symbol of unity around the world. 

It is arguably the most competitive football league in the world, considering that the lower sides are beginning to close down on the bigger sides in terms of player acquisitions and acquiring world-class players. 

The proceedings of the ongoing 2022/23 Premier League season with just close to 5 games played thus far add credence to this fact. Meanwhile, the expectations and high hopes that come with the Premier League season are unfathomable as it’s the most competitive club league in the world. 

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The fascinating fact about Premier League games is that each of its matches matters. Teams go to the field to battle it out till the last club wins the cup and other high rewards await individual players for maximum and exponential performances during the league.

On that note, many have wondered how many games are there in a Premier League Season. I will like to detail it in this manner:

  • A Premier League Season has 380 matches.
  • 20 teams participate in a Premier League Season
  • Each of the 20 teams plays a total of 38 matches.
  • Each of the 20 teams must play home and away fixtures with each team which balances the equation.
  • Of the 20 teams, 3 are newly promoted sides from the EFL Championship, the second tier of English club football.

How are Premier League fixtures decided?

The league is fixed when the Premier League sends its playing dates to Atos, an International IT services company that has been producing fixtures lists for 30 years for the division.

Also, International dates from FIFA, Football Association, and European competition fixtures occupy most of the calendar, and the available dates are used for the league, FA Cup, and Carabao Cup fixtures.

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How Premier League Clubs Are Paired

In March, Premier League will send a questionnaire to all participating clubs to fill out if they would prefer to play or home on particular dates.

After the clubs must have made their decision and delivered to Premier League, the clubs are then placed on a pairing benchmark which helps in pinpointing the division fixture planning. 

The fixture computer after taking note of the dates chosen by all clubs will mix the data submitted randomly and produce a schedule. No team at the start or end of the season plays two matches at home or away as it will affect the fixtures of the game.

How Club Player Trips Are Planned

During the planning timeline, travel by team members and other core objectives as regards players are considered, though, recently, players seem to be ignored when a fixture falls on Monday night.

During the fixture period, clubs that share the same geographic location are paired with each other to prevent the two teams from playing in the same city at the same time. 

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For instance, Manchester United and Manchester City are from the same city, and the pairing standard will prevent them from playing at home together.

After all the necessary data has been determined and the fixture list made ready, it will be reviewed by Premier League, the Football League, and Atos representatives to see that due consideration is made for all teams.

When Does The Premier League Start?

The premier league usually starts in August and ends in May. For instance, the 2022/23 Premier League season started on 5th August 2022, on a Friday night with a fixture where current Premier League leaders Arsenal beat Crystal Palace 2 nil at Selhurst Park to get off to a winning start.

The opening weekend fixtures saw Manchester City face West Ham, a newly promoted Fulham side taking on Liverpool alongside other fixtures that came with their share of expectations and surprises.

It can be recalled that the 2022/23 Premier League season started a week earlier to accommodate the winter World Cup in Qatar. 

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The last game week before players will return to their countries for the Qatar World Cup is 12/13 November. And will resume again by December on Boxing Day.

When Does The Premier League End?

The 2022/2023 Premier League season will end on 28th May 2023 with all teams having played their final matches. That day will see fixtures such as Arsenal vs Wolves, Chelsea vs Newcastle, and Leeds vs Tottenham Hotspur, alongside others. 

It remains to be seen if the title race and the relegation battle will go to the wire in the 2022/23 season. Regardless, after these games, some teams will have to leave the Premier League after being relegated while the title will be handed to the title winners.